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Unspoken by XBrokenxMelodyX
Unspokenby Savanna
Emma is a normal fifteen year old girl with normal fifteen year old problems. She likes boys, she loves to dance, she wans to go to the parties, you know? She wants to b...
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(ngắn ngược-bhtt) Hận Yêu-Hoàn by MAX_LUOI
(ngắn ngược-bhtt) Hận Yêu-Hoànby Max lười
vì quá yêu mà hận Cái fic nhỏ viết ra với mục đích hành nữ chính (Ann), nên sẽ ngược bằng mọi khả năng tôi có. Dìm xuống hồ rồi đem lên ngược tiếp cũng nên 😁.
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All of Justin Bieber's OLLGs! by belieberxoxo14
All of Justin Bieber's OLLGs!by Meghan
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Brittana, una dulce navidad. by Alias10p
Brittana, una dulce navidad.by Alias10p
Una escritora ermitaña, una dulce fisioterapeuta y una navidad para recuperar la ilusión. Que puede salir mal?
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Watching City Lights (A Chris Motionless/Cerulli Love Story) by BreeSyko
Watching City Lights (A Chris Moti...by Bree 🌻
Meet Jennifer Ruiz. An 18 year old girl who has just graduated high school and is now looking for a job. Meet Chris Cerulli. Better known as Chris Motionless, a 27 year...
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Dszahdh - A Newsies Oneshot Book by E_J_Hawthorne
Dszahdh - A Newsies Oneshot Bookby EJ Hawthorne
A oneshot compilation for the broadway version of Newsies that began with someone else's typo (here's lookin at you, @omg_im_totes_biii): There are lots of different X r...
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Keep the Faith (Road to Redemption Book 2) by MThalassophile
Keep the Faith (Road to Redemption...by MThalassophile
If your love and trust are tested, how would you keep your faith?
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Nothing More, Nothing Less by madd-hatter123
Nothing More, Nothing Lessby madd-hatter123
A simple benefits deal. Not much should come out of it. Whose it hurting Lola wanted to make it through high school unscathed Dawson just wanted to have fun After all, t...
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One less lonely girl by lovatosjai
One less lonely girlby katie.
Justin picked Jess from a huge crowd but can Justin handle her secrets and can Jess handle the pressure?
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Nameless by JaNexxx7518
Namelessby Koala n' Owl
An anonymous individual Grace thought to be one of her haters mysteriously sends death notes and even killed her family. But behind those death notes is more than just h...
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# A D D I C T I O N  by zosefi_
# A D D I C T I O N by zosefi_
"Δεν μπορώ να σταματήσω να σε σκέφτομαι" μου εξομολογήθηκε και τον κοιταξα με τα μάτια μου γουρλωμένα. Έμεινα στην θέση μου διατηρώντας την απόσταση ενός μέτρο...
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Still An Ordinary Girl (Author has Writer's Block) by bethbabyz
Still An Ordinary Girl (Author has...by bethbabyz
All her life Lily's left side has been weaker from a stroke she had at birth but she has never noticed that she is any different than anyone else until she develops epi...
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When she loved me (Elsa x Anna (friendship)) by thatonefictionwriter
When she loved me (Elsa x Anna (fr...by Quinn
A little song fic about Elsa and Anna, and there adventures together. The song is 'When she loved me' No incest here, just sisterly love
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I'm a Bieber?!?!?!? by NerdyGirly1295
I'm a Bieber?!?!?!?by Elizabeth
Taylor ann smith was just a regular non Justin Bieber fan, and being pulled to one of his concert by her best friends was like tourture. What will happen when Justin re...
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A Little Less Than Average by xXMeXx627
A Little Less Than Averageby xXMeXx627
This story follows seventeen year old Felicity Jones on a rollar coaster ride of adventure in the paranormal. She WAS normal, until that day he kissed her. Then her wh...
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Therapy's in Session by CrystalSpiritCat23
Therapy's in Sessionby theblackkitty
Most of the sides have flaws and issues having a group chat won't help, but luckily Picani is here and is wiling to help. Get ready therapy's in session!
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Drunk texts to yo by eatashoe4bekfast
Drunk texts to yoby eatashoe4bekfast
Piss in ur moms mouth
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Life Of A Thorned Rose by RoseMGottschalk
Life Of A Thorned Roseby A Smoll FukuKay
How do you feel when it seems the world is against you? Rose she died in the inside, struggling to suppress her depression. From the reality, life and fate all together...
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Home, hope, love-less  {VS-c} by elliotthepumpkin
Home, hope, love-less {VS-c}by elliot.✨🍃
Non sono brav* con le descrizioni, fidatevi e basta, non ve ne pentirete :D
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