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Wakfu X Reader Scenarios/Preferences (+Oneshots lel) by BEEEEES_DEEEE
Wakfu X Reader Scenarios/ .
Ayyyyy everyone, I'm BEES, And I've decided to make a scenario book with my favorite animated series. I try not to specify if Y/N is a male/female unless specifically re...
Wakfu: Past in the Shadows by VileTheMandalorian
Wakfu: Past in the Shadowsby VileTheMandalorian
1 season: The World of Twelve is a place where all the different races live together in peace and harmony. A boy now roams the world in search of his past and his forgot...
Eliatrope by TerreinaRevoir
Eliatropeby Terreina
~Wakfu~ A young Eliatrope who is looking for something, decides to go on an adventure. She ends up finding Yugo and the gang, so she hangs out with him knowing he is loo...
Wakfu GT by Doodleboy565
Wakfu GTby Dimenlin
Goku's time as Earth's protector was over. After finally defeating the Shadow Dragons, he merged with the Dragon Balls and departed with Shenron to parts unknown. Now, f...
Wakfu: God-Emperor by Drip_demon
Wakfu: God-Emperorby Ashura
The story will follow N, a Shin, and the new reincarnation of the God of the Sun, as he joins the Brotherhood of the Tofu on their adventures. However, war has erupted i...
Amaliaxyugo smut by RKR_isgay
Amaliaxyugo smutby RKR_isgay
Yugo finally got is adult form after being stuck as a "child" for 22 years. He decides to see amalia to talked about what happened between them in oropo's dime...
Wakfu: The Godly Twins (on hold) by SelemenceTube
Wakfu: The Godly Twins (on hold)by SelemenceTube
In ancient time there were 7 Eliatrope Dofus one of which bared twins with immense power, the Eliatrope sister, Rekkuuza who had a strong sense of protecting others and...
[Visions...or Memories?] Wakfu - Adamai x Percedal Dally' sister/brother Reader by pvences1
[Visions...or Memories?] Wakfu - Amy_Dawn
The reboot of my old book
Is It You? [Wakfu: Yugo x reader] by SincerelyRini
Is It You? [Wakfu: Yugo x reader]by –LayLay🐬
{Slow updates} This story takes place after season 2. Y/N is a simple girl who lives in a village named Nobu with her father, Quilby, her mother, Ottilie, her Sister Y...
Heroes Lost | fan made season 4 by Cookietheawesome1
Heroes Lost | fan made season 4by 🪐Space being 🪐
The minute he saw the giant glowing ships in the sky, the little king knew there was no way he could win with an army of children. So he reluctantly called upon an old e...
Immortal by AJcool250
Immortalby AJcool250
This is a Reader x Yugo story. I have slowly realized there are not enough of these. I hate Using Y/N, so I will just replace it with my own female OC instead. Stellar l...
La rosa de Hielo- Yugo x Amalia WAKFU by teddy-kkun
La rosa de Hielo- Yugo x Amalia teddy-kkun
Diez años han pasado desde su despedida... El amor verdadero jamás se acaba. Arrepentido por la decisión que tomo al alejarse de su gran amor, El selatrop Yugo empren...
Brotherhood's Xelor by jojojajahelp
Brotherhood's Xelorby HARUKAMI
A 15 year old Xelor who goes by the name Pyran, a wanderer who wields small time magic meets the Brotherhood of the Tofu (before they've fully formed obviously)
The Story Of Kiekiel And Larèsha {Discontinued} by KiekielTheEliatrope
The Story Of Kiekiel And Larèsha { Kiekiel
This is the story of my OC Kiekiel and his dragonsister Larèsha. It is my first story here, so I hope you like it! Tell me if you want me to continue! But still, pleas...
Another world [Wakfu x M!Oc](Rewriting) by Drip_demon
Another world [Wakfu x M!Oc]( Ashura
Kaden was Martial art nerd and always wanted to go on adventures. His wish was granted when he fell into another universe through a dimensional rift and was reborn into...
Iop Head by Bloody7851
Iop Headby Bloody7851
A Iop by any term is completely useless in the thinking area. Or that is what you might think. Its rare but happens around ever five million years or so in some race tha...
DragonBall Super: The Anomaly by _OozaruGoD_
DragonBall Super: The Anomalyby Redhooded_Childe
Gowasu and Zamasu meet a concussed Eliatrope from another dimension.
Wakfu Oneshots (Hiatus) by Shadowolfie2008
Wakfu Oneshots (Hiatus)by Shadow Wofie
I am unhappy with the amount of Wakfu Content on this app, so I've decided to start a new oneshot book! [⚠️ WARNING MATURE CONTENT ⚠️] (I do own the cover)