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~mattia polibio smut~ by mattiaspillow
~mattia polibio smut~by mattiaisdaddy
*mature content*🔞⚠️ smut
WILD DESIRES  (jk oneshots) 🔞 by jklqwxx
WILD DESIRES (jk oneshots) 🔞by Ash of pheonix~
"ahhg l-look-what-you-do-to me" he said while he was fucking her mindlessly, sweat dripping from his messy hair and shinning through his eight pack abs, moani...
Stephen Curry Dirty Imagines by helovesmeasme
Stephen Curry Dirty Imaginesby helovesmeasme
He is an unmarried man in all of these stories, With no kids
Dirty Dolan Imagines  by duhdols
Dirty Dolan Imagines by duhdols
I would say "smut warning" but its a smut blessing;)
🔥 Tonight🔥 | jungkook x Author|  by btslover445
🔥 Tonight🔥 | jungkook x Author| by BTSmeLOnbitxh
21+ || kinda dirty|| It will get dirty sometimes but not all the time I don't even know why I made it but I was gonna make it with my friends but they left me haha s...
Tory Lanez Smut by Official_Jonae_
Tory Lanez Smutby BabyXan
Smut and imagines featuring the sexy ass piece of chocolate named Daystar Peterson, otherwise known by his stage name as Tory Lanez. Tory is currently 26 and majority o...
daddy's game  by watpadd_dark_stories
daddy's game by imagine_night_stories_
She was bored, so he played with her, so she won't be bored anymore
Roommates (DIRTY SMUT) by Genuinegirl101_
Roommates (DIRTY SMUT)by Genuinegirl101_
Imagine what it would be like a to have a horny roommate... girl x girl girl x boy x girl "We're all a little bit gay..." - H.S. (enough said)
Spencer Reid & Aaron Hotchner Smuts by sweatervestgubler
Spencer Reid & Aaron Hotchner Smutsby sweatervestgubler
warning these will be descriptive and very smutty😼✋🏻
My favorite pet by shlutnutt
My favorite petby kaiscumdrops
"Next time I fuck you i'll make sure that you're left in a fucking wheelchair, Y/N."
Hot threesome with the Dolan Twins💦😍 by iminlovewithgd
Hot threesome with the Dolan Twins...by iminlovewithgd
If you love the Dolan Twins this will for sure turn you on!
[G.D]~ Never tease me pt:1  by gxedol
[G.D]~ Never tease me pt:1 by Instagram:gxedol
.Grayson Dolan ft y/n .Cursing, smut, touching, rough sex
Hot short stories by Jjloopas
Hot short storiesby Jjloopas
These short stories will definitely do something to you🥵 also I'm not going to DVD's bother putting the 17+ warning cause nobody pays attention to those anyways.
Self Pleasure [Complete] by loverofrain9
Self Pleasure [Complete]by Ragina Philangi
The following One shot contains explicit 18+ content with prolific swearing. Do not read the story if you are not comfortable with such content. This is a work of ficti...
dirty fanfics N.H by EmoGod_Brock
dirty fanfics N.Hby Colby Brock is sexy
Some smut to entertain Niall fans Enjoyyy
2019-2020 reboot series rename , used to be yo daddy jah.