Grayson Smut Imagines by DolanFreaks
Grayson Smut Imaginesby DolanFreaks
Enjoy My Dirty Grayson Imagines You Horny Grayson Girls ENJOY !!!
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Shawn Mendes Dirty Imagines by highonmendes
Shawn Mendes Dirty Imaginesby highonmendes
Can't you tell from the title what this is
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HARD LOVE by orithialynx
WARNING!!!Mengandung unsur 18+ Graciella Caroline Lutchell Gadis yang hidup dalam kemewahan dan kasih sayang dari orang-orang di sekelilingnya.Mama dan Papa yang selalu...
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  • indonesia
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Mark Tuan Smut by senpai_Mark
Mark Tuan Smutby Daddy Senpai Markiepoo❤
Mark Tuan Smut some are dirty and some are very dirty some will be cute and some will be a little sad but um request? not yet read at your own risk but enjoy❤
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Barry Allen/ Grant Gustin Imagines by Crystalstars24
Barry Allen/ Grant Gustin Imaginesby Crystalstars24
Basically this is a y/n which stands for your name imagine. I may take request but only on the rarest ocassion. ENJOY
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Shawn Mendes - Your Eyes (18+) by lolaabelle
Shawn Mendes - Your Eyes (18+)by lolaabelle
If your heart throbs over Shawn Mendes then please just get yourself a cup of tea, get cosy in your bed and unleash your imagination to discover the ultimate and intimat...
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BTS Smut Imagines by subtlejeon
BTS Smut Imaginesby GOT7 & BTS
BTS IMAGINES! Give me personal requests at the end of each chapter Or message me requesting for an imagine :) I will be happy to incl
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August Alsina Imagines by wantingwealthy
August Alsina Imaginesby wantingwealthy
DM If you want a Imagine of your own ! Highly mature
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|| Call me "Daddy" (a Charlie Puth Dirty Imagine) || by SmutWhores
|| Call me "Daddy" (a Charlie Puth...by Hoes✨
❗️Warning: This is a Daddy Kink, if you choose to read then don't complain.❗️
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Zach Clayton Dirty Imagines by unholyclayton
Zach Clayton Dirty Imaginesby unholyclayton
You know that cute and funny 16 year old we all know as Zachary Reed Clayton? Yeah, well behind that stinnnkkyy voice of his is a sexy, and very naughty side. Read more...
  • tears
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Showering (Justin Bieber Dirty Imagine) by ImHisBelieber
Showering (Justin Bieber Dirty Ima...by ImHisBelieber
After an exhausting day all you want to do is take a nice, relaxing shower...
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Ronnie Radke Smut by bvbfirslut
Ronnie Radke Smutby bvbfirslut
I'm not very good at it, but I wanna make some smut. Dont like it? Don't read it :) ~slow updates for now~
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Marina was like any normal 19 year old girl except for the fact she likes her best friend's boyfriend. Marina has tried to seduce him never works. What happens when one...
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  • papi
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On Your Period (Justin Bieber Dirty Imagine) by ImHisBelieber
On Your Period (Justin Bieber Dirt...by ImHisBelieber
Title sounds weirder/worse than the imagine is itself, i promise. :) hope you like it
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  • fanfiction
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SHAWN MENDES SMUT!!!! by shawnsmainbitchzzz
SHAWN MENDES SMUT!!!!by shawnsmainbitchzzz
I write shawn mendes smut
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Mikey barone Unexpected lover  by FUCKMIKEY
Mikey barone Unexpected lover by ibrycehall
Dirty fan fic a new girl meets a dashing boy named Mikey
  • sexualfantasy
  • daddy
  • dirtyimagines
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No Happy Endings? (COMPLETED) by dreamingmrbieber
No Happy Endings? (COMPLETED)by dreamingmrbieber
It has been three years since Claire broke up with her husband who with she was married and who with she planned start a family. She thought that new life with a new man...
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So Unexpected (Harry Styles Dirty Imagine) by Dalaguta
So Unexpected (Harry Styles Dirty...by JJH
There I was living a normal life, just. getting back to school then all of a sudden some hunk named Harry kidnapped me claiming that he loved me and used me for his own...
  • harrystylesfanfic
  • harrystyles
  • kidnapped
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Dirty Teen wolf imagines  by Were_coyote
Dirty Teen wolf imagines by Maila Tate
Is it Smut you want? Then Smut is what you're going to get ✊
  • dirtyimagine
  • tylerposey
  • dylanobrien
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Dirty Magcon Imgines by zarya19xx
Dirty Magcon Imginesby zarya.
rated R ask to copy at least gimme some credit cause then *que matt's voice* ya lyin
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