the three of us {chim} by pointlessmart
the three of us {chim}by b💖
Camille Blue-Shay Kinsley is a fifteen year old girl living in London. Camille currently lives with her foster parents of 13 years. They were stitched to Camille for t...
  • chim
  • kimberleywalsh
  • fanfiction
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I'm not the only one  by _itscaamille
I'm not the only one by cam
"but when you call me baby I know I'm not the only one."
  • kimberley
  • marriage
  • cheryl
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|| Meanie || Yoonmin by UnknownBTSbitch
|| Meanie || Yoonminby zara zia
Two hybrids. Two couples. And from there, everything turns. Mpregs. Violence. LGBTQ+ content. Mature audience. Viewer descretion is advised.
  • taekook
  • kimseokjin
  • parkjimin
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the recital. | taegikook by demureyoongi
the recital. | taegikookby ᴍɪɴ
in a world where yoongi is a pianist, jungkook is a photographer, and taehyung is an artist; what happens when they all need each other's help? » taegikook fanfiction. »...
  • seokjin
  • yoongi
  • taegikook
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Cherry - Cheryl and Katy Perry by chimheartt
Cherry - Cheryl and Katy Perryby chimheartt
not mine - found it on my old ipad notes
  • cherylcole
  • cheryl
  • girlsaloud
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MAFIA'S  NEW SIDE [ JIMIN FF] by myPchimmchim
. HIGHEST RANK : 1 It is a story of a devil king.....mafia boss and a saitan PARK JIMIN. He is the most powerful in the mafia and crime world. He loves to...
  • llove
  • sweet
  • spicy
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Little Friend ~ Jimin by Fluffy_reading
Little Friend ~ Jiminby Bangtan FlOof
You find an injured hybrid lying in a dark alley way, he's hurt. you couldn't possibly just leave him there.
  • btsfanfic
  • btsfluff
  • btshybrid
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CRIMINAL (Jimin X Reader) by Minnie_413
CRIMINAL (Jimin X Reader)by Park Minnie
You stayed with your dad and your older brother Jungkook in America, but you both moved to South Korea, Busan to continue your studies. But didn't know what was going to...
  • bangtansonyeondan
  • kpop
  • jimin
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Baby Boy by KathWilson
Baby Boyby Katieee
"Let me palm you through your cute little panties, I want to hear you whimper as I get you all heated up, baby boy"
  • love
  • bts
  • chim
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ONLY YOU of BTS by Cathemin
••• EDITING IN PROCESS ••• A young lady named Nam Hee Yeon; passionate, strong-willed editor in a big city in Seoul whom shut herself out from the world because of somet...
  • rapmon
  • suga
  • comedy
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Chim: Captivated by hmsoboring
Chim: Captivatedby B
CHIM! The story initially started by Those Eyes but I never finished so here's me continuing it. Basically it's part 2 but you didn't have to read the first part to get...
  • cheryl
  • girlxgirl
  • tweedy
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Chatting Park Jimin by SheNeedsToWrite
Chatting Park Jiminby Aish
I knew it was impossible but for some reason, destiny had it that Park Jimin and I became chat mates. Highest Rank: #1 for tagged word Chatmate, #5 for Jiminnie, #10 for...
  • love
  • dance
  • bangtan
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BTS  maknae line oneshot imagines by Yoongea_13
BTS maknae line oneshot imaginesby 민에야
  • mochi
  • maknae
  • cute
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CHIM (Leaving you was easier than loving you) by Chez_Tops_Kim
CHIM (Leaving you was easier Beth Walsh
Five years ago Girls Aloud called it quits and apparently so did Cheryl and Kimberley. Cheryl upt and left to America on the same night the group split, and no one knew...
  • chim
  • lesbian
  • cheryl
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the night we met // vmin [ jimin x taehyung ] by dzozef__
the night we met // vmin [ jimin kth + pjm
✰take me back to the night we met✰ In which two high school boys, Park Jimin and Kim Taehyung, meet one night, at the school party. You'll also find out how Bangtan Sony...
  • chim
  • jungkook
  • jimin
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Nudes | Jimin FF by TasteOfJibooty
Nudes | Jimin FFby Jibooty
"I've already seen what's underneath, there's no point in hiding it under a cloth anymore." He looked down at my body with a gaze full of temptation. "My...
  • parkjimin
  • chim
  • bangtan
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Chimon My Rock by beckyy_grantx
Chimon My Rockby Becky
Cheryl is going through a lot at the moment and Simon is going to be her rock. Will Cheryl fall for Simon? Will Cheryl escape her abusive relationship? Please read to...
  • cherylcole
  • cherylfv
  • simon
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Lose Time 💔🥀 (BTS FF)  by white_rosy
Lose Time 💔🥀 (BTS FF) by Yunnie~
A story about 8 friends became best friend since kid. But something changed gonna happen, they made a promise before they go their seperate way. The promise is they will...
  • chim
  • mochi
  • yoongi
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BTS x Male!Reader by Sandra010507
BTS x Male!Readerby Sandra010507
What if a broken boy attracts the attention of BTS? Why does everyone seem to ignore and avoid him? What if he isn't a normal human? What will happen when BTS finds his...
  • bts
  • suga
  • yoongi
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Bloodrose (BTS x Male!Reader) by Sandra010507
Bloodrose (BTS x Male!Reader)by Sandra010507
"You guys aren't that bad at fighting. Want to join my gang? I mean I had to speak with the others before, but I think if we train you a bit they are ok with it. So...
  • yaoi
  • jungkook
  • bts
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