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hate to love by btsselflove7777777
hate to loveby btsarmy
Khao is new to fly high university and first is the most disciplined and popular student of university. first think khao as troublemaker so he hate him and khao love to...
Turning 7 by tahnsarkin
Turning 7by tahnsarkin
Poem about a friend from when I was younger
Through Thick and Thin and Back Again by melwalotka
Through Thick and Thin and Back Its Mel
Maddie and Keith have been through everything together. They have dated since 7th grade and have never fought. They talk out their problems and are pretty much a married...
Dealing with grief by Marykerose
Dealing with griefby Marlaike
Dealing with the loss of someone isn't easy. This is just one year where things went bad, and how I've had to deal with loss and pain.
My Dad's dead by castielstars
My Dad's deadby ★★★
I killed him, murdered him, call it whatever you want point is that he is dead and deserved it.
The Sky Is Crying Again by TaleOfBlackSnow99
The Sky Is Crying Againby Alexandra Maria Łukasiewicz
"The sky is crying again..." Alex whispered, letting the rain wash over her face, mixing with tears. Kakashi rolled his eyes. "You are being overdramatic...
A Woman wished to have a son by Rabiakhalil4
A Woman wished to have a sonby RaBia KhAlil
[#incident 9] This story is about a woman who desires to have a son. Although she is constantly ignored by her mother in law, she shows her kind gesture to her. Besides...
Plane lovers by zaczytanautorka
Plane loversby zaczytanautorka
19-letnia Bella Smith, po śmierci rodziców nie radzi sobie z mieszkaniem w swoim rodzinnym miasteczku. Postanawia wylecieć na wakacje w podróż, nie mówiąc o tym nikomu...
the letter by jaespeersforevs
the letterby Lynx Speer
one day, orphan twins randi and nick, recieve a letter from their deseased parents in a middle of a double date. they soon find out what their parents really were. what...
Ryan by aritheari
Ryanby Humble Starfish
(On Hold for a Bit) When Ryan, a five year old boy living in a gang filled city, finds his abusive parents both dead he runs away. With nowhere else to go he lives on th...
tears and blood by nightlightz02
tears and bloodby nightlightz02
this story takes place before fell in love with crooks, it follows the story of Anne and sasha story's and the deep Questions that have u probably have wondered. this ta...