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D-Gang Oneshots  by paperclipsandchalk
D-Gang Oneshots by Awkward
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Fateless by Owl_Warrior
Fatelessby Owl_Warrior
In the Kingdom of Nera, everyone's destiny is known from the day they are born, for that is when they visit the Seer. Blessed with the power to gaze into a person's soul...
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(DISCONTINUED) The Essence of Time [Newscapecrew] by the-pulls
(DISCONTINUED) The Essence of Time...by she took the kids
(THIS STORY IS DISCONTINUED, BUT FEEL FREE TO READ IT IF YOU WANT) A Disney AU What it appears to me is that you've always had all the time in the world to do something...
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My life | Dolfy's life story  by The_light_Dark_Wolf
My life | Dolfy's life story by The_Light_Dark_Wolf
This is how Dolfy came to be
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Heros of Bansho (An NSC Fanfic) by Starslayer_64
Heros of Bansho (An NSC Fanfic)by Starslayer_64
~ 1st things first ANYONE CAN READ THIS! I really just took characters, placed them in a medieval setting, and called it a fanfic lol. 2nd I Just Wanna Let Ya'll Know, a...
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Change by DreamTeam1017
Changeby DreamTeam1017
In a world of magic and advanced technology, many fall behind because of their struggles. A lack of support and finances, being shunned by your own, and the overbearing...
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Newscapecrew(and More) Oneshots by The_light_Dark_Wolf
Newscapecrew(and More) Oneshotsby The_Light_Dark_Wolf
Oneshots make requests And everyone this is my new account I used to me The_light_wolf my old account was gliching out and not working so I deleted the app then got it...
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Prince of Lies by Owl_Warrior
Prince of Liesby Owl_Warrior
Everyone in the kingdom of Mentuers was buzzing with excitement. The prince's nineteenth birthday was just a couple days away and that was a cause to celebrate. That wou...
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Oneshots? Oneshots. by Owl_Warrior
Oneshots? Oneshots.by Owl_Warrior
People always give others a hard time about never finishing what they write, even if that's because their main focus is a novel so of course it's gonna take some time. S...
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MusicTube by purple_cyborg
MusicTubeby mithzanlover764
Guess who's back,back again?
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Initium Novum by thundrstormy
Initium Novumby Eddy
Don is in a bit of a situation. One, that he somehow was given a second chance at life. If to have a better life or anything is anyone's guess. Two, he has to deal with...
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donchard one-shots  by creepergirlfire45
donchard one-shots by Angel Jones
hey this is my first book sorry if it sucks and there some misspellings the cover is made by kiden and yeah this will have donchard in it and some smuts or so maybe hope...
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A Second Chance (ANOTHER IT'S US CREW FANFIC!) by Starslayer_64
A Second Chance (ANOTHER IT'S US C...by Starslayer_64
So basically this is how I imagine it would be if Don, Dick, and Dashlie ended up back in THQ and out of their "Copy" world. Enjoy 'w'
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Occupy Yourself by LitzBlitz
Occupy Yourselfby LitzBlitz
A short story about how our favorite three members of the D-Squad are living their lives in the pocket dimension. BE WARNED: there's a truck load of headcanons here. Ev...
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Plans For A Story by paperclipsandchalk
Plans For A Storyby Awkward
Cover Made By: @Be_The_Hero Plans for an up and coming story.
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Newscapepro crew on crack by Bon_Bxn
Newscapepro crew on crackby Bon Bon
most are with my oc
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ask current and past hardcore quest by nayengal
ask current and past hardcore questby Life-is-strange
please ask both the version of the characters we have now and the characters from season two also the d-gang will be included.
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Our Protector (hardcore quest fanfic/CA Sequel) by Cheshirecat_666
Our Protector (hardcore quest fanf...by Queen Delta
Sequel to Corrupted Angel Everyone deserves a second chance even demons After the events that occured in our last story a group of demons get a chance to be reborn but n...
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Totum Malum by apricotezl
Totum Malumby dany
As a The Hardcore Quest enthusiast and creator of Don, I thought I needed to participate more into writing. By mixing all of that in one bowl, things happen. So does thi...
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A Demons Revenge:A Unicomics story by Cinder5554
A Demons Revenge:A Unicomics storyby Cinder5554
(If you haven't read the first book, go do that please! It's called Nightmares...Thanks:) It's been 1 year since Uni killed Duni in the final battle between them, but D...
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