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- Alice and 2 Wonderland Armies || Ikemen Revolution - by sadrinakpoper22
- Alice and 2 Wonderland Armies || Sadrina Suhendra || Author Xa...
[BOOK 1/2] The story about a girl who fell into Wonderland was repeated hundreds of years later. A poor girl falls into a hole in London on a full moon, taking her to Wo...
The Sinners Who Eat Her Heart by LaPucelle08
The Sinners Who Eat Her Heartby 🌸Lala Megami🌸
[Ikemen Villain x Twisted Wonderland] / Dark Romance & Angst --- Recently graduating from Night Raven College, Mary is determined to make an image for herself and build...
Ikemen Sengoku x Reader by LordSister
Ikemen Sengoku x Readerby LordSister
A collection of oneshots and possible multiple part stories to nurture my love for Ikemen Sengoku. Who doesn't love these wonderful ikemen? Enjoy! I do not own Ikemen Se...
Ikémen Sengoku: The Goddess of Life by primrosewillows
Ikémen Sengoku: The Goddess of Lifeby 𝗿𝗼𝘀𝗲́ ・゚❀
1578, in the time of the Sengoku Period, twelve warlords battle each other across Japan to shape the country in an image of unity and prosper. All is as it should be. Bu...
And So They Met by toloveawarlord
And So They Metby Ruka
A six year old little girl escaping an abusive home life finds her way into Comte's home. This a mini-series of when Alara first came to the mansion. *Snippet* A...
Ikevam [oneshots] by Random_Polish_Girl
Ikevam [oneshots]by Hello!
!!!This book contains NO spoilers to the routes of the game characters!!! As the title says it's a book containing one shots characters × reader of otome game "Ikem...
Time After Time - an Ikemen Sengoku fanfiction by Kaito_Karen_
Time After Time - an Ikemen Kaito Karen
Even if our timings are different this time, there is one thing that will not change - my love for you. Hideyoshi x MC | Modern AU | Reverse time-travel
Idée Fixe ❅ Otome Games Boys X Reader by TsumikiHikari
Idée Fixe ❅ Otome Games Boys X 『HIKARI』
ˌiːdeɪ ˈfiːks/ noun an idea or desire that dominates the mind; an obsession. You know you should live normally. But how can you? When there's a lot of guys starting to...
Red Eyes (Vlad's daughter) by Lixin428
Red Eyes (Vlad's daughter)by LiXin
Blanche is a girl who was abused in the orphanage with her unique hair and eye colour.After getting saved by Comte de Saint Germain from what she called a living hell ho...
fuck you by mikuguts
fuck youby +
its my godsdam book i do what i fucking want fuck off you little fuckinf scat
never needed anything more by steadygoes
never needed anything moreby anne 蟻猗
In another universe, one of the greatest history figures travels through your time and changes your life in a lot of ways.
I Was Reincarnated As The Otome Character's Younger sister by Lixin428
I Was Reincarnated As The Otome LiXin
It all started when Akiko Miyano got hit by a truck. When she woke up, she realised that she had become a toddler in her favourite otome game!Oh shoot! She became Rio's...
The Beauty Under The Veil by Lixin428
The Beauty Under The Veilby LiXin
There was this beauty who lost her beloved. Then, she was forced to give away her child before she was forced to marry a stranger from a country that was foreign to her...
A Single Black Rose (Ikemen Revolution Fan Fiction) by Gentle_Wolf-Demon
A Single Black Rose (Ikemen Gentle_Wolf-Demon
THIS VERSION OF THE FIC IS NOW DISCONTINUED. PLEASE READ THE NEW VERSION ON MY PROFILE Being an only female child from a family that holds a title as one of the Chosen T...
Anything For An Angel by Mourning-Dew
Anything For An Angelby ☆〜(ゝ。∂)
I've never been one for pictures. The posing, the lighting, angles, and spacing ... It was all just too much for me to bear. So when Theodorus asked me to model for his...
Melancholy Love by angrmz
Melancholy Loveby Madam Potato
[Short story] Conflicted by her feelings for Mitsunari, Lua does something she immediately regret but maybe it wasn't the wrong thing to do after all. IKÉMEN SENGOKU FAN...
Winter Rose by Bwaystar16
Winter Roseby EtherealMaiden
Odette was just an ordinary maid, or so led to believe. After a slight traumatic experience leaving her with amnesia, she found herself under the care of an archduke, Ra...
Embers || Ikemen Revolution || Sirius by LuluLove069
Embers || Ikemen Revolution || Lulu
"If you're gonna burn this place down, brother, then I'm going down with the embers." *~* Emberlynn Wynter was flung into the Land of Reason at a young age...
The Essence of Music by toloveawarlord
The Essence of Musicby Ruka
A young violinist meets Mozart through an event and he reluctantly takes a liking to her. She is invited to practice and learn from him through Comte's influence. The tw...
White Fox by heartfeltpoetess
White Foxby Melody
Aiko gets into trouble down in the city and is dragged to the castle. After saving the lord's life, he wants her by him, which she disagrees to. Unable to run because a...