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The Side Character Got Promoted To The Villainness! by GoodestGrammar
The Side Character Got Promoted To...by GoodestGrammar
After being killed in a car crash, Jun thought she was heading to the afterlife yet she found herself in an unfamiliar yet recognizable world. She had reincarnated into...
❇ How come I notice it now... ❇ by Ruimare-Chan
❇ How come I notice it now... ❇by ɌɄƗⲘ₳ɌɆ-€Ħ₳₦
"How come I notice it now..." I whispered under my breath as I watched my one true love kissed another beautiful woman before my eyes. Tears flooded from my ey...
Celestial of Life by Sleepy_Mia
Celestial of Lifeby MiaChan
One of the goddess' favourite world start collapsing due to the wars and deaths that occurs out of nowhere. The goddess decided to send Neo to guide the mortals of that...
His Lady Impaler, The Crimson Curse by LaPucelle08
His Lady Impaler, The Crimson Curseby 🌸Lala Megami🌸
[ONC 2024 entry] An alluring physique, innocence that draws the beasts of desire in; A one-of-a-kind flower which blossoms through the soil blanketed with snow and stai...
The Canon Fodder Lives Happily (TCFLH) [Hiatus] by Miss_Rin_08
The Canon Fodder Lives Happily (TC...by Miss Rin
Living an unwanted second life, Xian tries to be low-key to avoid betrayal again. . . . He got reincarnated in a modern love story, about a red flag male lead and a whi...
This Maniac Is Fond Of Me by Abedelthelady
This Maniac Is Fond Of Meby Lady Abedel
He saw me, and that's when I knew that I'm doom to be kill by him for my mistake. But I never thought that things could go worse than that. "I love you so much th...
A girl and 4 rescue bots💖❤️💙💚🧡 by FerValentine96
A girl and 4 rescue bots💖❤️💙💚🧡by Fernanda Valentine
The only daughter of a famous Griffin Rock architect, Sooha Otoha, was proud, selfish and capricious because she was spoiled by her parents and at the same time hides a...
Prince Of Tennis ONESHOTS ( POT CHARACTER X READER ) by LeiAyumi
Prince Of Tennis ONESHOTS ( POT CH...by ♛ ぇい歩み ♛
Prince of tennis characters x readers! -LA ** REQUESTS ARE OPEN ** - no lemon #1 characterxoc #1 tennisnooujisama
Ikemen Vampire x reader by Venulus
Ikemen Vampire x readerby Venulus
Ikemen Vampire and all its characters © Cybird
Black and royal blue by saltykonpeito
Black and royal blueby saltykonpeito
A foreigner girl just started her new life in Japan when she accidentally finds herself 500 years in the past... An Ikemen Sengoku fanfiction about the romance between D...
Ikemen Sengoku x Reader by LordSister
Ikemen Sengoku x Readerby LordSister
A collection of oneshots and possible multiple part stories to nurture my love for Ikemen Sengoku. Who doesn't love these wonderful ikemen? Enjoy! I do not own Ikemen Se...
Accidentally creating my Harem by yourelittlebitch
Accidentally creating my Haremby L
Normal life? please tell me where i can get that.
Ikemen vampire memes and incorrect quotes by Mymumisasquid
Ikemen vampire memes and incorrect...by Mymumisasquid
I have so many of these pictures on Pinterest so i thought I'd share them. Every time I get writers block for one of my other stories I will update this book.
Taming The King: A Ray Blackwell x MC Romance by acuphoria
Taming The King: A Ray Blackwell x...by acuphoria
And so begins my second fanfiction for Ikemen Revolution! This story dives into Ray, the Black Army King, and your character of choice. Love isn't always a straight line...
My Ikemen Sengoku Stories by lucyw260
My Ikemen Sengoku Storiesby lucyw260
These stories are FanFics about Ikemen Sengoku. All these stories belong to me, I have written them all However the characters do not belong to me Started: May 11th 2019
Wizardess Heart+ by GeanshieNeonorie324
Wizardess Heart+by Katkashia U~♡
Here is the Wizardess Heart picture book, I'm so glad to finally be doing for once in a long time! I hope you all enjoy the book just as much as I do and if you have any...
Ayakashi: Romance Reborn by GeanshieNeonorie324
Ayakashi: Romance Rebornby Katkashia U~♡
I have created this as a picutre book because they are hot men and at least most anime girls love hot anime men or you know cute, etc!! XD But this game I'm addicte...
Ikemen Sengoku: Fighter Yuna's love by AngelPrincessJill97
Ikemen Sengoku: Fighter Yuna's loveby Jillian
This is about a girl named Yuna and how she is a trained martial artist who can fight with her bare fists and no weapon but a sword as well. What she didn't expect was...
The Angel of Death-Ikemen Sengoku by man_in_the_moon_
The Angel of Death-Ikemen Sengokuby moon
Thrown back in time, Akira finds herself in the Sengoku period after just coming out of a tragic household. Because force of her transition to the past, the events have...
Headcanon - Ikemen Revolution by Website_Lady
Headcanon - Ikemen Revolutionby Ava
A book filled with many (hopefully) enjoyable headcanons. Characters: - Black Army - Red Army - Neutral Party Each part will consisted of three characters only. For now...