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Flashing Lights ||kris bryant|| by anewcelly
Flashing Lights ||kris bryant||by anewcelly
Young three year old Emma runs away from her abusive father and towards the bright flashing lights. Kris hits a wall off grand slam and basks in the glory by trotting a...
Kyasha and the beasts  by Zaylin_summer
Kyasha and the beasts by Zaylin_summer
Waking up in pain and cold always sucks. But then having to navigate a world that doesn't have indoor plumbing or even a stove might just be worse. Will Kyasha be able t...
Ice Age: Diego X Shira (fanfic) by AriaAnimeLover
Ice Age: Diego X Shira (fanfic)by AriaAnimeLover
This is a story that mainly involves Diego and Shira so Comment Vote and read :3 Disclaimer: I do not own the Ice Age characters only a few sabertooth tiger oc's
System Says Take Mates And Have Cubs! by Momma1982
System Says Take Mates And Have Momma1982
You just went to relax and read manhua by the river then wake up in Beastworld with system so now life has changed two hundred degrees! Inspired by Beauty and the Beasts...
Cub Raising Association by leowyrd
Cub Raising Associationby Leo
He had always believed in science until one day, a meteorite smashed into his yard, forcing him to bind to a heroic world saving script. The worst thing was that the scr...
Reborn Into The Beast World by leyendoyamar
Reborn Into The Beast Worldby LeyendoyAmar
Ever heard of the woman who suddenly appeared in a world filled with beastmen? You know, the place of walking hunky men showing off their bodies, ears, tails, blood, and...
Wearing to 70's: I Want To Escape With Cubs by Monicasolution
Wearing to 70's: I Want To Monica
Story not Mine!! For offline purposes only! When Song Nian realized that she was the original partner of the richest man Shen Yuchuan, who died early. The original owne...
A Beastworld Traveller by Momma1982
A Beastworld Travellerby Momma1982
You , just take the path through the woods to your favorite spot to relax on the river beach when a sand tornado takes you to Beastworld wait I don't remember this story...
The Secrets In The Forest  by Cute_Abrielle
The Secrets In The Forest by Abriella
Secrets are in the Forest but one day A Little Cub Jaguar popped out of nowhere and was chasing A Butterfly
Our Little Boy by izziee
Our Little Boyby izziee
Hunter Tazer and Rain Meadows were that couple in high school that made people stop and think "Damn, are they still together?!" For the two years that they'd b...
A New Eudora by 01orax
A New Eudoraby 01orax
The story of Eudora if she wasn't as spoilt as she was in the novel. Based of the webtoon - Beauty and the Beasts This is my first story, I thought that some of the char...
Down The Rabbit Hole " Into A Beastworld!" by Momma1982
Down The Rabbit Hole " Into A Momma1982
Your just a country girl who works the ranch one day while checking you see there are cattle missing only to find these guys who turn out to be beastmen! Inspired by Bea...
Reborn in a beast world novel by rikaaa54
Reborn in a beast world novelby ʝó
After a sudden death, Xu Ming finds herself reborn in the world of a novel she read... as a cannon fodder Full Summary is in the first chapter. Mc starts as a cub. Imp...
Something Like Beastworld ??? by Lipi_lekhika864
Something Like Beastworld ???by Krishu j
Katty is average girl in apocalyptic world. who is single mother of year old baby girl . Who crosses world with her baby and space
[Quick travel] Thousand-layer routine of the main god by coffeenrie
[Quick travel] Thousand-layer lilyarie
[Quick travel] Thousand-layer routine of the main god [快穿]主神的千层套路 Author: lonely bottle ( 作者:孤独的瓶子) Category: BL doujin Release time: 2023-01-17 Latest: Chapter 214 is...
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Mysterious Beauty " A Beastworld Story!" by Momma1982
Mysterious Beauty " A Beastworld Momma1982
Your, just an ordinary vlogger who made an interesting point but you get invited to an unexplored jungle with a team of archeologists and your the only one the bea...
(BL)(MTL)My villain cub is the main character [Quick time travel] by Darkknight123457
(BL)(MTL)My villain cub is the Darkknight123457 Author: Sunset Yellow Category: BL doujin Release time: 2022-05-12 Latest: Chapter 310 BL finished 902,000 The well-known salted fish h...
The Hidden Place by Momma1982
The Hidden Placeby Momma1982
What if you inherited a lot of money and are a chosen guardian for " The Hidden Place" by the Beast God this is inspired by all the Beastworld stories but it'...
Strong Female Lead Traveling Through The World of Beasts by chizuai_mtl
Strong Female Lead Traveling chizuai
As the only cultivator in the 25th century, Xiao Ru, with space in his arms, fell off a cliff and crossed into the mysterious Orc Continent. He accidentally hit a big wh...