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Earth, Wind, Fire, and Telepathy?☑ by jamiee1117
Earth, Wind, Fire, and Telepathy?☑by Unknown Human
Saiki hears word of a new transfer student to PK Academy. He groans at another annoying person to hide his powers from, only to find out that you have a secret to hide a...
Coin (Female-Reader-Insert Saiki K) by dustiibunnii
Coin (Female-Reader-Insert Saiki K)by DustiiBunnii
PK Academy Class 2 (+) No, you didn't just move in. No, you're not a transfer student. No, you didn't come another world nor timeline. You were just you. There, and li...
There Lies Happiness [Saiki Kusuo X Reader] by RaspberryJanny
There Lies Happiness [Saiki Kusuo...by RaspberryJanny
"Mommy, does Daddy have pink hair like me?" * * * * * * * * * "Yes, yes he does." [ONGOING]
Coffee Jelly Love (SaikixReader)[COMPLETED] by Anime-obsessed
Coffee Jelly Love (SaikixReader)[C...by Anime-obsessed
~She's a weird one, but doesn't she catch your eye?~ Looks like Saiki's favorite restaurant has a new employee. ...Good grief, this is going to be a ride.
Psi-Nan One-Shots by Kitatani
Psi-Nan One-Shotsby hmm
《Requests are Closed》 《Thank you for reading》 Published: June 12, 2018 (Tuesday) Completed: November 18, 2018 (Sunday)
STONE by MyrianCarydark
STONEby Servant of the Noblesse
The boy with pink hair glared at me. "No, I'm not giving them to you." I pouted at him. "Come on, Kusuo-chan! I wanna see!" "Look, F/N, these...
Just Say It! by Creampuff0330
Just Say It!by ~Fangirl~
what if Teruhashi and Saiki had been friends for a long time? what if Teruhashi wasn't always the "perfect pretty girl"? Hope you all enjoy!
I'm Not God (Saiki Kusuo x Reader) by -dylusionaI
I'm Not God (Saiki Kusuo x Reader)by -dylusional
"Apparently, we're having another transfer student at this time of the year. Honestly, why do they keep on coming? I thought Akechi Touma would have been the last o...
Saiki K. That Fateful Snowy Day by PacGaming
Saiki K. That Fateful Snowy Dayby PacGaming
What happens when, Dead in the middle of winter, Teruhashi passes out in the middle of an alley? well, read to see. DISCLAIMER: this is my first story, so please don't e...
Less Than 3 [Saiki Kusuo X Reader] by RaspberryJanny
Less Than 3 [Saiki Kusuo X Reader]by RaspberryJanny
Fᵣₒₘ fᵣᵢₑₙdₛ ₜₒ ₗₒᵥₑᵣₛ. Wₕₒ ₖₙₒwₛ ₐ ₛₘₐₗₗ ₛᵢₘₚₗₑ fₐᵥₒᵤᵣ wₒᵤₗd ₜᵤᵣₙ ᵢₙₜₒ ₐ bᵢg dₑₐₗ. The girl who doesn't like to be alone have a best friend, SAIKI KUSUO! * * * * * * *...
Saiki K. x Male Reader by i_am_not_innocent_
Saiki K. x Male Readerby alive lol
A transfer student came to P.K Academy. His name is (M/n). Let's see how his normal life changes to crazy. i don't own the anime lol
Blocked (Saiki Kusuo x reader) by Awesomelemonaids
Blocked (Saiki Kusuo x reader)by Awesomelemonaids
As you know, Saiki doesn't have an interest in any one. To him, teenage romance is a waste of time. But one day, his class receives a new student. She's quiet, smart an...
Perfect II Saiki Kusuo x Fem! Reader by Theloneliestromantic
Perfect II Saiki Kusuo x Fem! Read...by anime wifey jupiter
(Y/n), she's plenty of things, beautiful, friendly, and psychic- wait, nobody knows about that last part- ༄༄༄ -Cursing -First xreader ever written -Takes place around fi...
Who is Hiro Emiko?  Saiki Kusuo x OC by Michaella_Stravinsky
Who is Hiro Emiko? Saiki Kusuo x...by Michaella_Stravinsky
Saiki Kusuo disliked new students because they all ended up as tragically strange people. God, who loved sending people to bother him sent him someone who he couldn't re...
Saiki x Reader by SoullessCorpses
Saiki x Readerby Soulless Corpses
Finished Saiki K doesn't take interest in anyone until a new girl joins. She has bandages all over her skin and she looked a lot like a boy. What interested saiki was he...
It's Far from Over- S.K x Reader fiction  by Dirt_IsMyDiet
It's Far from Over- S.K x Reader f...by Dirt
❗️Trigger Warning ❗️ This book is for mature audiences only! The book may contain: •Abuse - A •Self Harm - SH •Suicide - S •Possible Sexual Content - SC •Strong Language...
Saiki K. Oneshots by ChikaShane
Saiki K. Oneshotsby NotMeWrongBitch
This the Disastrous Life of Saiki K. One Shots, where new chapters are still coming out. With all different types of topics and endings, come join us in Japan with our f...
Class 1A visits PK Academy! (Saiki K x Boku No Hero Academia) by sageof7paths
Class 1A visits PK Academy! (Saiki...by sage
☆ Class 1A goes through a portal, leading them into Saiki's disastrous life.☆ ▪Class 1A's task as students attending UA high and PK Academy is to study quirkless human a...
What a Troublesome Situation (Saiki Kusuo x Reader) by Mystoryfiles
What a Troublesome Situation (Saik...by Sioul
What if Saiki finds his soul mate? However Saiki can't talk to her using Telepathy. Does he will going to use his real voice to speak ? Who knows.. Eventhough an esper,S...
My Little Psychic {Saiki x Reader} by ox_Zella_xo
My Little Psychic {Saiki x Reader}by 👑Queen of Plots👑
Telepathy, psychokinesis, X-ray vision, precognition, teleportation, clairvoyance, et cetera, et cetera. These Psychic powers are a blessing, right? Wrong, take it from...