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Royal Pain {Prinxiety} by ShawnyVFX
Royal Pain {Prinxiety}by Shawny
It's Christmas time and that means Roman has to show up to the family cabin with his elusive "boyfriend" he's been telling them about. Problem is, he doesn't h...
If the Shoe Fits (Prinxiety Cinderella AU - Roman x Virgil) by what_the_FuzzyElf
If the Shoe Fits (Prinxiety Cin
Joy cannot last, as many stories prove. But some stories prove to repeat themselves. Is this the same? Or will the universe change its mind? Cinderella's story isn't a...
You Make Me Happy (Prince X Anxiety fanfic) by ZacknCheese
You Make Me Happy (Prince X ZackN'Cheese
It's gonna be another Drabble type of story thing so I hope you enjoy!
'Til Dreams Do Us Part (Book 2) DISCONTINUED by what_the_FuzzyElf
'Til Dreams Do Us Part (Book 2) Cin
Even if the Sides dream, it means nothing, right? Right...? THERE IS A BOOK BEFORE THIS. GO READ THAT! IT'S CALLED STITCHED.
Drunken Words - Logicality (On Hold) by DeCraftingGenius
Drunken Words - Logicality (On 𝔾 𝕠 𝕟 𝕖
Human AU/College AU Logan was a responsible college student with high grades in every class. One night he decides to go out with his best friend Virgil and his boyfriend...
Prinxiety oneshots / stories by ellraino7
Prinxiety oneshots / storiesby Elliot Rain
This is basically as it reads, prinxiety(Prince / anxiety, or roman/virgil) oneshots. some are Angst, some Fluff, some lemon, some smutt :) (I'm open to take request as...
Sanders Sides Oneshots by TheWeebReader777
Sanders Sides Oneshotsby Logan
Just some short oneshots I write when Im supposed to be doing school work or sleeping. This book will include: Almost every ship except for RemRom
Together (Book 1) by what_the_FuzzyElf
Together (Book 1)by Cin
When Virgil lifted his head from his hands, he locked eyes with Princey. He looked shocked and afraid and a million other emotions that swirled together in a jumble of c...
Love you (prinxiety) one shots by prixiety-fander808
Love you (prinxiety) one shotsby prinxiety-fander808
Prinxiety one shot book No smut It's clean most of these are human au and most of them are fluff. If you have A request I might be able to do it if it's not too hard it...