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Yet Another New Worldbuild by KadenVanciel
Yet Another New Worldbuildby Kaden Vanciel
This could make a good idea for a novel/novel series, or an animated project. Maybe a video game or a streaming movie/series. Maybe a film for the cinema. I don't know.
Old Devīshc Conlang Guide by SolaceDescending
Old Devīshc Conlang Guideby SolaceDescending
This was my second conlang. It was much better than Irýmmðë, but still pretty bad.
The Toki Ponist on the Mountain by nullelement
The Toki Ponist on the Mountainby Null Element
Like so many people, Joakim combats his inner demons. His latest strategy is uncovering a lost civilization based on a few peculiar words he has picked up in a language...
Seven Saint is human by f_bocanegra
Seven Saint is humanby Kiubule Muchá
An ongoing story about space romans and space romance! (pun very intended) A journey to redemption from terrible actions, salvation from a fascist cult and the discovery...
Loud House Language Creation Fanfics by KadenVanciel
Loud House Language Creation Kaden Vanciel
A few ideas for language creations to include in Loud House fanfics. More details can be found from reading these chapters, and even more will be included later on until...
Loud House Fanfic Conlangs by KadenVanciel
Loud House Fanfic Conlangsby Kaden Vanciel
Inspired by a video by YouTuber Käntwo, I kept thinking about different scenarios regarding Loud House characters creating conlangs, all based on the video.
Stupid or Smart by NuomiGlB
Stupid or Smartby NuomiGlB
We all have a little bit of stupidity ,but making a conlang isn't so might as well make one !!!
CrossPath by RomajiAmulo
CrossPathby Romaji Milton Amulo
Nattly was once a reasonably normal, if antisocial, foriegn nurse working in the small town of Netal on Jute, a calm, simple place committed to its own, very distinct id...
Lands of Eldritch by Than-Actuality
Lands of Eldritchby Apollo Ross
After living on the streets thieving and scrounging for survival, Roan's moral compass is far gone. One infraction away from a death sentence, he decides to participate...
Kinalon Community by MochiHerbi
Kinalon Communityby MochiHerbi
Kinalon community is about how to speak Kinalon. "kenalun comumitne si abuto weh ote spake Kenalun" Lets see if you can follow along ,readers.
Informative Elyusiin Adventures by Anguilliformes
Informative Elyusiin Adventuresby Ellis
A collection of brief tales from a world not of our own! It is a world torn apart by the great Seam, and from this fissure emanates the lumen, an omnipresent web of mag...
My First Worldbuild(Demo) by KadenVanciel
My First Worldbuild(Demo)by Kaden Vanciel
Inspired by people like Biblaridion, I decided to create a worldbuild of my own. This "story" will detail everything that is worth knowing about my worldbuild...
A New Worldbuilding Project by KadenVanciel
A New Worldbuilding Projectby Kaden Vanciel
Inspired by my future trip to Europe this May of 2021, and some YouTube videos I've seen about conlanging.
'Nosgé Leksékon  by ThomasHobbsAllen
'Nosgé Leksékon by Thomas Hobbs-Allen
Leksékon pov mongé ''Nosgé'. Jaи fea 'Nosgé pov [year]mo ovga em 2018. Eŧa em dogé, 'Inglic e 'Nosgé
Learn Fengati by GenghisKhan35
Learn Fengatiby Genghis Khan
The Very Complete Guide to Classical Zornyan Fengati (or T.V.C.G.C.Z.F. (CGF)) is the only, and, thus, the best way to learn a language that will be forgotten without ev...
Think Too Much by Fitame
Think Too Muchby Bizawagi's backup
What is knowledge good for if it is not used or shared? Well I have a lot of useless information about all the shows and books I'm a fan of, and I know you probably do t...
Irýmmðësjâ: Learn the Language by SolaceDescending
Irýmmðësjâ: Learn the Languageby SolaceDescending
This was my first conlang. It was meant to be a naturalistic language, but it is just arbitrary garbage. I will keep this up to remind me of just how far I have come. Pe...
Another RPG Worldbuild by KadenVanciel
Another RPG Worldbuildby Kaden Vanciel Image source:
Čeládaor Conlang by SakeIsHere
Čeládaor Conlangby 95aké
**A Conlang still in progress** this Language is an Artlang/Slavic language its purpose is to make a simplified and yet understanding Slavic language using Russian/Czec...