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HOW TO: Create your own Language by Aolani-126
HOW TO: Create your own Languageby Canesso Sorin
Have you ever thought how cool it would be to have your own language, but never seemed to find the time to make it? Have you ever wondered how awesome it would be to be...
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Neurolinguistics program by quieropasticho
Neurolinguistics programby Alejandra Campos
This Neurolinguistics program is basically an attitude of permanent learning. It is also a method that says that every human has a structure and, every structure can be...
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THE BOND [COMPLETED!] by hindhatuhalidhu
THE BOND [COMPLETED!]by hindhu halidhu
"You're his and him your's, it's your destiny child" she clearly stated staring at me intently. "I don't believe you! And I don't believe this"placi...
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Vinish by DasHoodedCrow
Vinishby DasHoodedCrow
A work in progress language that I'm creating And how to write and read in Vinish for English speakers and Portuguese speakers
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conlang 001 - Kjamir by sssmxl
conlang 001 - Kjamirby s. ross ✨
here's my first attempt at a conlang. i used to call it "glassian". updoots every 3 days
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The Return of the Cybernaut Princess by LizzieNewell
The Return of the Cybernaut Lizzie Newell
A long-lost princess, a mariner, and a sentient ship battle intergalactic intrigue in a quest for love, identity, and to save their planet from a deadly cyber-virus. Th...
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Linguistics by quieropasticho
Linguisticsby Alejandra Campos
This is what I learned.
[POEMS] Coffee Poems - Poetry Collection Volume 2 by TheNamelessPoet49
[POEMS] Coffee Poems - Poetry TheLiberPrimus15
Some of Coffee's Scribbled Poems
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Linguistics: The Basics by Ikeboj
Linguistics: The Basicsby Ikeboj
This book will tell you about the basics of linguistics.
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Latin by literaamo
Latinby literaamo
Philosophies of Language and Linguistics [PDF] by Ralph A. Hartmann by megotocy38110
Philosophies of Language and megotocy38110
Read Philosophies of Language and Linguistics PDF by Ralph A. Hartmann HARALEX Publishing House Listen to Philosophies of Language and Linguistics: Plato, Aristotle, Sau...
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Ascending (The Vardeshi Saga Book One) by megpechenick
Ascending (The Vardeshi Saga Meg Pechenick
Twenty-five years ago the Vardeshi came to Earth. Then they vanished without a trace. Graduate student Avery Alcott always knew they would return. When they do, she's th...
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Vernacular languages- A new mantra to expand your business reach by ValuepointKnowledgew
Vernacular languages- A new Valuepoint Knowledgeworks
India is a huge country and one of its kind. It's a land of diversity with diverse languages, cultures and attitudes. One of the biggest differences in India is language...
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A Basic Grammar of the Cascadian Language by jewker
A Basic Grammar of the Cascadian lucifer!
The Cascadian Language is a fictional language that I am creating simply out of enjoyment. If you are following me because of my previous masterpieces such as "Trum...
Speechless: a Life of the Mind University Mystery by MortyGuggenmoose
Speechless: a Life of the Mind MortyGuggenmoose
Morty Guggenmoose has enough problems: his best friend Mashie is abandoning his philological calling to attend business school, his secret crush has just gotten engaged...
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skin deep  by missmage001
skin deep by Selah Demetria Mage
Things can get difficult when you live a double life, especially when that second life depends on water.
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Rose and Snow by KMSettle
Rose and Snowby KMSettle
Rose Red and White Snow were not just a silly Grimms Brothers' story, but real. All is not as it seems and and it is time for the next generation to pick up her mantle o...
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Books of the month by HorhaeHigwanodon
Books of the monthby HorhaeHigwanodon
A monthly review of a lingustic based book throughout the academic year!