Try Me Not Dear Alpha by MGBEL_StoryD
Try Me Not Dear Alphaby MGBEL_StoryD
"I am Beka Knight, remember this cause i'm your worse nightmare" When you talk about intelligence, ferocity, pitiless and fearless , you should probably be tal...
  • vampire
  • passion
  • drama
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Death's Edge by shadowsettle
Death's Edgeby shadowsettle
Delfi Nieve was sent on a mission she might not return from. To extract information from, and kill, her target, Estella Morretar. But her task gets more difficult as he...
  • fashion
  • mystery
  • generalfiction
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I'M SORRY (BTS X READERS) by _blue_marshmallow_
I'M SORRY (BTS X READERS)by Galaxy_dust🌌
" Even if i ruin you , will you forgive me ? cause i cant live without you " . . . . current ranking: 2 in #tehyung 2 in #completedstory 150 in #beyondthescen...
  • beyondthescene
  • bangtansonyeondan
  • completestory
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Sakura's sister  by Bloomer3322
Sakura's sister by Kakashi's_true_wife
Great it's my 'amazing' sister Sakura Haruno. How can this day get any better?
  • kakshidaughter
  • completedstory
  • sarada
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Falling In love  COMPLETED✔ by WreckedHearts511
Falling In love COMPLETED✔by Aafreen Foorooskar
Meet Aaliyah Mohamed! A beautiful and steadfast Muslimah! She is the one who helps when people are in need of help. Her life changes dramatically when she meets her brot...
  • capetown
  • completed
  • completedstory
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disregarded ; drarry [✔️] by mikeijuana
disregarded ; drarry [✔️]by ˗ˏˋ 魂 ˎˊ˗
In which Harry desperately tries to get the attention of his childhood crush over the summer. started: may 18, 2017 ended: may 18, 2017
  • avoiding
  • draco
  • obsession
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The First And Last Break-Up by cylabaine
The First And Last Break-Upby Ms. Cy Babe
She finally said yes. And it was really lovely being with her. Looking at her made those hard and boring days quite easy.
  • kilig
  • together
  • english
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Athena's Story by snewburg
Athena's Storyby Samantha Newburg
Meet Athena. She's a young, beautiful, emotional mess. Meet George. He's steady and level headed. He also happens to be gorgeous. And British. Athena wants George's atte...
  • athena
  • protection
  • love
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Identical (COMPLETED) by xojjuliaxo
Identical (COMPLETED)by Julia
What would happen if you fall in love with someone whose identical to the person that haunts your every nightmare? NUMBER 1 IN IDENTICAL
  • identicaltwins
  • identical
  • mature
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Of Angels and Demons by Zyrofern
Of Angels and Demonsby Zyrofern
For as long as mankind can remember, a war between angels and demons were fought. Angels cannot cross over to the demons' world and demons cannot cross over to the angel...
  • angels
  • immortal
  • action-adventure
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Best Books In Romance And Teen Fiction by anjalirocks23
Best Books In Romance And Teen Anjali Mishra
Hey guys..... .. I love wattpad....and I am quite addicted to it.....I have read many books but some of them I think are the best ..... Check out those books ....which a...
  • completed
  • mature
  • lovestory
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~Finn Wolfhard~ Bound by AbbbygaleMarie
~Finn Wolfhard~ Boundby abbygalemarie
COMPLETED When she send's in her audition tape, Lindsay thinks that she is just applying for a small time acting job. Then she finds out that Finn Wolfhard is her main c...
  • completestory
  • milliebobbybrown
  • noahschnapp
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Namjoon's sister[completed](jimin X reader){ONESHOT} by TWICE_BIGBANG_KARD
Namjoon's sister[completed]( TWICE_BIGBANG_KARD
jimin:Yh I'm ,look I need to tell you something Y/n: me too okey let's tell it together Jimin:okey 3 ...
  • kookie
  • completed
  • cute
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The Adventures of Mark and Larry by StreathamJon
The Adventures of Mark and Larryby Jon Smith
Whilst playing in the woods, 2 boys find themselves thrust into a new world on a tense, gripping adventure. But will it explain the disappearance of Mark's brother?
  • friendship
  • middlegrade
  • kidsbook
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Between Reality and Fantasy (Wattys) by jawna09
Between Reality and Fantasy ( jawna09
Beau is a young 20 year old college student, who's living in the town of Weston. Where magic has been banned and lines have been drawn between magic and non magic humans...
  • wattpad
  • chicklit
  • completedstory
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In love with Mr. Oblivious (A Grojband Fanfic) by WonderfulRuins
In love with Mr. Oblivious (A .Samantha.
This is a story about Ms. Dreamer, Laney Penn and Mr. Oblivious, Corey Riffin. Laney admires and adores Corey but will he love her and get over his Obliviousness or will...
  • newmans
  • grojband
  • trouble
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Denmark X Reader (OneShot) by SpadedSpotty
Denmark X Reader (OneShot)by (Good) Monster Boi
Just a simple DenmarkXReader [COMPLETE] ~~~~~ "Hey! There you are!" A voice shouted from somewhere around you. You turn around and see a cheerful man in c...
  • denmarkoneshot
  • completedstory
  • denmark
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Celestial Complications, Mini Book; Emmanuel Ledgin by RYEiiT
Celestial Complications, Mini Dom
"I counted six figures all which were clad in a dark yellow garb. Five of them were anyway, the sixth was significantly taller than the rest and donned a brighter y...
  • celestialcomplicationsuniverse
  • abilities
  • action-adventure
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Completed Stories That Do Not Make You Cringe  by parabataisds
Completed Stories That Do Not Woot woot
Books mentioned in this book will not make you cringe (hopefully). Please note that I won't be writing the description of the books as more often than not people read bo...
  • suggestmesomebookstoreadpleaseimbored
  • completedstories
  • mustread
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Completed Dialogue-Only Stories on Wattpad by KinoEgg
Completed Dialogue-Only Stories KinoEgg
Completed stories on Wattpad that consist (or close to) only of dialogue If you know any books that you think should be included in this list, please name in a comment!
  • completedstories
  • dialouge
  • wattpad
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