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You're in love with Ghost - COD fanfic (y/n) by gh0stlvrtt
You're in love with Ghost - COD gh0stlvrtt
You've had a long term crush on Ghost and planned to confess to him later one evening, however what you stumble across shatters you completely..
Ghost X fem by maskfetish
Ghost X femby C+M
CREDS: @lustyszn he jerks off while you're SLEEPING NEXT. TO. HIM. wait till he finds out that u were awake this whole tIME HAHAHA
Konig's lap. by sleepinglunali
Konig's sleepinglunali
POV: (based on my tiktok video) You are forced to sit on Konig's lap after a night of celebratory drinking; which leads to much more...
Ghost x female reader by Lilly9785726
Ghost x female readerby Lilly9785726
Your a new recruit and you have a little crush on your lieutenant
-TASK FORCE 141- *ghost x y/n* by toxxic_sugar
-TASK FORCE 141- *ghost x y/n*by toxic.sugar
Just a little fanfic im writing in my freetime lol // basically just a female soldier joining task force 141 // 12+ (blood, battles, mentions of dr^gs, cartel, cussi...
Red Rover || TF 141 by Txddy666
Red Rover || TF 141by Txddy666
After finding a straggled, mangled bundle of fur in a cage, the task force find themselves attatched to a small canine who proves her bark is much much worse than her bi...
Reunion // Simon "Ghost" Riley x Reader by AlonsThoughts
Reunion // Simon "Ghost" Riley x Alon
You've been dating Simon Riley for over two years now. It wasn't always easy, but it became even worse when you found out that you were pregnant and couldn't tell him, s...
quiet as a mouse | ghost x oc   by qansyqarkinson
quiet as a mouse | ghost x oc by RZ
(BEING REWRITTEN) in which sgt. addison 'mouse ' lockhart and Lt. claire 'tag' thorpe are transferred to 141. (simon 'ghost' riley x oc) this is poorly written, read at...
Hatred by RebelWritesCod
Hatredby Rebel
Skylar and Ghost have always struggled to get along. But tensions finally hit a breaking point.....who breaks first?
The Good Samaritan: Simon "Ghost" Riley x female reader  by arandomblackgirlidk
The Good Samaritan: Simon "Ghost" arandomblackgirlidk
When a lone musher finds an injured and unconscious soldier on the side of the trail, she can only think of one solution before a blizzard blows in and traps them in her...
Prayers // Simon "Ghost" Riley x Reader by AlonsThoughts
Prayers // Simon "Ghost" Riley x Alon
Praying was never something you participated in. But facing the last moments of your life, it felt the right thing to do. You had thought about this moment a few times b...
Baby, i'm yours  by cassandraswritings
Baby, i'm yours by cassandraswritings
This all seemed like a fever dream, at least to you, with your best friend confessing and you having the best sex in years, you would have found it hard to believe any o...
Task Force 141 Group Chat  by GreysAnatomyZombiee
Task Force 141 Group Chat by Kay
this is a group chat between COD characters, who are always picking on each other or causing an uproar in the chat.
! ghost x reader oneshots ! by joonxsai
! ghost x reader oneshots !by alan
! gender neutral reader ! I'm gay for Simon so, I NEEDED TO MAKE THIS SOONER OR LATER- ! Chapters will be labeled with genre/au(smut, angst, fluff, etc...) ! I hope you...
König braids your hair - COD fanfic by gh0stlvrtt
König braids your hair - COD fanficby gh0stlvrtt
König braids your hair after the two of you come back from a long mission.
The Past  by annacj11
The Past by mars
ghosts past mission was a bad one, it went horribly wrong, y/n is persistent on trying to find out what happend, as ghost and y/n train for an upcoming mission it become...
Dear, Diary by zoambie
Dear, Diaryby zoa🧟‍♀️
"Price had introduced journaling to me, which I find weird as none of the others had the same meeting. What I didn't know is how important it would be." This s...