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The Name Less Affection  by Authorxmanvi
The Name Less Affection by Manvi
'A women who has never found love' ' A Men who has never been in love ' 'My eyes couldn't see him going away so my tears helped to blurred my vision'
ᴍʀ.ɪᴄᴇ ᴄᴏʟᴅ || ᴋᴛʜ ғғ|| by RakeshMalan
ᴍʀ.ɪᴄᴇ ᴄᴏʟᴅ || ᴋᴛʜ ғғ||by ♥︎𝒂𝒔𝒉𝒊♥︎
this story is on a clumsy girl and her cold boss. she always irritates him by her dead jocks. he used to scold and shout at her but she always irritates him. And at last...
When I am With Miss Clumsy (Season Two)✔ by mooiivoor
When I am With Miss Clumsy ( mooiivoor
The running is not yet over. Gang world is not yet falling. But our hero is. Noon palang hindi na ligtas ang mundo'ng ginagalawan ng ating mga bida. Em wants nothing but...
EMBRACE by harshpreet13muskaan
EMBRACEby smile
"I LOVE YOU AMBER " " Remember one thing dear, you being more careless and me being more strict will never let us embrace ourselves" she said "...
Echoes of Destiny by jenisgemandgemisyu
Echoes of Destinyby Jenyu
A calm cool introvert guy And a clumsy childish girl....what do we need more to create delulu scenarios
Pretty scent by Nourel2626
Pretty scentby Nour☽
He is an art fanatic with a desire for constant perfection. He's the CEO on a Tech Company wich is kept in pristine condition. She is unfashionable and unkempt with mess...
Two Worlds Unveiled by Zenzen09A9
Two Worlds Unveiledby Zenzen09A9
Luna, a slow learner and naive girl, attends Uptown Private School as a new student where she struggles to keep up with her new peers academically. Despite her challenge...
Bakery Girl & IDOL~ The Secret Love Story✨✨ by amivjkjmrmsjinjh
Bakery Girl & IDOL~ The Secret sia firstlove
A story about a passionate orphan girl adopted as a foster daughter by a old couple running a bakery. "Sia" is a 22 yrs old arts student who is an excellent in...
Paradise of Imperfect Love 💘 by Shweta0001
Paradise of Imperfect Love 💘by Shweta
We all want perfects things, perfect life, perfect body, perfect mind, but is that truly needed.... Sometimes imperfections are the only thing we need, we would love. Im...
Imperfect Me. (ON HOLD)  by faithfullymee
Imperfect Me. (ON HOLD) by Sophia
I love graffiti ; isn't it just amazing? The art, the mark you leave behind. I was chilling with two of my most trusted adding what we call adding our mark to the dull b...
Are We Really Soulmates? by its_Niagara
Are We Really Soulmates?by its_Niagara
This world revolves around the concept of soulmates. Everyone has their soulmate even before the were born. Moon selected everyone's soulmate and we all pray to that one...
Who should I love? by Sia69_
Who should I love?by Sia
Alisa Montalliana Jeriso, A clumsy girl. She was walking in the hallway but she bumps into the mysterious kid. She soon adores him and asks the person she hates the mos...
UNWRITTEN (Slow updates) by heavenlyfiregoddess
UNWRITTEN (Slow updates)by heavenlyfiregoddess
"She should be admired,loved and cared for. Why can't she see that?" " Why can't she believe that she is worth it?" Katrina, has recently moved to A...
SWEET ESCAPE by piitanodeee
SWEET ESCAPEby piitanodeee
It is a story about a guy who keeps hunting for ways so that he could keep moving on path of life until he finds out a great escape.
AT LAST - WHO ARE YOU?  by VarshiniM4
AT LAST - WHO ARE YOU? by Varshini M
The story plot flows around the life of a 18 year old teen who is moving from her hometown to another city for her higher studies in uni ....... also the unsolved myste...
Their destiny - His love  by dream_writer_soyn
Their destiny - His love by smaira
He is perfect in every way He is strong & dominating He is heartless for whole world except his family and loved ones He is everything a girl wants but HE want HER only...
The Four Boys and I by MaLeyaaah
The Four Boys and Iby Lee Young
Apat na lalaki at isang clumsy nerd.
The Incidental Extraterrestrial War by BestBooksFromFrazier
The Incidental Extraterrestrial Warby BestBooksFromFrazier
A family lives a peaceful and content life, however, that peace is interrupted when they get involved in a war their kindred incidentally started. With their supernatura...
Watch me fall by hmn5549
Watch me fallby hmn5549
"You're a little close." I whisper. He's just not a little close. He's super close. He's too close. "I'm well aware." He informs me with his signatu...
New Felling  by boringlife1111
New Felling by boringlife
This is a story about two high school students that have a crush on each other. How will they act with each other? Let's see