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Iridescent by afterthoughts
Iridescentby viola theron
They weren't supposed to meet. But life does that sometimes; it throws in a couple of new faces that bring you the utmost of joys in the most unlikeliest of places, and...
  • esteem
  • iridescent
  • meeting
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Spirit animals: Cloudy Night by Icewingskywinghybrid
Spirit animals: Cloudy Nightby IcewingSkywing
In the world of Erdas Summoning a spirit animal is a rare gift. But when Four kids summon even rarer beasts than the other Great beasts, chaos rises. Kian feels more ne...
  • book2
  • spirit
  • cloudy
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[Cloudy_Team] Collect Shop by Cloudy_Team
[Cloudy_Team] Collect Shopby Cloudy_Team
Đây là nơi các cậu có thể thỏa sức đặt các ảnh các cậu muốn chúng tớ tìm :3 Có thể là stock cho cacs cậu edit/ des hay là các avatar dễ thương..... các cậu hãy tới shop...
  • collectshop
  • shop
  • team
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•Giới Thiệu Member• by Cloudy_Team
•Giới Thiệu Member•by Cloudy_Team
Member siêu cute của Cloudy House đó <3!!!!! Credit bìa by #Boss Viết by #All_thành_viên_of_Cloudy_Team
  • gioithieumember
  • giới
  • member
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A Revolution (Nerd Squad Crisis AU Book 1) by 112catscratchs
A Revolution (Nerd Squad Crisis Germany
It is the year 2038 and a group of friends were all living together until all hell breaks loose for them. The world leader elections were hacked into and mass chaos is s...
  • skye127
  • revolution
  • cloudy
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Deep In My Mind by adinary
Deep In My Mindby adinary
You will not see me the same way again. . . . --Update dua minggu sekali-- . . . cover cr: pinterest
  • bahagia
  • happy
  • kind
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☆ Đề test LỌC MEM ☆ by Cloudy_Team
☆ Đề test LỌC MEM ☆by Cloudy_Team
  • cloudy
  • mem
  • lọcmem
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Forgotten by _Lanshiee
Forgottenby Lanshiee
Aru forgot about her memories and she's currently working in a restaurant, and without knowing she met her boyfriend, And Mook is willing to help Aru whatever it costs...
  • chiyeol
  • gangho
  • kingyemma
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Poems~! by DarkxMagicxAnimex
Poems~!by DarkxMagicxAnimex
basically it's a collection of my poems and what not. . . it's pretty random, some are happy, some are sad, some are weird and others creepy
  • strange
  • cloudy
  • poem
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The ride that changed my life (TRTCML). by HhorseRider91
The ride that changed my life ( HhorseRider91
When A girl named Jezebel and her horse cloudy enter An Eventing competition an event occurs that may change her life forever. Will she ever find out what happend to cl...
  • equestrian
  • hhorserider91
  • crosscountry
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Smile by kataroo22
Smileby kataroo22
"Smile dear." "I can't. The corners of my mouth are sewn in a permanent frown"
  • music
  • dark
  • anything
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Trả test :3 by Lino_Tsudo
Trả test :3by Lino Tsudo
Trả test cho Cloudy_Team ~ Về mảng Write và Beta.
  • writer
  • team
  • test
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A Secret Fact by viralanz
A Secret Factby Wulan Navira
"Dia temen gue. Gak, dia abang gue." "Dia junior gue. Tapi gue sayang dia kayak adik sendiri" Pindah ke kota baru? It's okay. Navira Anandya Aries, 1...
  • romance
  • secret
  • school
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AllMin | Lặng. by andreyyswt
AllMin | Lặ andrey.
Chỉ là một chiều thầm lặng, ngồi trong nhà và nghe tiếng gió lao xao bên hiên.
  • yoonmin
  • nammin
  • cloudy
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Funny Stories! by KingHusi
Funny Stories!by King Husi
I do different funny stories to make you guys happy!
  • fly
  • airplane
  • bird
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It stares... by UnknownIrken
It M A R B L E S
Martha Callins knows there is something about this girl. Something.... not right. It's terrifying, honestly. It's not her posture... or the way she dresses... maybe it's...
  • wattie-wards
  • monster
  • paranormal
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The boy on the bus by truant_Delilah_xx
The boy on the busby Raindrops [ মেঘবালিকা ]
this is the first ever 'readable' English poem written by me I guess... so plz give this is a try... If someone likes it I will write more then...
  • bus
  • boy
  • crush
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cloudy days. by zeeadaj
cloudy &z.
little bits of words seeping out through the clouds of my brain. let me take you with me as i soar among them in search of myself again. RANKED #1 in CATHARTIC as of 03...
  • anthology
  • happy
  • poems
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My Favourite Flipnotes from Cloudy L. by cloutedconsole
My Favourite Flipnotes from Drenched in Vanilla Twilight
These are my favourite flipnotes by @Cloudy_Latias Art and flipnotes aren't mine.
  • cloudy
  • latias
  • cloudyl
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6 Guardians: Luna's Destiny (1st Book) by SushiCaticorn
6 Guardians: Luna's Destiny (1st SushiCaticorn
Once there was a small island called Feline. A land far away, where young people learn the tales of magic. Once, all of the guardians were all once there. Guardians were...
  • candie
  • anime
  • ilikewolves
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