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So... I Am Diana? by VitoDeCeniza
So... I Am Diana?by Ceniza
Fanfiction: Who Made Me A Princess Status: Hiatus Cover not mine ©tto ••• I am a writer and I was once a ballerina. A normal human being living peacefully in my one-sto...
🌺🌸 the casted princess 🌸🌺 by SassiNour4
🌺🌸 the casted princess 🌸🌺by Sassi Nour
🌸in the side story of lovely princess novel 🌸 a new character was introduced we get introduced to the first princess Claude first daughter before Athanasia She too go...
My Life Is Your Undoing |WMMAP| by morgemys
My Life Is Your Undoing |WMMAP|by Mora
A WMMAP fanfic where Diana is alive and Athanasia is also born safely... except Claude uses black magic involving the sacrifice of his emotions and memories to save Dian...
Foreign Lands by Melissa-0-
Foreign Landsby Melissa
A girl from Earth wakes up in the body of Jennette de Alger Obelia. As a girl who just lost her life back on earth she's isolated and tries to make a new life for hersel...
Haruka Mirai [Who Made Me A Princess X KNY Male Reader] by AlvaAckerman
Haruka Mirai [Who Made Me A Alva Ackerman
All I remembered is that I am the one of the demons that left after the war between humans and demons in a thousand years ago. The future where humans live without any f...
A little bit like him (who made me a princess fanfic)  by Nataraxia
A little bit like him (who made Prima Donna
After the death of Athanasia from the book, she found herself back in the past alongside her deep seethed hatred of her dear father Wanting nothing to do with the bastar...
Blessing by Andrxmedx
Blessingby 𝐴𝑛𝑑𝑟𝑜́𝑚𝑒̂𝑑𝑥
"A blessing is both dangerous and a curse, but it can also be beautiful and amazing" see what happens when an unknown girl suddenly gets reborn into one of the...
Magic sneeze (Who made me a princess)  by Nataraxia
Magic sneeze (Who made me a Prima Donna
Lucas made a mistake, chaos ensures and our favourite princess is in a different dimension!
{||Sadistic Prince's||}WMMAPXOC|| by ikuroii
{||Sadistic Prince's||}WMMAPXOC||by Peachii
"Revenge is the only thing i seek"
wmmap a fanfic by RoseAlwar
wmmap a fanficby Rose Alwar
A lazy book worm got reincarnated into some no name character with a very deep connection to obelia's royal family. A/N: First try! Have many grammatical mistakes Littl...
Chance To Live Again   by yvespitl
Chance To Live Again by yvesss
There was a girl who did nothing but read a manhwa book at home when she got back from school everyday But one day she had an accident and was transmigrated in his favo...