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Harrison Wells's Daughter by hermionegranger0419
Harrison Wells's Daughterby FlashFanatic
My name is Olivia Wells, and I am the daughter of Harrison Wells. When I was young, my mom died in a car crash. Thankfully, my father and I survived. When the Particle...
The Flash Lemons by DownAndDirty911
The Flash Lemonsby DownAndDirty911
I'll do Lemons/smut for Flash characters but will also do crossovers like Barry X Oliver (Flash X Arrow) and I'll also take requests and maybe some fluff.
𝑬𝒎𝒐𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏𝒔 (𝑪𝒊𝒔𝒄𝒐 𝑹𝒂𝒎𝒐𝒏) by Izzybsandoval967
𝑬𝒎𝒐𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏𝒔 (𝑪𝒊𝒔𝒄𝒐 𝑹𝒂� 👑𝓚𝓸𝓵:𝓑𝓪𝓫𝔂👑
It's simple. You had fallen for a boy you had never met. You've only seen him rome the street of Central City. His long hair falling to his shoulders along with the deep...
My guardian angel by Hopeless_Dreamer14
My guardian angelby Skye Dallas
Shae Ramon is Cisco's little sister. He would do anything to protect her. When she starts hanging out with a boy Cisco doesn't know he sends Barry to keep an eye on her.
I'll Be There In a Flash ⚡ Barry Allen by straightouttaarrows
I'll Be There In a Flash ⚡ Barry ˗ˏˋ stressed again ˎˊ˗
"But that doesn't mean I have a free pass to break the sound barrier Cisco. I seriously doubt it works like that." "You know what Rani? I don't appreciate...
My Scarlet Speedster (Barry Allen x Reader) by Pukaii
My Scarlet Speedster (Barry Queen Ashley
Barry meets (y/n) in the third grade. She has been with him through everything as well with Iris. After the particle accelerator explosion occurred, Barry lost all his m...
Somebody You Used To Love •SnowBarry• [COMPLETED] by Li_lii
Somebody You Used To Love • ✼ Snow ✼
After the team defeated Savitar, Caitlin left the team and Barry went into the Speedforce. Things for the team weren't the same after that happened. Iris took charge whi...
Broken Together by LettingItGoxXx
Broken Togetherby LettingItGoxXx
Barry and Caitlin have been married for two years. Recently, they have been going at each other, bickering and arguing over the littlest things. One night they get into...
Zor-Allen Love Story by Sydneys2003
Zor-Allen Love Storyby SydneyElizabeth
One night out can change someone's life. Lucky for Barry Allen, that change goes by the name Kara Danvers. Kara and Barry meet at a bar and from there, their relationsh...
Sparks Fly | The Flash by Incredible_Edna
Sparks Fly | The Flashby Ari
SPARKS FLY. " I decided long ago never to walk in anyone's shadow; if I fail, or if I succeed at least I did as I believe. " " That's beautiful. Did you...
Winter| Barry Allen [2] by civilwar12
Winter| Barry Allen [2]by Black Wolf
Continue the story from book 1. Ashley and Barry finally come out about being together to the gang. The flash runs circles around metahumans intent of wreaking havoc i...
Cool| Barry Allen [3] by civilwar12
Cool| Barry Allen [3]by Black Wolf
3 Months. It's been 3 months since Barry ran and made Flashpoint. His living a normal life for once with his parents both alive. When Barry returns from flashpoint he fi...
Snowflake and Frost (On Hold) by Neva_Snow
Snowflake and Frost (On Hold)by Neva_Snow
This Story takes place in season four. The details are in Chapter 1. Feel free to comment. Updates almost daily or weekly. -------- 05/11/18-1. In category 'caitlin snow'
The Flash Preferences by Dude_iLoveMexican
The Flash Preferencesby A Winters Child
^^^^ . . . #53 - ciscoramon #42 - leonardsnart #193 - barryallen #6 - julianalbert #218 - theflash #32 - captaincold #918- preferences
Forward ϟ The Flash by chelraychicago
Forward ϟ The Flashby Rachel
It has been six months since Rose left Central City to meet her family and resurrect King Arthur. Now she's back, hardened by another betrayal and the death of the littl...
Catching Up || Barry Allen [2] by cjswonders_xx
Catching Up || Barry Allen [2]by ~CHELS~
"love is so short forgetting is so long." NEW LIMITS BOOK 2 THE FLASH SEASON 2 || ARROW SEASON 4 (quote by pablo neruda)
Forbidden Love (Under Editing) by Janet_Agron
Forbidden Love (Under Editing)by Janet Agron
FKA Banshee Flash & Captain Cold Hazel Nora Allen is Barry Allen's little sister and she's a detective in the CCPD. She joined because of what happened to her mother als...
Reborn| Barry Allen [4] by civilwar12
Reborn| Barry Allen [4]by Black Wolf
Barry has been stuck in the Speed Force for six months and during those six months Ashley has taken charge of Team Flash while they try to get Barry back. But when they...
The Flash x Male Reader by EthanComics
The Flash x Male Readerby ethan
This is a book filled with imagines, oneshots, preferences and many more about the men of The Flash and other Arrowverse characters. It's made for male readers but femal...
YOUNG | ralph dibny [1] ✔ by KallistaLove
YOUNG | ralph dibny [1] ✔by ✰ KAL & SYD ✰
"Dude, try me, I hated myself more when I was 18." #1 in Ralph Dibny as of January 22 2019 #1 in Clifford Devoe as of February 18 2019 #2 in Barry Allen as of...