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Ask And Dare Chrisflo And Pcarlian by PCarlian_lover
Ask And Dare Chrisflo And Pcarlianby PCarlian
Ashleyosity:So I guess you just ask and dare stuff to this ship and ya I'll be saying them and Pcarton,Chris,Garlian,and Carflo will answer : 3
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Adventure... by SuperSonicTX
#2 SuperSonicTX
This story goes out to all of the L.A.N. members! This is a story about Chrisandthemike,CarFlo,And Virii333.One night,Chris and Carlo get close,and i mean real close! So...
  • minecraft
  • carfandthemike
  • gizferno
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Ask Pony CarFlo by CrystalAlek123
Ask Pony CarFloby CrazyFangirl123
Chris and Cyanide are trapped in the pony world and they meet Pony CarFlo.A few weeks later CarFlo gets a crush on Chris.
  • chrisandthemike
  • chrisflo
  • ask
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One Very Special Filly ~ChrisFlo~ (BEING REWRITTEN) by CrystalAlek123
One Very Special Filly CrazyFangirl123
One Very Special Filly could destory or hurt ponyville?
  • chrisflo
Ask Chrisflo by CrystalAlek123
Ask Chrisfloby CrazyFangirl123
Ask and Dare the Couple ChrisFlo!
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ART book 2!! by jayeatsmacaroni
ART book 2!!by auntie snixx
Yeah. I said i'd make it onto another account, I lied. Yo! if your from the other book, welcome back to hell! and hey, it's better than looking at "normal art"...
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Chrisflo by natalieloveshim
Chrisfloby Poofless
Chris kept a secret from Carlo for a long time. But Carlo is trying to figure out why Chris is always around him.
  • fanfiction
  • romance
  • chrisflo
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Ask and Dare the SHIPS by peachprinceparker
Ask and Dare the SHIPSby headlines headlines
Sky and Ty became bored so they contacted their friends who are together and made a new series called "We'll answer or do anything." So now they are ready to a...
  • munchinguniverse
  • merome
  • setosolace
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Yandere Much?: Chrisflo by JDKAosrs
Yandere Much?: Chrisfloby Andrew
Okay so Chris loves Carlo. But who knowa how Carlo feels. I do but you don't >:)... Well you kinda do because of the title but just roll with it. This will include Se...
  • boyxboy
  • chrisflo
  • carflo
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Trace of the past by Silver_Rose_
Trace of the pastby Silver_Rose_
Two scientist are on the mission from the goverment to restore the long extinct dinosaur. They thought it was going to be easy, but something or someone is going to prev...
  • cyanideepic
  • chrisflo
  • femcarflo
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Good dog by Bocchan11
Good dogby Bocchan11
This is a chrisflo (aka chrisandthemike x carflo) smut or oneshot thing. Bl and gay stuff enjoy :D
  • carflo
  • fantasy
  • chris
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The Pool by iluvpizzaandreading
The Poolby iluvpizzaandreading
  • fanfiction
  • carflo
  • chrisflo
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Secret Of The Amulet ~ChrisFlo~ by CrystalAlek123
Secret Of The Amulet ~ChrisFlo~by CrazyFangirl123
Two of the different race or same race is born every 100 years with an amulet that has magic so they can't take it off. Some hold great power, some unknown. But when two...
  • carflo
  • chrisandthemike
  • chrisflo
Ask ChrisFlo, Merome, and SkyMu! by Vixenthecat
Ask ChrisFlo, Merome, and SkyMu!by Moved to Willow-the-cat
Ask any of them! And Carflo is a brown wolf hybrid, Jerome is a bacca, and skymu are withermu and skybrine! I'm me!
  • cute
  • skymu
  • couple
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Minecraft Runners by MeromeRocks99
Minecraft Runnersby ~Spark~
This will be a lot like the movie, "The Maze Runner", but it will have stuff like ChrisFlo and skylox. Basically it is The Maze Runner in minecraft with youtub...
  • munchinguniverse
  • setosolace
  • merome
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The Black Cat by Vixenthecat
The Black Catby Moved to Willow-the-cat
When hybrids seem to be wiped out, join The loyal forest warriors Author and Carflo, the dangerous dragons of the end Endia and deadlox, the protectors of the aethor vix...
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  • dragon
  • teamcrafted
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