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Minecraft youtber one shot( request open) by link_legend_of_Zelda
Minecraft youtber one shot( I'm STILL ENDERBOY
Minecraft youtber one shot leave request in the comments
  • jeromeasf
  • merome
  • skylox
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Sky one shots by UnicornTrash123
Sky one shotsby UnicornTrash123
Sky X everyone Credit to General_GS
  • skytato
  • fanfiction
  • sketolox
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Skymu ~Your Mine~ by GloriaUniverse
Skymu ~Your Mine~by GloriaUniverse
  • ship
  • suicide
  • minecraftuniverse
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One Day, I Will Be King (Skylox) by TheXArtist
One Day, I Will Be King (Skylox)by Chio
Asterethiel. A kingdom threatened by mutants. A young prince and his knight, completely opposite of each other, try to find peace in their dying Asterethiel. Traitors, b...
  • tylerxty
  • merome
  • deadbrotato
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Sparks glows! by Cupcakesrevenge
Sparks glows!by Thalia <3
  • truemu
  • skymu
  • fanfiction
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Stars- SkyMU by Soar319
Stars- SkyMUby Soar319
"Jason, where do you want to go?" "The countryside to see the stars."
  • skymu
I Knew ~Merome~ by GloriaUniverse
I Knew ~Merome~by GloriaUniverse
  • ships
  • jeromeasf
  • adorable
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Memories (Skymu) by Absentinathefox
Memories (Skymu)by Skyloxmu
Sky and Jason are good friends. Then Jason disappears when they are both 10 years old. He comes back, but he isn't the same. What happened to Jason?
  • lots
  • feels
  • nooooooooooo
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When the Sky Turned to Ty. (Skylox Fanfiction) by bandgeekmgc
When the Sky Turned to Ty. ( bandgeekmgc
When Ty, a junior in high school and a Class A nerd, gets his daily bullying session, a random hero steps in to save him: Sky. Ty soon falls and finds that Sky has a guy...
  • skylox
  • munchinguniverse
  • sorryifitscrappy
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It's just a crush [SkyMU fanfiction] by watlashton
It's just a crush [SkyMU watlashton
Adam is an up-and-coming Youtuber. Jason is a successful Youtuber. When two worlds collide, Adam is left both wonderstruck and scared by Jason.
  • sky
  • skymu
  • skydoesminecraft
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TC and Friends One-Shots by StarShineW
TC and Friends One-Shotsby Star Shine
Basically these are one shots. I will write them hopefully frequently;whenever I have a chance. Or whenever I have an idea. TC and friends one-shots include: - Skylox ...
  • bajanlox
  • ghostlox
  • skymu
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Dark Paradise SkyMu and Merome by Band_Nerd_Fanfic
Dark Paradise SkyMu and Meromeby Da_Little_Band_Nerd
This is a sad fanfic of Skydoesminecraft/ Adam and TruMU/ Jason and BajanCanadian/ Mitch and JeromeASF/ Jerome
  • skydoesminecraft
  • death
  • merome
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Criminal (SkyMU) by mira_was_here
Criminal (SkyMU)by mira_was_here
This is a story about how two completely different people, fall in love with each other. And them falling in love, is actually illegal... Will they keep their secret a r...
  • sweg
  • truemu
  • skymu
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Hybrid School (YouTuber FF) -rewritten version- by Vixenthecat
Hybrid School (YouTuber FF) Moved to Willow-the-cat
In a small town, there is a school. But it's not any ORDINARY school.. IT'S A HYBRID SCHOOL! Join the book and get to meet your favorite HYBRID youtubers! Good luck!
  • deadlox
  • cyanideepic
  • vikkstar123
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Short Story Complication by EchoBye
Short Story Complicationby Echo
<Request | Open> Just some one-shots, although some may be longer.
  • skymu
  • subthan
Team crafted one shots (mostly Origanal ships!!) by Gone_fishing112
Team crafted one shots (mostly Closed Account
  • skymu
  • skydoesminecraft
  • bajancanadian
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One-Shot Mania by Tatergurl7
One-Shot Maniaby Taterz & Ed
One shots created by moi the one and only AwesomeSauceTaterz and the wonderful amazing spectacular minergurl7 Go check out our single accounts and yeah wooooh....SPRING...
  • setolox
  • skymu
  • youtubers
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