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Carflo (Zombie Apocalypse) by Jabbawocky_slaya
Carflo (Zombie Apocalypse)by Jabbawocky_slaya
Carflo is driving to a cabin in the woods for a vacation away from the military base. As he is driving, he sees people eating each other. He races around trying to survi...
  • skylox
  • cyanidechris
  • survival
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Descendants (Slow Updates) by Gamingerve31
Descendants (Slow Updates)by Depression Fuel
Minecraft version of the Disney movie Descendants. Trapped on the Island of the Forgotten, home to the most dangerous of mobs and bosses, tge children of Herobrine, t...
  • huskylox
  • setosorcerer
  • husky
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Model Me (Skylox) by skylox68
Model Me (Skylox)by Sesshomaru
Ty is a average teenager. Nobody too special. Sky is a Playboy model. But what will happen if they cross paths? Read and find out... (Bad with summaries Cover by:LovesR...
  • youtuber
  • munchinguniverse
  • boyxboy
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Just trying to be normal...A Skylox fan fic~!  by star185
Just trying to be normal...A AThot
Ty Bodil and Seto are the off spring of a dragon so being normal's never been easy for them,but a mass war is started between Herobrine and Notch in they're home the end...
  • bashur
  • munchinguniverse
  • deadlox
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Setosolace- "The Past Bites Back" by lovelostgamer805
Setosolace- "The Past Bites Back"by Craig 👌
Brice does something he's not too proud of, but what happens when he decides to run from his problems and not face it head on? Seto didn't say something that was on his...
  • munchinguniverse
  • setosolace
  • boyxboy
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One shot book (Requests closed) (Ships&more) (BoyXBoy) by MinecraftModders
One shot book (Requests closed) ( MinecraftModders
Just a book of tons of one shots with all different ships (8th book written) *bajanlox *sketo *huskylox *asfCanadian/merome *bajanmu/bajanuniverse *munchinguniverse *po...
  • subthan
  • bajanuniverse
  • skyanide
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Crursed: Book 1 of The Taken Series by LightningEC
Crursed: Book 1 of The Taken Seriesby Airisé Rapsones
Sky, is Herobrine's first born. Ty, is the Ender Dragon's son. Jason, the Wither's son. Each one to his own destiny. When the meet for the first time they knew there had...
  • munchinguniverse
  • magic
  • dragon
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ask munching universe by h20vanossshipper333
ask munching universeby not so innocent teddy bear/ow...
A munchinguniverse ask book
  • vikklan
  • poofless
  • setosolace
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Dimensions Children(Continuing) by Gamingerve31
Dimensions Children(Continuing)by Depression Fuel
Ryan: COME AND JOIN Tyler: shut put kid
  • skybrine
  • skylox
  • merome
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The Kingdom's Theives by Canada_lover934
The Kingdom's Theivesby Rin
Cover made by the awesome JuliaVeronik8 In the greatest kingdom of all time called the Budder Kingdom there lived a guild where the greatest theifs and assassins worked...
  • youtubers
  • multipleships
  • skybop
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Memories by IdkWhatToSay15
Memoriesby JoieOcampo4
When you die, you are reincarnated into a new life, your memories forgotten. But a certain few keeps those memories, and remembers everything from their past lives. Fo...
  • ssunmu
  • setosolace
  • merome
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Highschool Skylox (Under Editing) (Slow Updates) by GamerAne
Highschool Skylox (Under Editing) XxCreepypasta GamerfanxX
Many more ships! There will be some smutty parts who knows. Anyways have fun with it. Also I will post when I can.
  • kkisac
  • merome
  • kkcomicsxisacx
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Send 'Em to Camp!  by graveyravey
Send 'Em to Camp! by Rave
Attention- *cough I only own Merome. Every other character belongs to their respectful owners! Thank you! -- So. Everybody knows those ships Skylox, Merome, SetoSolace a...
  • skylox
  • skylar
  • merome
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Were the Crafty Gamers by soullessgirl550099
Were the Crafty Gamersby HAPPY
So this is going to be some ships kids in highschool :3
  • highschool
  • mithross
  • youtube
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Soulmate {a MEROME ff} (skylox SETOSOLACE Munchinguniverse) by Random_Butter_Wolf
Soulmate {a MEROME ff} (skylox Wonderer
Jerome Robert Aceti , soon to be alpha of the largest pack in the U.S. Still searching for his beloved mate. He moves to a small town in the U.S. with his Beta, Adam Dah...
  • werewolf
  • merome
  • boyxboy
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Minecraft YouTuber ship oneshots!! by Dallasdarling
Minecraft YouTuber ship oneshots!!by Dallasdarling
Listen, I know im not the greatest writer, so dont expect the best of the best from me, but I have some underrated ships and I think it would be fun to write some fanfic...
  • subzeroextabyte
  • truemu
  • fluff
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