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LOVE ME NOW by kimcdam
LOVE ME NOWby alyanurf
Marriage is a Business. Itu terjadi sekarang, dua orang yang tak saling mengenal dipaksa untuk menjalani hubungan sebagai pasangan suami istri. Mereka dijodohkan atas da...
[√] walk you home ㅡ yuju ft. jaehyun by kimcdam
[√] walk you home ㅡ yuju ft. alyanurf
Lembaran baru kini sudah siap dimulai, siap untuk diisi dengan kenangan - kenangan yang baru semenjak Choi Yuna dinyatakan hilang. Lanjutan kisah Jung Jaehyun dan Choi Y...
Fuck Buddies // Yuju • Umji by Snowons__
Fuck Buddies // Yuju • Umjiby ғʀɪʙʜɪᴇ
Yuju Umji Futanari/Genderbender fuckshots
BOOK 2: SUNRISE(Blood and Growls Sequel)(COMPLETE) by diMcLouDs
BOOK 2: SUNRISE(Blood and Growls DimcLouds
This is a sequel of the book, Blood and Growls. This is the book 2 and continuation of the story of the first book. The second chance that was given to her, how will she...
Dating A Nerd [COMPLETED] by bluewinkee23
Dating A Nerd [COMPLETED]by ☆ ʏᴜᴋᴏᴏᴋ ☆
A cassanova could be fall in love with an average girl? & An average girl who loves studies could be fall in love with a cassanova? Or maybe... Cassanova + Average girl...
Without A Heart (A YuKook FanFic) by misuRem
Without A Heart (A YuKook FanFic)by Miss Rem
I know I've hurt you a lot, but I still wanted to ask you for another chance. -Him I love you, but I hope you'll see how much I've suffered being with you. -Her
GFriend's AUs by misterjeyen
GFriend's AUsby Shawing Harmo
Consists of (SinRin, WonHa, YuMji) This is my compilation of short stories about the main three ships of GFriend. 🔥#1 - yumji 🔥#1 - sojung 🔥#10 - yeojachingu 🔥#93...
I'll Never Forget You by teyjey
I'll Never Forget Youby 🌸
First love, first heart break...that's what Jungkook experienced 4 years ago. What if this girl who made him dumb for love and made him cry because of love...came back?
OUR HUSBAND??(yukook) by IahKang
OUR HUSBAND??(yukook)by K.Louis
[Highest rank #1 on choi yuna stories(5-28-18)] [Highest rank #1 on eunmin stories(5-15-18)] [Highest rank #1 on yuju stories (9-14-18)] THIS BOOK IS FULL OF SAVAGENESS
You're Mine! [𝓨𝓾𝓴𝓸𝓸𝓴] by -yunachoi
You're Mine! [𝓨𝓾𝓴𝓸𝓸𝓴]by 🍟
In this story, the character 99% opposite from the reality. It's only my imagination. I'm sorry if you guys offended. But sorry, it's my book. Thank you, next. This book...
BOOK 3: BLOOM(Blood and Growls Sequel)(COMPLETE) by diMcLouDs
BOOK 3: BLOOM(Blood and Growls DimcLouds
The third book of the GFRIEND Trilogy. New faces. New villains. Unexpected turns of events. All of this you can expect in the third book. BOOK 1: Blood and Growls(COMPLE...
Sky of Love by MirachArms
Sky of Loveby ZYEAH-Zeyah
Sky of Love SUMJI-SuJi version Cast: Kim Ye-won A.K.A Umji Min Yoongi A.K.A Suga Also starring Park Jimin Choi Yuna A.K.A Y...
I Hate You in The Past but Not Now || UmB || GFRIEND by MingYuju_06
I Hate You in The Past but Not KkuChaen💖
SinB was a longest trainee at Source Music and will be debut in a group named GFRIEND.Everything was went well until a trainee that was only trained for short time and w...
She Is My Bae by EveryBscenez__nn
She Is My Baeby TtinbYen0213
~It's between you and me against the world~ A story of a callous senior high student named Hwang Eunbi who met a well-known artist in the world Jung Yerin coincidentally.
My Ideal Girl  by CYLJJLYLK
My Ideal Girl by 김 중나 (YUKOOK)
"Sorry because you are not my Ideal Girl" Jungkook said that make my heart broke in pieces... T _ T "Bu----" he cut my words... "Sorry but I...
Incorrect GFriend by YU_KOOK
Incorrect GFriendby ✨ Y U K O O K ✨
my tutor | wonb by HSB0603
my tutor | wonbby 131
Kim Sojung, the student who always ranks first get to tutor Hwang Eunbi, a student who always get a failing grade.
Illegal Teen Love by LeeSoojin12122001
Illegal Teen Loveby Soojin Lee
"Illegal Teen Love" depicts the friendship and love lives of young teenagers living in Stereotype High's dormitory.
WHY CAN'T I BE HER? [GFRIEND: WONHA] by EffervescentDream
"Love is unfair." Sojung belongs to Eunha ... In Eunha's dreams. In reality, she struggles with her girl crush assumably liking someone else - while being unaw...
Memories of You by jungshooktd
Memories of Youby ieyah ✨
in which hoshi and yuju's fates intertwine with one another once again because of that one performance -------------- a hoshi and yuju fan fiction short story based on t...