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The Second Prince by Alone_like_Saturn
The Second Princeby Alone_like_Saturn
Tensei has been called to war by his father the pharaoh to do four things. Gather information. Write a peace treaty. Uncover the enemies spies. And save his brother, t...
A Haunted Love Story. (Kanglim x Hari) by PixxellatedPixxiie
A Haunted Love Story. (Kanglim x PixxellatedPixxiie
{ Our story began on one fateful night , and the memories you gave me bring joy and dismay. And with you by my side, I am brought into light, and I look forward to each...
Who's a Hiro? by KiooDuma
Who's a Hiro?by KiooDuma
After a devastating fight with Momokase, Hiro is in the emergency room as he recovers. Torn apart with worry, Karmi stays with Baymax in his hospital room. After a horri...
total drama chat fic (cancelled i am not proud of this fic) by theoreticaldickjokes
total drama chat fic (cancelled moony <3
you read the title, it's a total drama chat fic. it goes about as well as you expect it to. on tt on some chapters most of it is in a fanfic style...
The Four Swords of Hogwarts by TheLostBoys333
The Four Swords of Hogwartsby Kelly Hoey
One to defeat fear. One to discover truth. One to feel love. One to accept life. Each will bear a sword and embody the essence of Hogwarts. Together as one, the Four Her...
Harry Potter and the War of Morgan le Fay by TheLostBoys333
Harry Potter and the War of Kelly Hoey
After being captured and tortured for days, Harry and Snape are about to be killed by Voldemort. However, they manage to escape only to discover they have been brought b...
You know I love you so  by raifall13
You know I love you so by raifall13
CHAPTER 298 SPOILERS Please don't read if you don't want spoilers. It's not entirely how chapter 298 went obviously! *CHAPTER 298 SPOILERS* "You don't know shit&qu...
They Deal in Pieces by unknowingly0313
They Deal in Piecesby unknowingly0313
Blythe lives in a town influenced by demons. Everyone has sold their souls for their wildest dreams except her. Can she keep a hold of her soul and her life when everyth...
The Murder of Kim Eunhyuk by Chole-sterol
The Murder of Kim Eunhyukby Chole-sterol
After the murder of Kim Eunhyuk, Team Vasco begins an investigation. After linking the murder to others throughout Korea they realise the killer is still on the move, t...
A Bond for the Ages by TheLostBoys333
A Bond for the Agesby Kelly Hoey
A prophecy is only real when allowed to occur naturally, so when a series of unexpected events happen in the summer before 5th year, a second prophecy long lost deep in...
A Lesser Known Incident  by Darrenhorston
A Lesser Known Incident by Darrenhorston
Roy Mustang has been sent on a mission of blowing up a weaponry. You know, the usual stuff. But is the mission as simple as it seems? Read to find out. ¡¡¡DISCLAIMER...
Wee Halfling by coop500
Wee Halflingby Valerie
A halfling village taught to fear Witchers is attacked by bandits, but a Witcher happens to be in the area at the right time, or wrong time for the bandits.