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Fakers - Steve Rogers by s-writing-s
Fakers - Steve Rogersby s-writing-s
"I told my sister I have a boyfriend so she'd stop trying to set me up with people but now she's coming to visit and I'm in too deep I need a fake boyfriend ASAP&qu...
Captain's Vigilante • Steve Rogers by mywinterbuckybear
Captain's Vigilante • Steve Rogersby mywinterbuckybear
"Will you help me, [Y/N]?" "I don't do favors, Rogers. What do I get in return?" "What do you want?" "Now you're speaking my language...
Cardboard box (Steve Rogers x reader) by hangover_fox
Cardboard box (Steve Rogers x Scarlett🦖
(Y/N) is living on the streets. The weather is getting colder and to get by (Y/N) has to pickpocket. But what happens when a certain Steeb gets pickpocketed by you and f...
Covert by unofficalavenger3000
Covertby unofficalavenger3000
Steve rogers and agent y/n assigned to a covert mission does a fake relationship ignite a real one ?
Double | Steve Rogers X Female Reader | by Spotted_Frog
Double | Steve Rogers X Female Spotted
Being an agent is all Y/n knows, or at least she did. That's until she meets none other than the Avengers themselves. And soon she's at war with herself. To either cho...
On The Run by likeahorribledream
On The Runby likeahorribledream
Requested Prompt: ''I had a bad dream'' with Steve Rogers. After the incidents from Civil War, you and Steve are on the run together.
King of Hearts (A Steve Rogers x Reader Fic) by smellslikehotgorlshi
King of Hearts (A Steve Rogers x Annabelle
Sam Wilson and YN King grew up together, served in the air force together, lost friends and family together. YN swears she'd do anything for Sam, and that's mostly true...
22 by itsemmyb
22by EmilyB
22 that's the number Steve has on his wrist. It's his favorite number because that's the age his soulmate will be when they meet for the first time. Ever since he learne...
steve rogers imagines by mandy0517
steve rogers imaginesby mandy <3
hihi :)) mandy here, i wanted to take up writing and i thought this was the perfect way to start ! hope you enjoy, sorry if it's bad heh REQUESTS: OPEN‼️‼️
Sweet As Apple Pie by ItsNotCaptainAmerica
Sweet As Apple Pieby Not Captain America
Everyday Steve comes into the diner and Y/N gives him a slice of pie.
Agent 007 (A Steve Rogers x Reader Fic) by smellslikehotgorlshi
Agent 007 (A Steve Rogers x Annabelle
Currently being edited/rewritten. (Chapters with written numbers {e.g. One} have been edited, actual numbers are TBC.) "I have this feeling in my heart-" Steve...
Losing game (Captain America x Reader) by N_Dahl
Losing game (Captain America x Natalie
(Takes place after AoU) She has never really been close to anyone. She has lived her life, just doing what she has been told. After Sokovia, agent [Y/N] gets a new job...
Avengers Imagines/Preferences Book 1 (COMPLETED) by chonceislife
Avengers Imagines/Preferences Endgameruinedme
Just some you know: Captain America Iron Man Bucky Barnes Thor Loki Black Widow Hawkeye Bruce Banner Scarlet Witch Quicksilver (pietro) Spider-Man Vision Black Panthe...
steve rogers imagines by soapyballs
steve rogers imaginesby soapyballs
i'm still going through more chapters and editing to post. I wrote these a while ago with no intention of posting. sorry if you read one that you might've seen a similar...
Beyond Her Eyes by smellslikehotgorlshi
Beyond Her Eyesby Annabelle
YN was off grid, had been for years. She was alone, just the way she liked it. However, one sunny morning as she sipped her coffee in the streets of New York, an agent o...
Used to Be Overlooked by justkending
Used to Be Overlookedby justkending
Steve Rogers was walking down the streets of Brooklyn after finishing a mission. The goal was just to take some time to clear his mind along the city streets, but when h...
Avengers x M!Reader Inserts by Lexia-Stark
Avengers x M!Reader Insertsby L҉E҉X҉I҉
Welcome to my Avengers x Male!Reader Inserts book! If you have an triggers please read down below because this book...has it all (literally). I do take requests, please...
Captain America: the first Avenger (Captain America - x reader) by Fandom_victim
Captain America: the first Fandom_victim
It wasn't normal to see a girl in the military. As far as I knew the only girl, excuse me woman, was Peggy Carter. It had always been my dream to join the army and I did...
It Worked! |Marvel Universe x reader| by Valenmooooon
It Worked! |Marvel Universe x 707
(Y/N) liked Marvel. Scratch that. She was obsessed with Marvel. She began thinking that parallel universes must exist, so there must be an universe where her favorite su...
Through Her Eyes (Second Part in the Beyond Her Eyes Trilogy) by smellslikehotgorlshi
Through Her Eyes (Second Part in Annabelle
Sequel to Beyond Her Eyes YN Gray was finally free, she had a job, friends, a partner that showed her what it felt like to live like a princess. Yet, nothing remains s...