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Psychopath's Fairytale • DahMin • Park Jimin × Kim Dahyun by moonfairylights
Psychopath's Fairytale • DahMin • moonfairylights
Psychopaths don't fall in love, do they? ••• "Why are you like this? This is the reason why I'm doing this to you. Why are you so, pure? Why aren't you like others...
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Why do you Hate Me?  by Ocean_Paguia
Why do you Hate Me? by YoW nICe SkIrt
" his biggest mistake, was loosing her trust " Started: April 16, 2018 Ended: oct 17,2018
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groupchat || bangtwice by xoxochaeng
groupchat || bangtwiceby jae 💙
// sup gays wanna be added to a groupchat? // wherein twice and bts ended up being close through a groupchat nothing could go wrong.. right? ---- STARTED: 08/01/19 ENDED...
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You May Now Kiss The Groom by bangteuwaiseu
You May Now Kiss The Groomby dyeeng
We Got Married invites Park Jimin and Yoo Jeongyeon as one of the couples for the 10th season. Knowing that these two has a cat and dog relationship, will this virtual m...
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"hello?" || m.yg x by xoxochaeng
"hello?" || m.yg x s.cyby jae 💙
and just like most clichés, it all started when yoongi texted the wrong number.. highest rankings: #1 chaega (x3) #1 chaegi (x2) #1 btsxtwice (x2) #1 once #1 sonchaeyoun...
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instagram ✔ by -lollippop
instagram ✔by - moon -
❛ sending my selfie to NASA , because I'm a star ❜
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pickuplines ➤ jimina. by lqmina
pickuplines ➤ ◡̈
❝ Do you have a map? I seems to be lost in your eyes. ❞ In which Myoui Mina always seen all the pickuplines that's she received on instagram. ○ on going. ©️2019. #32 i...
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↬SOCIAL MEDIA by BrenaLea12
↬SOCIAL MEDIAby BrenaLea12
In which Jimin met Dahyun through instagram °Dahmin edits made by instagram acc @dubuchim. °Cover book made by me. °This book mainly focus on DahMin. °Started:15/7/19 [H...
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FORGIVE | C.TY & J.JK [ONGOING] by twinklekoo
FORGIVE | C.TY & J.JK [ONGOING]by 𝐬𝐨𝐟𝐞𝐚.
❝Everyone deserves a second chance, right ?❞ ____________ A TZUKOOK FANFICTION Status : Completed On-going On-holding √
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Seduce The Hater | NayKook by PINTHENEEDLE
Seduce The Hater | NayKookby weechiepeachie
Hardcore haters are always willing to do everything to bring who or what they hate down. But what if love will replace hate during the process? This story is about a gir...
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•BANGTWICETAGRAM 2• by Swaggyrapperlinlin
【bts × twice】 asiansoul_jyp liked your post. 〖ON-GOING〗
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The Mafia and his Reporter by HaruTrishaXX
The Mafia and his Reporterby HarutrishaXX
He is considered the most strong and powerful Mafia boss and company in the whole nation. No one actually has seen his face nor finds out anything about him. He is Jeon...
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•BANGTWICETAGRAM• by Swaggyrapperlinlin
【bts × twice】 hitman_bang liked your post. 〖COMPLETED〗 #bestofmebangtwiceaward
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 WORLDWIDE SHIP | SaKook [COMPLETED✅]   by the_soojin
they fell in-love, unfortunately it's forbidden STARTED ON: February 19, 2019 ENDED ON: March 10, 2019 SPECIAL CHAPTERS RELEASED ON: June 20- 23, 2019 OFFICIALLY ENDED...
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Finding My Sweetest First Love (MSFL BOOK 2) [COMPLETED] by bangteuwaiseu
Finding My Sweetest First Love ( dyeeng
Grand church, Clean white suit, Long wedding gown that comes with a veil, Fifty guests, White roses, And a perfect couple to top this very memorable wedding! But things...
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Oh my stranger! ||COMPLETED|| by HaruTrishaXX
Oh my stranger! ||COMPLETED||by HarutrishaXX
A woman who's been gone from her house in Korea for two years and comeback seeing a man living in her home.
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The Kim's || & k.dh [COMPLETED] by bangteuwaiseu
The Kim's || & k.dh [ dyeeng
Kim Dahyun's life is already messy even before she moves in to her three older brothers' house. And so, her life became messier than she thought. Living with her three...
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Against The Ban | JiMina by PINTHENEEDLE
Against The Ban | JiMinaby weechiepeachie
For K-pop idols, you know you're in trouble when you're starting to fall in love, especially if you can't control your feelings. In this story, there are these 2 idols w...
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Chance (Lasted Love Book 2) by CJSL_28
Chance (Lasted Love Book 2)by CJSL_28
In which the former couple finds the way to get back to each other. The answers they supposed to answer, but it didn't end as what they say. They are far from each other...
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↠Fallen Worlds  by Ocean_Paguia
↠Fallen Worlds by YoW nICe SkIrt
even knowing it's dangerous i take a step closer
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