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Victim (Glee) by chibimaritza
Victim (Glee)by chibimaritza
Santana Lopez and her family move to New York which Santana has issues with from the very start. She meets two cheerleaders and a what she believes just an innocent brun...
Glee Texts by klaine_is_bae121
Glee Textsby Klaine4life
Just a collection of text messages from one glee character to another. (Ships include Klaine, Finchel, Brittana, Samcades and Quick) New Chapters Every Saturday!
Love Sucks by CarinaRose14
Love Sucksby Carina Rose
Brittany and Santana have been secretly dating for a while. A few kids catch them kissing and their secret gets out. A few unexpected visitors bring great pain and joy i...
The Beginning (Brittana) by WatchingGlee3
The Beginning (Brittana)by WatchingGlee3
Starting high school means a big change for everyone. For Brittany and Santana, it could be what determines the rest of their lives.
Silence [brittana] by wxmhs7
Silence [brittana]by wxmhs7
Told by Santana Lopez with Inserts by Brittany Pierce
With Great Power  by psycoduck_3401
With Great Power by psycoduck_3401
Following the story line of the Spiderman movie. Rachel Berry is a nerd who is in love with the popular head cheerleader. After a field trip accident with a spider, thin...
The Girl Next Door by unholymo
The Girl Next Doorby unholymo
*Complete* Santana's Junior year gets more exciting when the new girl moves in next door. Brittana story with a side of Faberry towards the end. Highest rankings: #1 B...
Home Is Where the Heart Is (Brittana) by WatchingGlee3
Home Is Where the Heart Is ( WatchingGlee3
As Brittany faces a difficult situation, Santana comes back into her life after years of no contact. --- Canon until 2x18 --- New chapter published every Saturday
Only you (Brittana Fanfic)  by Amphni
Only you (Brittana Fanfic) by Amphni
The first time Santana meets the eyes of the most beautiful blonde she has ever seen, everything is bound to change. Santana Lopez is known for being the top cheerleader...
Time Will Tell by SnixxWanky
Time Will Tellby Snixx
Brittany: captain of the Cheerios, big part of glee club, struggles academically, bisexual Santana: ex-cheerleader, transfer student, lesbian Santana and her family move...
I'm Not Leaving. ~ (Santana Lopez Fanfiction) by AshleeJayne
I'm Not Leaving. ~ (Santana Ashlee
*COMPLETED* Brittana fan fiction. ~ Santana Lopez ~ Brittany Pierce
In love with my best friend [Brittana] by unkn0wn_writes
In love with my best friend [ unknown_writes
[Complete] Santana Lopez is 17 years old and Is madly in love with her best friend.She still tries pushing her feelings away and keep them locked inside but for how long...
i only want you by alexxxisss_567
i only want youby alexxxisss_567
(will complete at later date) story of Brittany and Santana prior to season 1 elements of angst and fluff
Enemies with benefits? by LolUrNotOliviaWilde
Enemies with benefits?by Siobhan Smith
So, you all know about those typical "friends with benefits" stories right? well, what if they were enemies instead of friends? Brittany S. Pierce is the capt...
Do You Really Hate Me? -Brittana by gleetovictorious
Do You Really Hate Me? -Brittanaby Auntie Snix
11th graders, Brittany S. Pierce and Santana Lopez are sworn enemies. Neither remember why. But then they are forced to spend time together after school because of a pun...
Sloppy Babies: The Babysitters by brittanaxfanfiction
Sloppy Babies: The Babysittersby brittanaxfanfiction
"If a Babysitter gives you a matchbook, it's a formal invitation. You have to go." Unholy Trinity/Brittana Inspired by Burlesque & Coyote Ugly. This story is w...
Separate Worlds by marinarhinestone
Separate Worldsby Shut up, Heather!
(ABANDONED STORY) Brittany is a film nerd and Santana is the campus super star. They're complete opposites, but that doesn't stop Britt from being head over heels for Sa...
"hi." "bye." in which audrey hummel seems totally disinterested in sebastian smythe... until she's suddenly a lot more interested in the cocky warble...
Glee-done (Discontinued) by haleyandthejets
Glee-done (Discontinued)by Jazzie Hart
Do you ever wonder what Glee would've been like if some of the episode storylines had been kept while new episodes will be made? Well this story will be what took place...