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Handsome Jack x Female Reader [NSFW] by spiderboylover1967
Handsome Jack x Female Reader [NSF...by spiderboylover1967
An unsuccessful raid on a Hyperion outpost led to the deaths of all but one female bandit, who turned out to be a Vault Hunter that Handsome Jack tried to kill a year ag...
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Borderlands Anarchy. by DJjammer
Borderlands Anarchy.by DJjammer
The borderlands, a cruel place of death, destruction and downright badassery. Our story takes place on Pandora, home to the crimson raiders, vaults galore, hyperion dick...
Borderlands Reader Imagines < Book 1 > by dramawrites
Borderlands Reader Imagines < B...by dramawrites
Borderlands series imagines. With the new release of Borderlands 3, requests are open and updates will come soon.
A New Edition to the Family - discontinued  by BreaBB
A New Edition to the Family - disc...by BreaBB
( y/n ), instead of killing Angel, decides to use her as leverage to meet with Handsome Jack. The vaulhunters of sanctuary have ran ( y/n ) dry all for what she views as...
Handsome Jack x Child Reader  by A_Fan_With_Dreams
Handsome Jack x Child Reader by carnage
A little girl with only one sole purpose, experimentation. She despises the god of these people, Handsome Jack. He's the reason she's in pain, he's the reason she isn't...
Handsome OneShots [Handsome Jack X Reader] by DarkIsNoSissy
Handsome OneShots [Handsome Jack X...by DarkIsNoSissy
So since the borderlands community is coming to a rise of a new beginning. I decided that i will make a oneshot book for all of you lovers of handsome jack! will be at y...
My Cupcake | Handsome Jack x Reader HIATUS by boobsock
My Cupcake | Handsome Jack x Reade...by 𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐱𝐱𝐢 🤍
A team of Vault Hunters travel to the Control Core to get the Vault Key. They have to kill Angel, but (Y/n) doesn't and won't do it. That sparks something in Jack, and h...
New Perspective ~ A Handsome Jack x Reader Story by lilb1hbbykk
New Perspective ~ A Handsome Jack...by <3
!This story is not according to the (exact) events of the borderlands games! This is a second person story (x reader) for the readers pleasure! As a vault hunter, (and b...
Tales From The Borderlands ~ Oneshots by paperbagz
Tales From The Borderlands ~ Onesh...by h i d d e n
Just one shots with male characters from tales from the borderlands, Hopefully you enjoy these ❤️
Dreams Don't Always Go To Plan 2 (Handsome Jack x Reader) by BumblingBunny3
Dreams Don't Always Go To Plan 2 (...by BumblingBunny3
A sequel to my previous fan-fiction, by the the same title.
Stop And Stare (Handsome Jack X Reader) by voodoochickenfoot
Stop And Stare (Handsome Jack X Re...by Voodoo Chicken Foot
What happens when someone you loved comes back in a whole new way? Let's just say it gets a little bit handsome! And it all happened because of a promotion, a silly grou...
Borderlands Scenerios by Tranquil_Writer
Borderlands Sceneriosby Tranquil Writer
Just some random scenerios that i come up with or that are requested. You may request any characters(below are the characters that are currently in the book) from the ga...
|°×Bejeweled×°| ℍ𝕒𝕟𝕕𝕤𝕠𝕞𝕖 𝕁𝕒𝕔𝕜 𝕩 𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕕𝕖𝕣 | by HandsomeMilo
|°×Bejeweled×°| ℍ𝕒𝕟𝕕𝕤𝕠𝕞𝕖 𝕁...by Milo
Will probably be updated every other Monday, there may be some times where its Wednesday tho for Full checks of the chapter FEM READER! THERE WILL BE A MALE VERSION! Y...
Scarred beauty (a handsome jack x reader) by DaxIsHere
Scarred beauty (a handsome jack x...by Lolo
abused for years and tricked into staying in a relationship has made you numb from any normal feelings until someone finally notices what's happening to you. Jack helps...
Every-Borderlands-Ever Imagines (REQUESTS CLOSED) by Dead_Tea_Leaves
Every-Borderlands-Ever Imagines (R...by Nat
Like the title says: Any character, any story. LBGTQ+ welcome! 10/15/20: REQUESTS ARE CLOSED FOR NOW.
Borderlands 3 Oneshots  by XxAcidicGoddessxX
Borderlands 3 Oneshots by Kristen Hall
Oneshots of your favorite characters, already existing or new. Don't forget to support me on my Tumblr too where I post these as well! xxang3lw1ngxx
Borderlands Lemons + Oneshots by KingOfTortoises
Borderlands Lemons + Oneshotsby KingOfTortoises
Just as the title says I own nothing I'm very slow at updating so be warned.
Handsome Jack x Reader by S_R222
Handsome Jack x Readerby S - Anon
I have the biggest crush on Jack so I decided to start writing a fanfic about him! I don't really know how much parts this is going to be but I guess that's all dependen...
A True Hero (Handsome Jack) by StilesTheKilljoy
A True Hero (Handsome Jack)by StilesTheKilljoy
Nyx is a siren of the night that has lived almost her entire life in a vault. One day, the vault mysteriously opened, allowing her to escape into the dangerous lands of...
Welcome to Pandora kiddos. by CreativelyStupid
Welcome to Pandora kiddos.by Rhysie baby
Yesterday Borderlands was just a video game, but now it's your reality. Handsome Jack has made a victorious comeback from his fall, but this time he isn't just taking ba...