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If Bob was your Dad. by LocalQueerBaddieee
If Bob was your Cedar L
I.. I don't know. My daddy issues spoke to me.
Interesting ~(BobVelsebxM!Y/N) by Galaxy___1
Interesting ~(BobVelsebxM!Y/N)by Galaxy___1
y/n is a trauma induced male who just got out of the asylum he has schizophrenia and a Ed he hates eating he got that from the asylum food Don't read if you don't like s...
ᦓ᭙ꫀꫀꪻꫀ᥅ ꪻꫝꪖꪀ ᥴꪖꪀᦔꪗ| Bob Velseb x Reader by K1TC4T00
ᦓ᭙ꫀꫀꪻꫀ᥅ ꪻꫝꪖꪀ ᥴꪖꪀᦔꪗ| Bob Velseb x K1TC4T
You moved into the town not so long ago, looking for a job. You finally find a place to work after finding a help wanted poster for Boys and grills, not knowing the bigg...
Inevitable Love ~ {Bob Velseb x Reader} by -honeyed-
Inevitable Love ~ {Bob Velseb x Honeyed
~You are new to a small little remote town in Arizona. You've been living there for about a week now, and halloween is just around the corner. You meet nice, new people...
Found you (Bob Velseb X Reader.) by Frogs_CanMeow
Found you (Bob Velseb X Reader.)by Frogs_CanMeow
You just got a new job at a candy store in town, things are starting to go great for you! ....Or are they?
~Devilish love~ by loser5542
~Devilish love~by ThatOneDumbass
A Bob velseb x my OC fanfic! I've had massive crush on him for a while, so I decided to make a little story about it! Enjoy! <3 (also, I drew the picture myself!)
Bob Velseb Oneshots by Broken_Samurai_
Bob Velseb Oneshotsby BrokenSamurai
One-shots for everyone's favorite Spooky Month's Cannibal Bob Velseb! Feel free to comment for requests!
Bob Velseb x Reader One-shots by Grippy_Sox
Bob Velseb x Reader One-shotsby Grippy_Sox
This fanfic thingy includes readers of all genders. Those involve male, female, non-binary, trans, etc. This also contains LEMONS(SMUT). Each one will be marked with a �...
The Perfect Hellhole (multi fandom x reader) by SephirothsEyelash
The Perfect Hellhole (multi BoxyLemon
You die and get sent to hell, little did you know that really, it would become your new heaven after finding glorious hot men there, but also women because they're also...
random spooky month images i have 😍😍😍 by rockhardpenis
random spooky month images i try my bowls
Streber and bobs "meetup" by Weirdo964
Streber and bobs "meetup"by Weirdoツ
Trapped in a house with the man who almost killed him. (NOT CANNON)
Yandere Spooky Month Villians Oneshots/Headcanons by Br4ttYCl0wN
Yandere Spooky Month Villians The L a m b >:3
Welcome to hell, I'm a simp for mostly Dexter and Bob.
Unexpected encounter (Bob Velseb x Reader Smut) by F0rg0tten2006
Unexpected encounter (Bob Velseb Connor
Reader leaves their work at night and whilst under the bustop, encounters a dangerous figure that spares her life, but at the price of something else. (It happened under...
Bob Velseb Oneshots!! by kie_kali
Bob Velseb Oneshots!!by kie
Hiii... I kinda just write here whenever I wanna, which could be never, who knows.. but anyways!! i love silly devil man :33
In the Arms of Danger by Broken_Samurai_
In the Arms of Dangerby BrokenSamurai
Y/N's world is destroyed when she loses a leg in combat. With a medical discharge and the inability to do much being stuck crutches she's desperate to find something to...
Spooky month x reader by yaemikospartner
Spooky month x readerby Mars .⋆☂˚⋆☽⋆.
What if ... Skid and Pump have a babysitter?? Who tries to keep up with their adventures all the time?? But somehow catches the eye of some people they meet along? The...
🫀 Darlin' 🍴[Bob Velseb X F!Reader] 💕 by Jade_Made_Lemonade
🫀 Darlin' 🍴[Bob Velseb X F! Jade
[It's Halloween eve when you feel like you're being watched. You ignore it, and keep heading home, only for a crazy series of events to lead to what you think will be yo...
~°{ Animal Cannibal }°~ ':Bob Velseb x Reader:' by DreamerByTheWaaater
~°{ Animal Cannibal }°~ ':Bob DreamerByTheWaaater
'Years have passed since the murders started. Bob Velseb's killing spree was nearing it's 10th infamous, dreaded anniversary. Y/N, who has an obsessive interest in the s...
Spooky Month Headcanon Dump by dragonnyy
Spooky Month Headcanon Dumpby BUPPY
This is all from my tumblr, ech0lesss. Guys, read the fucking introduction.
Weight Gain and Vore Fanfics Because I'm Extremely Horny by EmmyBlubonic
Weight Gain and Vore Fanfics Emmy
More horny but with le gas now