I promise (book one)

I promise (book one)

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"Why did you have to pick me? Do you enjoy my misery or something?" Hermione yelled. 

"I picked you to protect you!" Draco screamed. 

"Why would you want to protect me?" She asked with tears threatening too fall. 

Draco became silent for a moment. All his rage left as he looked into Hermione's eyes. "Because I made a promise to Saint Potter. I would protect you if he wasn't here to protect you anymore." Draco said seriously. "Because he knew I loved you, and I wouldn't let anyone hurt you." 

"Y..you love me..." Hermione mumbled in awe. 

"Until the very end." Draco said breathlessly

This is my first Hp fanfic, if I misspelled something please tell me. I won't get upset if anything they make me happy.

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