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18+ I saw fangs stick into my neck... blood flowing out of it... the pain that i felt was unbearable... "he is totally not a human" I thought... hey, my name i...
Pets Must Be Punished  by dragonfly13-
Pets Must Be Punished by ×DESTRUCTION×
For Violet,life as a pet is tragic,everything is a fight to survive.But when she gets owned by greedy vampire things take a different turn...
Beast of the Damned #2 by KenzDyer
Beast of the Damned #2by Kenz Dyer
~Kinley~ For a thousand days and a thousand nights, he and his army shed the blood of the humans that thought they ruled this earth. It has been a hundred years since th...
Crimson Fangs by DarkRoyallty
Crimson Fangsby DarkRoyalty Books™
BOOK ONE (CRIMSON FANGS SERIES) Xariah is your typical high-school girl with an uncommon appearance. She has silver-white hair and each eye is of a unique color... she's...
The Beast Within (Naruto X Sasuke):) by jamie1526367
The Beast Within (Naruto X Sasuke) Yaioforlife:)
Naruto has just got Back to the Hidden Leaf village after leaving for safety percautions. What Naruto doesnt know is that Saskue has been hurt since he left. remember to...
Apocalypse : Seventeen ( Mingyu Centric ) by AYCE071
Apocalypse : Seventeen ( Mingyu AYCE 07
A deadly virus was unleashed into the world, infecting millions with a single bite. People were infected were no longer called humans but brain thirsty monsters, zombies...
Immortality Awakened: BlakPlague by DarkRoyallty
Immortality Awakened: BlakPlagueby DarkRoyalty Books™
An outcast, Velajuel son of the King was treated differently because he was half-blood. Running away from what he once called home he was saved by a girl. Will he fit...
I Want My Old Life Back by angiexreads
I Want My Old Life Backby angiexreads
17 year old Eve, litterly gets snatched out of her old life into a new one by Adam. Hes beautiful and shes attempting to resisit him. Eve's trying to hold on to the past...
Still I Rise by Meaningful_Scars
Still I Riseby Annastois
My head swung back and forth as the m*****r walked out of the room over the dead doctor and out a fading white hall. I listened to the irregular tune as I slipped into d...
Hidden in the Dark by Clara_Aloara
Hidden in the Darkby Aloara Napok Clara
Christine moves into Burgen, a small town in the middle of the Nevada desert. On the first day of school, she bumps into a boy and it changes a lot of things in her life...
Book I in a Series of Short Stories: Wolves of the Wood | ✔️ by BubbleTea_101
Book I in a Series of Short ʀɪɴ | 🎞
wolves haunt the woods of Paradise, Ohio. who will be their next victim? and how will it turn out? [•] book one in "a series of short stories" [•] originally p...
Why Me? by suajrez
Why Me?by chu papi
this is a story about a girl named Jenna who has been living in a factory her entire life. Eventually, she finds out and escapes to the forest and meets a girl named Sha...
The Nightmare at Warped Tour [A Set It Off FanFic] by KatyNicole143
The Nightmare at Warped Tour [A K∆t¥™
We all have that one dream that we desperately want to come true, don't we? I know I do, my name is Clementine Meadows or at least I've made it to be. My real name on my...
Bitten by King630andpanda712
Bittenby King630andpanda712
Ryland had never suspected any supernatural creatures. but it was hard to deny what was staring you right in the face. In this cause a beautiful Vampire named Uriel. cru...
Problems by oliviaht123
Problemsby oliviaht123
Kate lives in this house with her mum and dad. Her dad beats her and her mum doesn't let her go any where? She's in love with this boy but how will her parents react??? ...
A werewolf's Mate by FairyTailFall
A werewolf's Mateby RJ
Isaiah Fang and his family have kept a secret for a long time... they are werewolves. Being the only boy in the family besides his dad, it was harder for Isaiah to pick...
His.. // Jonah Marais by star_lifeXD
His.. // Jonah Maraisby star_lifeXD
Alyssa is the new girl at the school, everyone seems to like her until the highschool's bad boy, jonah starts developing feeling for her. Jonah always gets his way. Will...
Fight for my life: apocalypse by HaleyWard4
Fight for my life: apocalypseby Legends Lost Stories
The world has gone mad. Creatures and broken jaws, bloody skin, burned corpse. I am starting to think I am the only one left alive. I got to a small town, didn't seem li...