If I Only Knew That It Was You || Binwoo || ASTRO by itsmoonbinnie
If I Only Knew That It Was You || Enter bae's name here...
chaeunwoo: Who are you even? Trashbinszie: Just some boi sliding into your dm's. Chaeunwoo: Do I know you? Trashbinszie: I hope the fuck not :') ...
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instagram - + m.b by 96KANG
instagram - + m.bby 🍧
bin has a fan account dedicated to dongmin
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Sleepovers||Astro X Reader|| A Smut Book by SweetSanha
Sleepovers||Astro X Reader|| A ASTRO
You've been friends with San Ha, Dongmin, Minhyuk, Jinwoo, Bin, and Myungjun for as long as you could remember. Every Friday, you all would head over to Myungjun's place...
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  • fanficromance
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안녕하세요 | Seo Changbin ✔ by imyou-
안녕하세요 | Seo Changbin ✔by -
namanya Changbin, tampang nya nyeremin. Tapi inget, 'don't judge people by the cover'
  • seo
  • shortstory
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astro imagines ✿ by hanjaemint
astro imagines ✿by dani ♡
one shot stories about our favorite stars, astro! enjoy and don't forget to vote for your favorite story. it would mean a lot 💜 ❥ highest rank: #1 in PARKMINHYUK
  • yoonsanha
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The Day ( BinWoo / EunBin Fanfic ~ Soap Couple ~ ) by Nicxel18
The Day ( BinWoo / EunBin Fanfic Nicxel18
Spring is finally here, but it still seems to be cold. But the warmth of love will always win the battle. SPRING UP with a full heart and nothing will wreck the power yo...
  • eunbin
  • binwoo
  • eunwoo
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Reason | Seo Changbin ✔ by imyou-
Reason | Seo Changbin ✔by -
Begini rasanya nyesel engga ngutarain perasaan dari dulu?
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  • shortstory
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groupchat - astro by 96KANG
groupchat - astroby 🍧
bin loves to expose myungjun's kinks
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The Heirs (Unedited)  by smilingsky
The Heirs (Unedited) by ALittleObsessed
I'll be writing this book based on the popular Korean Drama, 'The Heirs'. *Update* This book was originally meant for the 30 Days Writing challenge in 2016 but clearly...
  • kdrama
  • parkshinhye
  • altending
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unexpected •scb• [✓] by BiteTeaFull
unexpected •scb• [✓]by hello
An elegy does not suit you and I can't accept that I'm writing one for you.
  • bin
  • set
  • letters
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Anything But Weak (Boys Over Flowers fan fiction)-Trailer Inside by Arya_not-today
Anything But Weak (Boys Over Saki
Rose is back in Korea after spending ten years in Australia without family and friends. She meets her casanova brother and his three best friends again. Realising that t...
  • junpyo
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Everything I hate about you. // Binwoo // Astro by itsmoonbinnie
Everything I hate about you. // Enter bae's name here...
Due to other students misbehavior, Eunwoo started to form a huge hatred towards school. Everything about the environment irritates him until he met a certain boy called...
  • leedongmin
  • mj
  • myungjun
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dongmin needed to borrow some flour and his hot neighbor would gladly give him some. ✓ COMPLETED
  • myungjun
  • shortstory
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My Beautiful Liar //Jinjin Astro✔ by g1vdy5
My Beautiful Liar //Jinjin Astro✔by xkimtaetae
We met when we where young We were best friends Hanging out with you makes me happy You cheered me up when I'm feeling down but... what happen to you? you aren't t...
  • mj
  • sadromance
  • moonbin
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Caught You! {Binwoo} by AM by ai0mikami
Caught You! {Binwoo} by AMby Akira Mikami✨
Childhood friends separate then meet in high school. But yet again their social standing are so apart. "Seeing him happy with someone else makes me happy yet...what...
  • dong
  • bin
  • chaeunwoo
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《The First to Fall》《 Binu》 by 3milee2ran
《The First to Fall》《 Binu》by 3milee 2ran
《let's play a game...》 《...the first to fall loses》
  • jinjin
  • astro
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11 Application | Seo Changbin ✔ by imyou-
11 Application | Seo Changbin ✔by -
Hah? Sebelas sticky note?
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Different Kinds Of Love [ASTRO Apply Fic] by NJxMJ_04
Different Kinds Of Love [ASTRO NikJin
☾ ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆ Love comes in many forms.. Which one is yours? ☾ ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆ [0] OPEN [ ] HAITUS [ ] CLOSED
  • apply
  • dongmin
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"I love you, Baby"      Binwoo/AU/OS by YamilethVR
"I love you, Baby" Binwoo/ 🌙§MoonJams§🌙
Dongmin nunca consideraría su área de trabajo divertida. Hasta que llega Moon Bin. One-Shoot creado para la página Es de Fanfics. Oficina-Bostezo-Bicicleta-Canción-Panq...
  • leedongmin
  • chaeunwoo
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Fragments ➳ yoon sanha by hanjaemint
Fragments ➳ yoon sanhaby dani ♡
❝in this world where everyone has their own piece, will I find mine in order to complete my puzzle?❞ // lee shinzi. © Secrets Volume II 》started: 09/13/17 》ended:
  • yoonsanha
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