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。 Hero Café : bnha 。 by Little_Miss_Lunie
。 Hero Café : bnha 。by Lunie ✰
'The first kid to enter has a mop of curly green hair and matching eyes, with freckles that you instantly fall in love with dusted across his cheeks. A bright, somewhat...
therapist // [bnha x reader] by 2amfics
therapist // [bnha x reader]by rhea.
"go grab the popcorn and get comfortable, i got some hot ass motherfucking tea to spill." "hitoshi, for the love of fuck, please stop breaking into my dor...
How to Not Sin by TheOfficialJesus69
How to Not Sinby Jesus-Kun
This is Jesus and I'll be telling you how to not sin. I have sinned a few times, but you can't blame me. You'll sin eventually.
PARACOSM-youtube  by labexpert
PARACOSM-youtube by leesa
people always dance around broken things. with hushed whispers and dodgy eyes. no one wants to be the bad guy. "be sure to be careful," you'd hear someone say...
⚚periods⚚ by MaryamAdetona
⚚periods⚚by DaddyLongLegs
The most relatable stories about periods girls have faced during their, ya know, periods. also tips and all that nice thing like idk what to write here. [just for girls...
『 t for twitter 』tnt twitter au by aeristotle_
『 t for twitter 』tnt twitter auby crunchy 🦋
tnt + twitter = disaster mostly gay and memes. no actual storyline. just tnt, twitter au's and terrible jokes. mostly rushed. might delete later. crdts to nct.weirdos
Transformer Bloopers -TFP by GlacierxRZ
Transformer Bloopers -TFPby Lunix
These bloopers aren't funny but I tried ;-;
Randomness by billerious
Randomnessby I͙ L͙ Y͙ <3
i high key don't know. just come here if you're bored ig
I Can't Hate You (Kenny McCormick x Reader) by Curryyay
I Can't Hate You (Kenny *Curry
(y / n ) (l / n ) A sweet girl inside and out....unless you manage to get on her bad side. Kenny Mccormick The school's player, cheater, womanizer, sex god, one-night st...
Sans x Chara  by BAYKEN56
Sans x Chara by Bad "author"
This is an AU where humans and monsters never had a war, and monsters never got banished to the Underground, kind of like Deltarune, I think. Instead of big battles and...
light yagami x you by nvsrot
light yagami x youby nus
As I was walking I accidentally stepped on something. I looked down to see what it was, it was a black notebook. The cover said, "Death Note," That made me...
BNHA Skits by EilyRed
BNHA Skitsby ❤Eily🐰Red❤
I'm bored and I love these books I'll update whenever I feel like it Yes I'm still working on my other stories I just want to do this You may request a oneshot! Pleas...
Uhm Hi by LosseBoi
Uhm Hiby ◁Losse◁
random quotes from me because I'm dumb and not actually funny
every drv3 chatfic ever by Rainy-Lavender
every drv3 chatfic everby Rainy-Lavender
is it that hard to write a fanfic that doesnt suck ass? spoilers
Kpop shifting script templete ✔︎ by sanaxln
Kpop shifting script templete ✔︎by willschuester
Its a shifting templete.... Its in the title...