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{bnha parent scenarios} {requests open!} by ChickenStrips20
{bnha parent scenarios} { Bigboyoof
Would you like to be a child of the best bois on bnha? Well come on in children (get in my van) I shall introduce you to your new virtual parents. They will be: Midori...
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Bittersweet Caller  by temperance-
Bittersweet Caller by brailiah rose
"Welcome to Night Owl Hotline, how can I help you-" "That name kinda sounds like a strip joint." In which a young girl seeks a listener when her m...
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Sister sister// PRETTYMUCH //  B.A. by justyaaveragefangirl
Sister sister// PRETTYMUCH // Toomanyfandoms
BAHAHAH read the story and laugh with me at how funny I like to convince myself I am. "Hey four eyes" "What's up short stack" Ugh guys I'm so bad at...
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I Can't Hate You (Kenny McCormick x Reader) by Curryyay
I Can't Hate You (Kenny *Curry
(y / n ) (l / n ) A sweet girl inside and out....unless you manage to get on her bad side. Kenny Mccormick The school's player, cheater, womanizer, sex god, one-night st...
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How to Not Sin by TheOfficialJesus69
How to Not Sinby OfficialJesus
This is Jesus and I'll be telling you how to not sin. I have sinned a few times, but you can't blame me. You'll sin eventually.
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⚚periods⚚ by MaryamAdetona
⚚periods⚚by DaddyLongLegs
The most relatable stories about periods girls have faced during their, ya know, periods. also tips and all that nice thing like idk what to write here. [just for girls...
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The Questionable Actions by BleachnCancer
The Questionable Actionsby Lycamm
A short-ish story made from a questionable action. About questionable actions made by the characters within the short story. they are utterly questionable. Questionable...
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Things to read when you're bored by PagodaYiming
Things to read when you're boredby PagodaYiming
A collection of interesting facts and jokes....Hmmm....I just realized I really should make this a little know, to entice the reader an...
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Random Things  by bookworm100043
Random Things by ThatRandomWeirdo
It says it all in the title. If you like weird thoughts, random memes, and lame jokes, this book is for you. Ask any questions about me(not personal stuff) and I'll ans...
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You're a lil bitch by jongdaeway
You're a lil bitchby liv
Basically whatever comes to my mind. I like pandas and swearing and im not that cool but im funny. So read this and your day will get better. 99.3% guarenteed
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shitposts by tiredmcfucker
shitpostsby lol
Cock and ball torture (CBT), is a sexual activity involving application of pain or constriction to the penis or testicles. This may involve directly painful activities...
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Wigle Wigle by jebacwegan
Wigle Wigleby annaou
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Mario x Meggy A New Beginning... by bobthebuilder56
Mario x Meggy A New Soviet pooh bear
(Important) This is a sequel to unexpected turn of events. Which is a sequel to another splatfest, WHICH is a sequal to the quest to proves Mario's right which is the fi...
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The Everyday Struggles Of a Metalhead  by furor-divinus
The Everyday Struggles Of a 𝖆𝖞𝖆🥀
The title is pretty self explanatory
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Pinoy Jokes by JosephTheJoe
Pinoy Jokesby Joseph
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kpop reactions by btsarmyswreckers
kpop reactionsby clcinthecloset
I'd be skjfjdnbduiw sorry idk
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This is a test don't read it frick off by ImJobless
This is a test don't read it ImJobless
Shut up
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Attack on Titan Jokes That Are Sometimes Funny by geeky_girl190
Attack on Titan Jokes That Are Anime_Lover
The author(Titangirl; Me) will be asking jokes to characters from AoT
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Face reveal, whoo, *whispers* and random pictures, of, lemons! and random stuff by IcrawledfromHell
Face reveal, whoo, *whispers* Avada Kedavra
Lemons lemons and lemons, pictures, duh, look at title, and something else, like me doing dumbass stuff
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Logan Paul; A forbidden love... by Itachiyoai
Logan Paul; A forbidden Itachiyoai
Logan Paul is in love with Jake; yes Jake his brother... their love is intense and passionate in the beginning. All ends in misery for the brothers after imense misfort...
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