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Inflation, Stuffing, And Vore Stories by B311YL0V3R
Inflation, Stuffing, And Vore B311YL0V3R
Multiple stories with inflation, vore, and/or stuffing.
The Juicy Girls by berrificator
The Juicy Girlsby Berrificator
Two schoolgirls, Yui and Miyuki, do a challenge called the Watana Gum challenge which has some side effects.
Fill me up by corgiinflatable
Fill me upby Corgi Puff
need suggestions for inflations! usually do one per day<3. if you don't like, scroll
Pregnancy Expansion Stories by SimplyAnything6
Pregnancy Expansion Storiesby Simply Anything
Some NSFW and very lewd things in this book. Please be aware of this before reading.
The Most British Inflation Story Ever by bigbellygyal72
The Most British Inflation Story bigbellygyal72
A young American isn't careful with his words online and soon becomes the key asset to a group of giants tea party
The Cheer-eater and the BIG competition by fatty_ai
The Cheer-eater and the BIG
Casey the team captain decides to take a break from training before the teams next big show.
🧙‍♀️A Witches Fattie🪄 by Goofyahhhmf
🧙‍♀️A Witches Fattie🪄by RANDOOO
I was a bitt horny when I wrote this. tbh<3 also a hint to "I fr want this to happen to me" for the simps who like hot men in maid dresses.. heh- ur gonna l...
Denial by ac202q
Denialby I❤️Pregnancy
Sasha is a 40 year old single mother who works in a fashion firm. She has a 10 year old son named Sam who really wants a baby brother or sister. But Sasha always tells h...
Halloween Shorts by ac202q
Halloween Shortsby I❤️Pregnancy
Halloween Short stories: I will try to release a short story every other day with Halloween themes. Enjoy! Story 1: The costume Story 2: The Demon Story 3: Alien abduct...
Inflation Short Stories by WitchyVibes_2003
Inflation Short Storiesby WitchyVibes_2003
Short stories about getting big and stuffed! I try to update every Monday My email:
Fat for money  by Soappppppppppy
Fat for money by Soap1284
A popular cheerleader fitness obsessed girl is struggling To pay bills until she finds a fast and cheap way to get money until she finds an ad that looks innocent but ha...
Basement Remedies by bigbellygyal72
Basement Remediesby bigbellygyal72
A girl who kept herself to herself gets sick of the bullying from the one girl at school and finally decides to take revenge (contains nudity and popping)
Elden Ring (Feederism and weight gain) stories! by AvidAnimeEnjoyer
Elden Ring (Feederism and weight AvidAnimeEnjoyer
Feederism and Weight gain stories of the Elden Ring franchise! This may not be rapidly updated since I am still playing it. The characters involved will be as followed: ...
the cow café 🐄 by inflation_scenarios
the cow café 🐄by ✨Frosty✨
emma, a normal, slim, smart girl starts looking for a job once she moved into a new city after finishing university. but when she gets the job a a cow café, everything c...
High school jock weight gain by BigBelly1313
High school jock weight gainby BigBelly1313
Jack, a high school jock in his junior year starts to notice some changes happening to his body. Every day it seems like he is bloating bigger and bigger. Will he be abl...
Subliminals fake scenarios by inflation_scenarios
Subliminals fake scenariosby ✨Frosty✨
I'll be posting here stories I made. They are not real, but I think those subliminals will work like this I guess. Anyways enjoy. Also sorry if I made any spelling error...
stuffing & wg oneshots!: (Y/N stuffing) by saturnbubble
stuffing & wg oneshots!: (Y/N lunar
Stuffing and Weight Gain Oneshots! I hope you enjoy them
The Fat Ghost by DrOverTheCounter
The Fat Ghostby DrOverTheCounter
A story about a playful spirit who likes to fatten people up.