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Only Mine (YuiXAyato) by DiabolikLoversFan
Only Mine (YuiXAyato)by DiabolikLoversFan
Yui has been living in the Sakamaki household for over a year now and is now learning to survive the mansion with vampires. When one day Ayato stops Laito from feeding...
Ayato's Confession (Completed) by jman2543
Ayato's Confession (Completed)by
Ayato has lived his centuries long life not knowing what the meaning of love really is. But when a young human girl comes along, will his cold heart be warmed
Yui's secret origin by YuiAsahina24
Yui's secret originby Yui Komori
This story is about Yui Komori, who currently lives with 6 blood thirsty vampires, the Sakamaki brothers. later on in the anime Yui in counters 4 more vampires,the Mukam...
i am basically going to make yui roast the boys
AYAYUI|~| by Sakamaki-waifu
"Maybe this is just a mistake"-yui quickly grabbed a pregnancy test and did it again she waited for a while she was nervous and thought about what he would say...
Love is in the Air by Athanasia201
Love is in the Airby Athanasia201
Greetings to my dear readers! it's been a long time since I have written something. I have had an account.. but it's been hacked.. 😅😅...Well, this fan fiction is abou...
My Runaway Bride by SwanDarling17
My Runaway Brideby Alice Lightheart
It was finally the day they got married, but suddenly, Yui had some doubts on herself about this marriage, does she really loves him or only sees him as a brother? Someh...
A Revenge Tale (Ayato x Yui) (Completed) by jman2543
A Revenge Tale (Ayato x Yui) (Comp...by
Ayato has been a merciless and cruel torturer to Yui, thus she begins to lose her mind from the constant pain. When she finally gets a chance for revenge will she let it...
The Cult of the Blood God by jman2543
The Cult of the Blood Godby
Ayato and Yui have recently started a family with twin children. Soon a murderous cult seeks them out for the children possess a rare and unique trait in their blood tha...
T A K O Y A K I (YuiXAyato Fanfic) by EvilMasterMind1234
T A K O Y A K I (YuiXAyato Fanfic)by EvilMasterMind
Ayato's favorite food. Hehehe.
Ayato x yui when love meets fate by user96570880
Ayato x yui when love meets fateby Lunaris Shadow
After yui falls to the ground in pain Ayato takes her to his room Yui had never been in Ayato's room will yui be okay, or will she be fine and fall into a deep romance?
My eternal love by happyreading2504
My eternal loveby My fanfics
Finally Yui and Ayato admit there feelings for one another! Will things go smoothly or will there world come crashing down! Will there love blossom into something else o...
Turning the page (Ayato x Yui) by SpiritedGirl15
Turning the page (Ayato x Yui)by SpiritedGirl15
Yui Komori, was a happy lady with her boyfriend Ayato Sakamaki during her 18 years of age. Until one night, they crossed the line of their relationship, not that she reg...
Diabolik Lovers: Ayato X Yui >Complete Series< by Bishy_Squishy
Diabolik Lovers: Ayato X Yui >Comp...by BishySquishy
>ALL AYATO X YUI SERIES ARE IN THIS 1 BOOK. READ TO DISCOVER THEIR UN-DIEING LOVE FOR EACH OTHER< Yui was sent to live with a bunch a random people who were her so...
My sweet little queen by freelittlegirl
My sweet little queenby Dark Loli
Yui is from a royal family but she is a queen and a school Idol her parent died when she was six so that why she the queen her friends are also queen p.s this is going t...
Ayato and Yui - Eternal Love by SheDevil16
Ayato and Yui - Eternal Loveby SheDevil16
Ayato and Yui figure out their feelings but how will the other person react?!
Our Cold Brother  by SokLeap845
Our Cold Brother by Mikey-harem
so this my au ayato is uke but his brother didn't know but one day one of the brother found out and tell the other and they start to overprotective on ayato one thing...
Dragon princess (yuixayato) by ChoiAera351
Dragon princess (yuixayato)by Choi Aera
what if yui is not a human?and a demon is obsessed with her? yui is killed by her own love ayato and he miss her so badly along with others. is she come back for her lo...
A Vampires Prey by jman2543
A Vampires Preyby
After Yui has settled in with her one true love another girl is brought in as a new bride for the household to become the new bride for one of the other brothers in the...