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Short Stories by mem5701
Short Storiesby mem5701
A bunch of short stories I wrote for my creative writing class. 😁
Cliche Percy Jackson and Harry Potter Crossover by emmalattinwest
Cliche Percy Jackson and Harry Emma West
In this story, I am going to put every cliche that tends to be in Percy Jackson and Harry Potter crossovers. Comment if you have any ideas! Percy just wanted a peaceful...
Annoying ass rants but ✨kind of entertaining✨ by Sunflower__333
Annoying ass rants but ✨kind of Sunflower__333
Me being pathetic and gay about past and current crushes because I need a place to vent and therapy makes me nervous cause I gotta look at a rando in the face and tell t...
Multicolored by GenericPlasticMaker
Multicoloredby Generic Plastic Maker
The SOULS of humans... cannot be contained simply by one trait, one color. They are multifaceted, have different sides, have more than one quality that can define them...
The original WoF fanfic I wrote. It's really bad, feel free to laugh at it. by Astrapiatherainwing
The original WoF fanfic I wrote. Astrapia
Honestly, I'll be laughing with you. The plot point is basically in the middle so the other ones are gonna be awful. Please, PLEASE feel free to diss on it as much as po...
Really Really Really Bad Anime Oneshots :)) by thetryhardhoes
Really Really Really Bad Anime Try Hard
These oneshots are and will be really really really bad. Might be lemons, might be fluff, is definitely cringe. We provide no bleach for your eyes, sorry m8s
Jut random things I write by Awfulwriting101
Jut random things I writeby ellie
This will be entirely random things that I write and all chapters will be separate short stories with no plot at all so.... enjoy! also may include some real life things...
NO HOMO! (splat oc fic) by koyora103
NO HOMO! (splat oc fic)by Koyowah
THIS FIC WAS MADE AS A JOKE AND WILL NOT BE FINISHED OR CHANGED. If you see some fucked up titles or clear spelling/grammar mistakes then Good for you ❤️ Two cephalopods...
Before The Stars by SleepySailor19
Before The Starsby SleepySailor19
Skipper lives a pretty regular life, and as he grows, the world grows with him. Though he's never been one to look at his future, far too focused on what's happening in...