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Are You gonna Be The One To Save Us (Frerard) by MikeyMyWaysDowntown
Are You gonna Be The One To Save Dad
What happens when frank iero 17 year old vampire and gerard way 19 year old human end up in the same mental institution Although that won't last forever... By emilee (M...
A Splitting of the Mind (But Gawsten) by wowmaewtf
A Splitting of the Mind (But wowmaewtf
I rewrote the famous My Chemical Romance fan fiction, A Splitting of the Mind, and put Awsten Knight and Geoff Wingington's names instead of Gerard Way and Frank Iero...
Best Frerard Fanfictions  by Hesitant_Asian
Best Frerard Fanfictions by PINKISH BY G WAY
A list of the best of the best! I'm pretty picky, so.
Wet lips (a ASOTM spinoff) by frankngeens
Wet lips (a ASOTM spinoff)by kissmeyouposer
A parody book with little story lines and just one shots. Very short chapters. Dont have to have read ASOTM to understand but would help. Maybe slight spoilers from ASOTM
asotm by grungard
asotmby ley™
o sht waddup here coms dat boi, miky wey
Alternative ending to asotm by usernameppl
Alternative ending to asotmby Emo shit
A Splitting Of The Mind is NOT MY STORY! I don't own any of it and I only made this to relieve a bit of the pain. Hopefully this will help others recover too. This disre...
Three Cheers for Sweethearts [Frerard AU] by acting_is_mylife
Three Cheers for Sweethearts [ Cassidy
Based on the I'm Not Okay (I Promise) music video by My Chemical Romance. **Triggers: abuse, suicide, mild bullying // plenty of warning given beforehand** 78, 829 word...
A Splitting Of The Mind- Alt Ending by GraveheadGhoulie
A Splitting Of The Mind- Alt Endingby Ghoulie
Heyllo everyone, if you too were scarred by the ending of ASOTM and want a logical and sensible ending that ISN'T completely horribly depressing like the original ending...
A Lost Mind. by trillikey741
A Lost //Jessica//
A teenage boy gets left alone in a mental institution and keeps getting visits from strange people; when all he wants is the answer to why he is there.
A Guilt Trip to The Graveyard by OurSweetBabyFrank
A Guilt Trip to The Graveyardby disco cunt
Frank and Gerard have an undeniable love for each other that only the two understand, but when Frank gets suspicions of Gerard falling into bad habits, will he be able t...
Even Through Oblivion by jeydoharps
Even Through Oblivionby Jeydon
Frank was a mystery. A beautiful, hesitant mystery. And I was determined to fix him.
Collar Full: Ryden  by felloutmyboy
Collar Full: Ryden by Dorito slut
!!!TW!!! "Memories that I'd black out, if you were mine" . . . Brendon Urie is the son of a very rich couple who never paid much attention to h...
The Death Of A Hesitant Alien by SuchMemeHowell
The Death Of A Hesitant Alienby doro
"I can't help but wonder what we couldn've made together. Love you."
Mostly random band crap. by 4311oo
Mostly random band tired.
This will probably as in the title be random things to me posting random band pictures from my download to stuff I'll might ramble about. Also my grammer sucks so sorry...