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Syanic Earth: Eclipser Conflict by PhilipHShen
Syanic Earth: Eclipser Conflictby Philip H Shen
In a world where humans live alongside a race of fox-eared and tailed Vulpi, the Global Federation of World Justice begins its nefarious scheme to invade America as Shie...
Mary Sue Reform School (Sequel to Not Like Other Girls)  by JasmineYu077
Mary Sue Reform School (Sequel Jasmine Yu
**CURRENTLY REWRITING** Normally, bad protagonists like our main heroine Friction are going to be sent to Mary Sue prison and never see the light of day for at least a m...
From My Point Of View by BeTheCreative
From My Point Of Viewby B.E. Williams
We all have our own hell. In this horror short story the protagonist finds his when consequence and fate intertwine to create an unspeakable existence. Find out what hap...
The Contained by MrNomo1231
The Containedby MrNomo1231
Its 2054,the battle of the Purgency has ended leaving the world in shambles.When her dad was killed our family was a mess.My mother lost her job in the infirmary,George(...
Pandora's Box! by iva_eva
Pandora's Box!by iva_eva
Highest ranking - #10 When the Pandora's Box opens , it not only unravels chaos but something much beyond the imagination of mankind. It's now upon the 5 chosen ones to...
Heroes Legion: "Year One": Episode 16: Dark Raven by maskedhero100
Heroes Legion: "Year One": maskedhero100
The Heroes Legion face their toughest battle yet when they are forced to face off against one of their own, Raven Ducard! Upon receiving a mysterious black spell book...
Claremont Harbor by badwolf-xix
Claremont Harborby |-/ Spooky Jay |-/
"The first thing I did was ask a small jury of local fishermen, down at the market, what they thought the explanation for the suspicious activity was. They said anc...
Ink Sisters by KirstenKaitlinSetty
Ink Sistersby K. L. Setty
Drakkor is a Fire Mage, a dark sorcerer who can bend flames to do his bidding with a quick snap of his fingers. Magic, however, always requires a steep price. His soul...
The Legend of Dennis. by NanMartin001
The Legend of NanMartin001
Dennis is a vampire that's been imprisoned in the void, every vampires nightmare. A prison that releases it's prisoner after a million years in a whole different galaxy...
Desolate Nights by CaraDoreenWinthrop
Desolate Nightsby Cara Doreen Winthrop
Idris and Selion Hrawbor are stuck in a dangerous situation. Between scheming kingdoms and unknown creatures, they are forced into a dangerous mission to save their king...
Súton by Ccutkat
Sútonby Nicos_KF
súton m (Cyrillic spelling су́тон) dusk, twilight The Hero and his party failed to defeat the ancient evil the gods had chosen them to eradicate. They all perished, like...
Of Salt and Iron by Love_Kay0234
Of Salt and Ironby Love_Kay0234
When an ancient evil is released upon the Fae Realm, shapeshifting-elf Kallan Zinsys will do anything to prevent his home from descending into chaos and destruction. He...
White Fang by SierraNoFear
White Fangby SierraNoFear
Falling from the sky, White Fang has no memory of her past. She soon meets Striker, an extremely attractive werewolf who takes her to his pack, the Fang pack. Led by a c...
Remus X Alyssa by KidRoxas
Remus X Alyssaby Kid Roxas Hikari
Alyssa is an average highschool girl, if you count average as being royally hate by her entire school because weird things happen around her. But a week before her 16th...
She brings Chaos by RKBarns12
She brings Chaosby R.K
something strange happens to Jorie as a child and now, at the age of 24, things are getting even more strange. An ancient evil comes to present day and abilities that co...
The Life of Drew by RichardHelper
The Life of Drewby Richard Helper
Drew finds his first love is it meant to be or will something ancient and evil take it from him just as it did to so many others?