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A Guide to Taming a Cat by Alver Crossman by Opacarofile
A Guide to Taming a Cat by Alver Opacarofile
Cale Henituse was a cat. No one can possibly convince Alver otherwise. Not with how much of a menace he is. Not with how much he likes to roll around the ber or even lay...
Saving Ourselves ( TBOAH React ) by OnceUponATime5433
Saving Ourselves ( TBOAH React )by OnceUponATime5433
This is a alternate story of Saving Ourselves (Into the Parallel World) where Cale was not summoned to TBOAH world but instead they were all summoned to a cinema like di...
The Secret That's Not a Secret by S14cker
The Secret That's Not a Secretby NotHuman
Basically the Crossman family finding out about Cale and Alberu dating.
Start Up! [ Trash of the Count's Family x Eleceed ] by HTMLAnonymous
Start Up! [ Trash of the Count's Anon
[ Title might change in the future ] Tip! Don't catch the eye of a god or else you'll face an endless amount of struggles. Unfortunately for Cale, he's always been one u...
WMMAP deserves to know the past by Alive_Star
WMMAP deserves to know the pastby Alive Star
this is my first reaction fic WMMAP x TOCF claude as Alberu the ship of the fic is Choialcale. warning ⚠ mean diana cute rivalry male pregnancy
Blue Spring  by Sally_yayyy
Blue Spring by
My girl. My spring. You appeared when I was at the bottom of the abyss. You met me not to save me, but to give me a chance to save you from there. You happened to fall i...
The Collaborative Agency by AnemicBunnicula
The Collaborative Agencyby Anemic Bunnicula
The sudden appearance of this monster rookie shook the K-Pop industry. An all-rounder prodigy, Rowoon Entertainment seemed to have found their new dark horse to gloat ar...
His Confession by AmyWinter1
His Confessionby Amy Winter
Cover credit: Two pining idiots, Cale and Alberu had a problem so Cale decided to talk it out only for Alberu said somet...
selfish love by abralhugres
selfish loveby abralhugres
og cale gets some closure about his past with alberu sidestory to main story "Unexpected Meeting"
Our Love Language by Sally_yayyy
Our Love Languageby
Once upon a time, there was a hero and a villain who met on a day under a full moon night. The moon and stars were the only witnesses to a reunion of two individuals who...
Summer Rain by sleepycale
Summer Rainby sleepycale
A drunken encounter: His hands moved quicker-as he caught the hem of the other male blazers. "You, You-" In all the scenarios that Cale had come up with, the m...
Smile (tcf) by SchemingRabbit1124
Smile (tcf)by SchemingRabbit1124
I can't stop myself from loving you more..more-- How frustrating of me, aren't I? But don't worry,just give me a little time, Just time, I'll try,
Succeeding Your Doom {LCF/TCF REACTION FIC} by NaturesDawn
Succeeding Your Doom {LCF/TCF Estelle
ru·in noun the physical destruction or disintegration of something or the state of disintegrating or being destroyed. "a large white house falling into gentle ruin...
My Adorable Squirrel by sleepycale
My Adorable Squirrelby sleepycale
Day 3 - crack day A simp and a mind reader, what could possibly go wrong?
better than him by dokvus
better than himby kae
in a dark room with no light the only thing that help lighten the room is the light from the moon that shine bright through the window at that night . Inside the dark ro...
Third Live as a Prince, I just want to be a slacker by LunaAfton02
Third Live as a Prince, I just Luna Afton
Cale Henituse and Alberu Crossman die in the last battle against WS, but they got reincarnated by the God of Death in Who Made Me A Princess, without the other knowing. ...
The Meaning of Roses (Alberu Crossman x Cale Henituse) by ClaraLicht
The Meaning of Roses (Alberu ClaraLicht
You probably know that red roses symbolize love and passion, but you may not know that the color, number, and how roses are combined have coded meanings. or; Alberu real...
Trash Crown Princess From The Count's Family by _its_me_merry_
Trash Crown Princess From The Merry
When I opened my eyes, I was inside a novel. [The Birth of a Hero]. [The Birth of a Hero] was a novel focused on the adventures of the main character, Choi Han, a high s...
Sunshine is You by minamintsoo
Sunshine is Youby joojaehee
Setting after Cale's consciousness left the indignity test, Alberu Crossman wished to see the person who helped him to know the truth and trust himself again. Half a ye...