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A Little Bit Of Light | Dear Evan Hansen - COMPLETED by philocalic
A Little Bit Of Light | Dear Eliza
COMPLETED: Connor Murphy; the 'emo kid' with depression. Evan Hansen; the 'treeboi' with social anxiety - the two losers of the school. A failed suicide attempt, disguis...
BMC & DEH One-Shots and Headcannons by NotSoCoolAC
BMC & DEH One-Shots and Headcannonsby inactive account
I decided to start a one-shot book, with any ship from The following: -Be More Chill -Dear Evan Hansen -Maybe some Heathers Forrest Gump quotes are included in some cha...
Treebros Oneshots  by MichaelMellsBathroom
Treebros Oneshots by Clark Griswold
Basically what the title says. Fluff and angst only, no smut. I never have written smut and never will. Enjoy! Cover art is NOT mine. I found it on Pinterest so If anyo...
Falling For You (Treebros) by probably-a-lesbian
Falling For You (Treebros)by Em :)
A Treebros fanfic (yay)! I'll put trigger warnings at the start of a chapter. Also, this might include swearing. When Connor Murphy stops Evan Hansen from jumping out o...
Step Into the Sun ||Treebros|| by pandanekolove
Step Into the Sun ||Treebros||by miss u deerly
Connor is an interesting guy. No friends, and everyone basically hates him. One day, he meets someone who will change his life. AU where Connors not dead I don't own th...
Dear Evan Hansen reacts to Dear Evan Hansen by myshipsarehellagay
Dear Evan Hansen reacts to Dear I Simp For 2D Characters
uhh the title the ships in this story are zoelana kleinsen conguel ik conguel isn't popular and tree bros is more popular but thoose are the ships i ship so please r...
Dear Brother: A Dear Evan Hansen x Be More Chill Stepbrothers AU by Gpuppylover7
Dear Brother: A Dear Evan Hansen Gpuppylover
So I found this AU and I kinda fell in love... so I decided to write about it. It takes place after BMC, but when DEH would start. It includes ships like: Treebros, Boyf...
Dear Crush! | A Dear Evan Hansen Fanfiction | by DanmakuExpress
Dear Crush! | A Dear Evan Hansen Nick
【Completed】 This is a fanfiction of Evan and Connor from Dear Evan Hansen. Treebros, correct? Connor Murphy starts to hang out with Evan Hansen. He was mostly intrigued...
Waiting For You (Tree Bros) by probably-a-lesbian
Waiting For You (Tree Bros)by Em :)
Sequel to Falling For You (Tree Bros)! It's been a year since Connor Murphy went missing, but Evan's not giving up.
Just Another Lie, Right? [Kleinsen] by NobodyNose27
Just Another Lie, Right? [Kleinsen]by kelli
"Dear Evan Hansen, Life at rehab is alright. But there's one more thing that needs mentioning; You know that guy from school? Jared Kleinman? We should make him par...
Falling Fast: Jared Kleinman Angst Fanfiction by ultimatenerd89
Falling Fast: Jared Kleinman Balyeet
Jared Kleinman was known for being the happy dude who was seemingly unphased by anything. But when Evan yells at him, everything seems to go downhill. Can he fight with...
A Fill-In Friend || Dear Evan Hansen [EDITING] by wiltinqsun
A Fill-In Friend || Dear Evan alexa
{cover art by gayradsaddad on tumblr} Connor Murphy is the new kid at school. His mission, or perhaps his mother's, is to make a friend. One friend. One friend and his...
Dear Evan Hansen Preferences by Most-Amazing-Trees
Dear Evan Hansen Preferencesby Cass
I've been wanting to make a new book for a while and thought this was an adorable idea.
Dear Evan Hansen one shots/X readers.            (COMPLETED) by Nerd_trash1805
Dear Evan Hansen one shots/X Megan
Welcome fellow Deh lovers! This book is one shot of all the Dear Evan Hansen characters, well, the teenagers anyway. The characters are, -Evan Hansen -Connor Murphy -Jar...
I Guess They Never Disappear by frenchaligatorturtle
I Guess They Never Disappearby angie, a.burr, and eliza
All Credit For Dear Evan Hansen goes to Benji Pasek, Justin Paul, and the rest of the people who brought the story to life. * *ART IS NOT MINE All Credit Goes For It Goe...
A Life Worth Living «tree bros» by uhtotalghost
A Life Worth Living «tree bros»by (wheeze)
"If we survive this, I'll give you a life worth living, even if I can't give myself that." Evan Hansen? Anxiety disorder. Never really thinks about how often...
Why did you-? (Tree Bros) by MICHAMAKESANENTRANCE
Why did you-? (Tree Bros)by MICHAMAKESANENTRANCE
"You wrote this because you knew I'd find it." I chew at my lip. "You knew I'd find it and freak out." Before I know it he's storming out. After sch...
Calm Waters Dont Last by That_Art_Lad
Calm Waters Dont Lastby Rory
A really Angsty Sincerely Three one shot. I suck at descriptions/summary's. Evan and Connor were fine floating through the shallow end when a tumbling wave brought them...
stars in our eyes | evan hansen x reader by emilykate00
stars in our eyes | evan hansen Emily Kate
What happens when a music theatre lover somehow gets transported into the world of her recent obsession, Dear Evan Hansen? **Main character is a 16-year-old girl wit...
That February Day // Reader x BMC x DEH One Shots (FINISHED) by HorseGoesNAYYYY
That February Day // Reader x 💗Gabi💗
Please request characters! I am open to writing lemons if requested. I will write basically anything but if I say no to an idea or request I may be uncomfortable. This B...