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Butterfly Boy by friking-awsom-kitten
Butterfly Boyby Marisa
Paris The city of lights The city of love The city of superheros and especially supervillains The city were people live in fear of their own shadow Who knows who the nex...
Miraculous: A Rangers Journey by 95nicholasnm
Miraculous: A Rangers Journeyby 95nicholasnm
The story is about a young man named Ethan Myers who is the sun of Eric Myers and Taylor Earnhardt better known as the Quantum Ranger of the Time Force Power Pangers and...
The Criminal's Princess by RavenStarlight_
The Criminal's Princessby ~Blossom~
In a world where Ladybug doesn't exist, Chat Noir and the rest of the team are branded as Paris's most wanted criminals. But what will happen when the team leader, Cha...
Tail of Two Kitties (Cat Noir x OC) by special_agent_tia
Tail of Two Kitties (Cat Noir x OC)by Special Agent Tia
Description of Sky: Daughter of director Matthew Jackson (Fake names btw) Actress Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Chocolate Brown Hair Length: Medium Height: 5'3" Cloth...
The Buzzing Lie  by FanFicMaddyG
The Buzzing Lie by FanFicMaddyG
Book 2 He left her. He said he would come back. He never did. After a Tragic accident occurs after the third month her faith changes completely about him. Her whole worl...
Dead by holistyle
Deadby Filasta Tyle
Marinette has been missing for a week and no one knows where she could have gone. Ladybug went on a mission and she's left Chat Noir in charge while she was gone. Chat N...
An Unknown Miraculous [Miraculous x Male Reader] by ShallotStudioz
An Unknown Miraculous [Miraculous...by Haedn
[Y/N] was usually a quiet kid and very shy around new people. But when he has to move from America to Paris he gets a lot of surprises there. But how will he react when...
A Somewhat Different Story by VeronicaChase
A Somewhat Different Storyby Veronica Chase
FROM THIS POINT ON EVERYTHING WAS WRITTEN BY @SoraShima IM JUST A TRANSLATOR Marion is a boy who is in love with Adrien although he does not notice. Chat Noir is in lov...
Marinette and Bridgette: A tale of two ladybugs by Mari-London
Marinette and Bridgette: A tale of...by Star
Marinette and Bridgette are cousins, although they are often mistaken for sisters. They also share a secret identity as the heroines of Paris, along with brothers Adrie...
The Unstoppable Duo by ElizabethShelby
The Unstoppable Duoby Liz
(NOTE: This is a "Miraculous" fan fiction. It was written BEFORE the second season aired.) Marinette's life is the same as it's always been -or at least...
Boku No Miraculous: Tales of Rabbit and the Lone Wolf by JustSomeGremlin
Boku No Miraculous: Tales of Rabbi...by I have no soul. Have a nice d...
At first glance, Izuku and Katsuki are just regular academy students with regular lives. But in secret, they're far from ordinary; known all across Japan as Rabbit and t...
Ladybug & Cat Noir Identity Revealed  by juzanya
Ladybug & Cat Noir Identity Reveal...by babyyuu123
{Completed} | There are many grammar mistakes I wrote this around the time MLB first appeared | A story about Ladybug, and Cat Noir. What will happen when they find out...
Adventures of Bughog and Hedge Noir by Moonaline
Adventures of Bughog and Hedge Noirby Moonaline
Eggman Robotnik had been tossed into an unknown dimension. Sonic is retiring from being a hero, yet he is still harassed by the media. Shadow is stuck at the job he real...
Restoring The Future by Paris07_49
Restoring The Futureby 𝑃𝑎𝑟𝑖𝑠
𝗪𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴: If you are reading this story on any other platform other than wattpad you are very likely to be at risk of a malware attack. If you wish to read the ori...
I Trusted You by Starryyylight09
I Trusted Youby
Chat Noir has never been more disappointed. To think that he put all his trust in his lady while she went behind his back, stretching the rules of her guardianship and e...
Pruebas de que Will esta enamorado de Grell by Elizabet-Death
Pruebas de que Will esta enamorado...by 🥀BSD & Kuro🔪
Obviamente sabemos que el Grelliam existe pero quiero que vean unas pruebas del amor secreto y escondido que le tiene Will a Grell y las pruebas no las invente {ADV: Los...
Me enamore de ti.... by Elizabet-Death
Me enamore de ti....by 🥀BSD & Kuro🔪
SebasClaude!!!!! Adoro esta pareja!!! Sebas: Por favor señorita no haga esta historia! Claude: Hazla me gusta ver a Michaelis sufrir Sebas: -_- Pudrete!
Elias Gray x Reader by sammie_1709
Elias Gray x Readerby Sammie
What will happen when a new guy shows up at your school? Has he anything to do with the animal attacks that started to increase? One night you went out for a walk but wh...
Identity by PureWolves
Identityby Tikki
Identity: the fact of being what or who a person is. If the truth is discovered, how far will they fall? Cookies, ice, and fashion. Published 2016 Edited 2018 & 2021 ...