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Drarry one shots by StarsandSnows
Drarry one shotsby StarsandSnows
Just a couple Drarry one shots :)
The Rock n' Roll Gif-Imagines by Sirena_Black
The Rock n' Roll Gif-Imaginesby Sirena Black
°{COMPLETED}° Gif-Imagines of your favorite 60s, 70s and 80s musicians. 🎸🎤🥁
Now Is A Gift by SenLinYu
Now Is A Giftby Sen LinYu
Hermione is determined to give meaningful Christmas gifts to everyone in her Ministry department. Everyone. Even that anti-social arse Malfoy. DHr Advent 2019
Ice by SenLinYu
Iceby Sen LinYu
Hermione works in Gringotts' Records Department when Draco Malfoy comes on staff as a curse-breaker. His icy presence drags up memories she's desperate to move on from a...
Christmas battle - Malec's POV by magnuswayland
Christmas battle - Malec's POVby magnuswayland
(COMPLETED 2019) Magnus and Isabelle love Christmas more than anything. There is nothing more beautiful than December for them. Alec and Simon though hate it. The consta...
Valdaya Advent Challenge 2.0 by madd09
Valdaya Advent Challenge 2.0by madd09
25 fics leading up from Dec 1st till Christmas day :D from prompts sent in by you :D
Marvel Adventskalender 2018 by AmiliaMiller
Marvel Adventskalender 2018by Amilia Miller
Adventskalender 2018 - nach dem Voting, bei welchem ihr euch für Steve x Reader entschieden habt, geht es endlich los. Eine kurze Reise vom 1. Dezember bis 24 Dezember...
My Hero || ON-HOLD || by UmbranWitch
My Hero || ON-HOLD ||by ♥
Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockheart were childhood friends. They always helped each other through the darkest times and always stood by each other after Cloud promised to al...
Xcom Gamer X The multiverse by tfstories07
Xcom Gamer X The multiverseby will hayes
A gamer who ended up as a commander of ADVENT, unknowing of his past, and suffocating in the future. What will his decisions mean for the rest of the multiverse? What wi...
Mistletoe by astrid93
Mistletoeby Astrid Amalia
Seventeen-year-old Valerie Greene has never celebrated Christmas and if it was up to her this year would be no different, but Parker North has other ideas. Parker is tra...
Book #1: Hogwarts Is My Home by allie_turner_savvy
Book #1: Hogwarts Is My Homeby Captain Allie Turner
Three people from different fandoms collide and discover that with the help of each other, they can beat any evil person that comes their way. In this story, the famed...
Kadaj's New Story by Angelic_Silverette
Kadaj's New Storyby Out haunted
If Kadaj were to survive the fight at the end of Final Fantasy Advent Children, and out of Sephiroth's control, what would his new life be like? Will Cloud and his frien...
The Bribe by sweetstserenade
The Bribeby Moe B
Written for an advent event: Hermione gets lost in her thoughts this holiday season, someone is more than willing to bring her back to reality.
Kadaj X Reader by RemnantFan
Kadaj X Readerby Kadaj_Lover GONE
"Let me go, you freakish old monster!" I shout, as the grip just gets tighter around my neck. "I shall not let you speak to a leader that way!" The...
Salt on my Shores by CaptainSif
Salt on my Shoresby CaptainSif
Chris makes holiday decorations for their home. Domestic Buddie fluff ensues. Buddie Advent 2020, Prompt: Homemade Holiday Decorations
The Most Wonderful Time by Thesocialbookworm
The Most Wonderful Timeby ✨ material💍girl ✨
It's the most wonderful time of the year.... Noelle Adelaide Abara is an incurable romantic. A daydreamer. An old soul. She fantasizes about wearing ballgowns, riding in...
Ask Kadaj by xKadajx
Ask Kadajby Kadaj
I've seen almost everyone do these and I also seen Cloud do one too xD so ask me anything and I'll do my best to answer.
Wrapped Around You by Froggy1988
Wrapped Around Youby Froggy1988
Cassandra finds Varian asleep at his desk. He's been avoiding her, and there are misunderstandings between them Featuring artwork by Watazuki
Jingle Bells Rock - Advent Calendar by RenaFreefall
Jingle Bells Rock - Advent Calendarby Rena Freefall
Short, short stories with the characters from the Uncollected Fairytale Series - set in the modern alternative universe. Flash fiction every day until Christmas Eve ~~~...
Xcom 2: Rise of the Resistance (male reader x Jane Kelly) by BrawlBismarck
Xcom 2: Rise of the Resistance ( BrawlBismarck
The life of Y/N L/N was nothing of note. He was just another citizen trying to get by in life. All of that changed when the aliens came. Now he has come to one of oppres...