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Angel of healing and love - Nicholas St.North by OGSmithdmu
Angel of healing and love - OGSmithdmu
Seraphine was the very first guardian. Manny asked her to not interfere with the dark ages so she was never given the chance to meet the other four guardians. That is un...
Drarry one shots by StarsandSnows
Drarry one shotsby StarsandSnows
Just a couple Drarry one shots :)
The Rock n' Roll Gif-Imagines by Sirena_Black
The Rock n' Roll Gif-Imaginesby Sirena Black
°{COMPLETED}° Gif-Imagines of your favorite 60s, 70s and 80s musicians. 🎸🎤🥁
Ice by SenLinYu
Iceby Sen LinYu
Hermione works in Gringotts' Records Department when Draco Malfoy comes on staff as a curse-breaker. His icy presence drags up memories she's desperate to move on from a...
Now Is A Gift by SenLinYu
Now Is A Giftby Sen LinYu
Hermione is determined to give meaningful Christmas gifts to everyone in her Ministry department. Everyone. Even that anti-social arse Malfoy. DHr Advent 2019
Valdaya Advent Challenge 2.0 by madd09
Valdaya Advent Challenge 2.0by madd09
25 fics leading up from Dec 1st till Christmas day :D from prompts sent in by you :D
XCOM: Resist by UrseaAuthor
XCOM: Resistby Ursea
WARNING: This story contains spoilers to XCOM 2! This is an XCOM 2 story with some of my little additions put in. The extraterrestrial invasion of 2015 is nothing but a...
Christmas battle - Malec's POV by magnuswayland
Christmas battle - Malec's POVby magnuswayland
(COMPLETED 2019) Magnus and Isabelle love Christmas more than anything. There is nothing more beautiful than December for them. Alec and Simon though hate it. The consta...
The Bribe by sweetstserenade
The Bribeby Moe B
Written for an advent event: Hermione gets lost in her thoughts this holiday season, someone is more than willing to bring her back to reality.
I don't own Scooby Doo or Kamen Rider, all rights belong to their respective creators. I only own the OC. Description: TBA Start Date: 2/17/2022
15 Days Of Scömìche by hypercalifragilistic
15 Days Of Scömìcheby Weirdo.
Everyday till christmas a new scomiche oneshot! Starting 12-01-16 Hope yall enjoy them. And be careful...they'll get dirtier and dirtier each day ;D
Night Changes (Louis Tomlinson) Christmas Special  by LottaTomlinson
Night Changes (Louis Tomlinson) L O T T A
This is a book with only four chapters. Each chapter will drop on one of the four Sundays before Christmas. So every advent. I hope you like it🎄
From Ashe to Flame by suprgrl1995
From Ashe to Flameby Kessie-Louise Given
Ashe is the first successful fusion of human DNA and Reploid DNA within a human-based birth process. In all said and done- she's actually quite famous. But this headstro...
Niam Horayne imagines (Niam advent calender) (boyxboy) by Love_Niam_forever
Niam Horayne imagines (Niam Sophie
Really short Niam imagines to count down the days 'til christmas. :D !!PLS DM PROMPTS AND REQUESTS!!
Final Fantasy VII (7): On The Way To A Smile by Epic_Mochi
Final Fantasy VII (7): On The Epic_Mochi
On The Way to a Smile is a collection of seven short stories written by Kazushige Nojima the scenario writer for the J-RPG (Japanese Role Playing Game) Final Fantasy VII...
Adventi naptár -THE BEATLES edition by Rebel-Red-Rainbow
Adventi naptár -THE BEATLES editionby Rebel-Red-Rainbow
Rövid, téli, karácsonyváró történetek advent minden napjára. Várjuk együtt a karácsonyt Beatles minishotokkal! Eredeti publikáció: 2017 dec. 1-24
Wrapped Around You by Froggy1988
Wrapped Around Youby Froggy1988
Cassandra finds Varian asleep at his desk. He's been avoiding her, and there are misunderstandings between them Featuring artwork by Watazuki
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Oneshots by VT_CenturianKid
Final Fantasy VII: Advent I Got Xiao&Albedo
x Readers and x my or your OCs. yay. for Reno Sinclair <3 Cover by @Mxdoka_
Kadaj X Reader by RemnantFan
Kadaj X Readerby Kadaj_Lover GONE
"Let me go, you freakish old monster!" I shout, as the grip just gets tighter around my neck. "I shall not let you speak to a leader that way!" The...
An Anime Christmas Advent 2014 by camteen17
An Anime Christmas Advent 2014by camteen17
There will be a handful of shipings that will be all lovey dovey and will be switching from ship to ship. Hope you enjoy. DISCLAIMER: I don't own any anime's, pictures...