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Mistletoe - Adventkalender 2018 by Lene217
Mistletoe - Adventkalender 2018by Lene217
Ein Abend im Club, ein Mistelzweig und ein Kuss später stellen die Weihnachtszeit von Nicole und Noah auf den Kopf. Denn das Einzige, was die beiden wissen, ist, dass di...
  • matthewdaddario
  • harrystyles
  • alexpettyfer
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AEGIS ❦ HARRY POTTER by -solarsilence
AEGIS ❦ HARRY POTTERby —𝐛𝐞𝐧𝐯𝐨𝐥𝐢𝐨
❝ Do you even know what an aegis is? ❞ A boy who's broken and a smart know it all. what happens when the 2 meet. Dylan Murphy is your average sweet guy except he's a dem...
  • hogwarts
  • tmr
  • witchs
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Kadaj X Reader by RemnantFan
Kadaj X Readerby Kadaj_Lover GONE
"Let me go, you freakish old monster!" I shout, as the grip just gets tighter around my neck. "I shall not let you speak to a leader that way!" The...
  • children
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  • kadaj
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My Hero || ON-HOLD || by UmbranWitch
My Hero || ON-HOLD ||by ♥
Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockheart were childhood friends. They always helped each other through the darkest times and always stood by each other after Cloud promised to al...
  • denzel
  • marlene
  • reno
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Drarry one shots by StarsandSnows
Drarry one shotsby StarsandSnows
Just a couple Drarry one shots :)
  • drarry
  • eighthyear
  • ficlets
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Santa (L.S.) by Grinsekatze_015
Santa (L.S.)by Grinsekatze
In der Louis auf Harry trifft der Santa ist.
  • mpreg
  • kuss
  • liebe
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Final Fantasy VII (7): On The Way To A Smile by Epic_Mochi
Final Fantasy VII (7): On The Epic_Mochi
On The Way to a Smile is a collection of seven short stories written by Kazushige Nojima the scenario writer for the J-RPG (Japanese Role Playing Game) Final Fantasy VII...
  • way
  • ff7
  • smile
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Kadaj's New Story by Angelic_Silverette
Kadaj's New Storyby Out haunted
If Kadaj were to survive the fight at the end of Final Fantasy Advent Children, and out of Sephiroth's control, what would his new life be like? Will Cloud and his frien...
  • new
  • adventchildren
  • seven
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Mistletoe by astrid93
Mistletoeby Astrid Amalia
Seventeen-year-old Valerie Greene has never celebrated Christmas and if it was up to her this year would be no different, but Parker North has other ideas. Parker is tra...
  • boy
  • yaromance
  • girl
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12 Days of Phan // Oneshots by rey_isnotemo
12 Days of Phan // Oneshotsby Rey
A christmas treat! 12 phan oneshots released over the christmas season. Requests are open. I will put content warnings at the start of each chapter - triggering chapters...
  • happy
  • advent
  • oneshots
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One step closer(Speed Racer:TNG) by CaitlinFetters
One step closer(Speed Racer:TNG)by Kazutoes
Speed has to go back to the orphanage for the summer, and X, Lucy, Connor come with him!(Chim Chim is included.)
  • advent
Ask Kadaj by xKadajx
Ask Kadajby Kadaj
I've seen almost everyone do these and I also seen Cloud do one too xD so ask me anything and I'll do my best to answer.
  • kadaj
  • children
  • final
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Advent Calendar || JIKOOK by MochiCuddles
Advent Calendar || JIKOOKby ★ mєlσdíєs ★
'Happy No Dick December ;) How about a game, doll?' ▪ Jimin finds a strange-looking advent calendar outside the door of his apartment, attatched to it a small note. He h...
  • advent
  • shortstory
  • bangtan
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Niam Horayne imagines (Niam advent calender) (boyxboy) by Love_Niam_forever
Niam Horayne imagines (Niam Sophie
Really short Niam imagines to count down the days 'til christmas. :D !!PLS DM PROMPTS AND REQUESTS!!
  • onedirection
  • fanfiction
  • adventcalender
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Weihnachten, Liebe und andere Katastrophen [LESEPROBE] by NinaLealie
Weihnachten, Liebe und andere NinaLealie
Da ... da ... da steht einer!! Hallo, Mama?! Da steht einfach ein fremder Kerl in unserem Flur!? Wie kann das sein? Das wollte ich meine Mutter fragen, aber ich bekam ke...
  • adventskalender
  • 24
  • christmas
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Advent, Advent... by LionOne_1
Advent, LionOne_1
Vier Adventskerzen - vier kleine Gedichte zur Weihnachtszeit. (Bitte nicht zu ernst nehmen) Hier: Das inoffizielle Harry-Potter-Adventsgedicht!
  • rumtreiber
  • weihnachten
  • advent
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Jingle Bells Rock - Advent Calendar by RenaFreefall
Jingle Bells Rock - Advent Calendarby Rena Freefall
Short, short stories with the characters from the Uncollected Fairytale Series - set in the modern alternative universe. Flash fiction every day until Christmas Eve ~~~...
  • story
  • steelroses
  • advent
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XCOM: Resist by UrseaAuthor
XCOM: Resistby Ursea
WARNING: This story contains spoilers to XCOM 2! This is an XCOM 2 story with some of my little additions put in. The extraterrestrial invasion of 2015 is nothing but a...
  • resistance
  • xcom
  • alien
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Advent (Excerpt) by CatKydd
Advent (Excerpt)by CatKydd
Life as one of the wealthiest teenagers in New York City seems like a dream. Except, according to Andrew Slater, his existence is closer to a nightmare. Living in the lu...
  • suspense
  • fiction
  • youngadult
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OPERATION: GET GERARD BACK! ( started: december 4th, 2017 ) ( completed: december 24th, 2017 ) © cal 2018
  • wattpride
  • frerard
  • bxb
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