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[ Can I be happy? ] by BlueeBlob
[ Can I be happy? ]by Bloblob
'Without Mom, what really am I?' Izuku always asked himself, his mother was really gone. He still vividly remembers the blood seeping out of her, th...
Yoichi's Legacy (MHA) by SnowflakeTheTherian
Yoichi's Legacy (MHA)by Snowflake
Izuku Shigaraki-Shimura-Midoriya, created in a lab with the DNA of Yoichi Shigaraki and Nana Shimura. When he was two he was adopted by Inko Midoriya, now he's fifteen a...
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Izuku's Guardians by straycat0718
Izuku's Guardiansby straycat0718
In just one word, Midoriya Izuku lost everything. His friends. His parents. His home. Everything. That's how he knew that born as quirkless was a curse. But then, he is...
My Boy by Nickthe1sts
My Boyby Nicholas Daniels
All Might was patrolling at night, and landed on a rooftop. Standing nearby was green haired boy looking off the edge, crying. All Might walks towards the boy, and it ch...
The unforgettable angel  by Wolfpaws00
The unforgettable angel by Wolfpaws00
Izuku Midoriya also known as Deku was born with a quirk although his parents didn't like his quirk and abandoned him he is soon to be discovered by the one and only prin...
The Todoroki's Lost Child by NeedForSleep_
The Todoroki's Lost Childby NeedForSleep
Izuku Todoroki is the youngest of the Todoroki children. When he turned five he was taken to a quirk doctor and there they found out he was quirkless. Enji not wanting t...
Hope Found in Ice and Flames by Asian_Trash_Kill_Me
Hope Found in Ice and Flamesby I_Want_To_KaShoot_Myself
Izuku Midoriya is found by Touya and Enji Todoroki one starlit night
Hope Found in Ice and Flames by p0tat0cakess
Hope Found in Ice and Flamesby p0tat0cakess
Izuku Midoriya is found by Touya and Enji Todoroki one starlit night Posted on my other two accounts Asian_Trash_Kill_Me hi_im_a_weeb_kill_me
We Can Make It | Tododeku 18+ | Omega Verse by SingingTouch
We Can Make It | Tododeku 18+ | The_Ultimate_Supreme_Leader
Izuku and Shoto are child hood friends instead of Bakugou and Izuku. Due to this he never saved Bakugou from the sluge villain and never got AFO from All Might and only...
The songs that play in Izukus heart by PokemomMaster
The songs that play in Izukus heartby Pokemom Master
Izuku Yagi after losing all he loved and falling into despair he was saved by a song and chose the path of music he left his home and travelled the world becoming the nu...
Izuku Midoriya; The Principal's son by Bubblegum_Maniac
Izuku Midoriya; The Principal's sonby _Divine_Bubble_
(DISCONTINUED) The life of Izuku Midoriya in this Fanfic! what will happen if Izuku is still quirk less? what happens if he is considered as a super genius and mysteriou...
Izuku Dream by Dan6520
Izuku Dreamby Dan6520
What if Izuku's mother tried to kill him and the hero's known as Techno and Dream came and saved Izuku. I do not own the dream amp characters or MHA
There is no bravery without fear (discontinued) by Faeyral0ve
There is no bravery without fear ( Faeyral0ve
Izuku Midoriya had already given up on his dream to be a hero. Though he still had the urge to save people he just thought this dream was too unrealistic. It was as if...
Magical hero by Silent139
Magical heroby Fear
After finding out uraraka and tsuyu was cheating on he gets transported where he meets a blonde short kid and a woman with pink hair.
Izuku The Last Miraculous Guardian by MoonFairy425
Izuku The Last Miraculous Guardianby MoonFairy
MHA/BNHA x MLB Since Izuku had managed to have found the lost temple of the Miraculous Guardians. He had found multiple books and grimoires some were damaged, but thanks...
The League's Kid by Himiko_Toga_And_Deku
The League's Kidby Little
I am bored and thought about this
Vigilante Yoru by Slave809
Vigilante Yoruby Aila
Hello! This is just me putting my toes into this genre of writing to spread my works and have some fun! I will be writing a much more refined description in the future o...
Late Bloomer  by PaperFl0wers
Late Bloomer by Lilly
MHA AU// Izuku was born into a very poor family who was unable to afford to take care of him. Unfortunately for the young toddler his father was too prideful to admit t...
Deku and the gods of Egypt by PokemomMaster
Deku and the gods of Egyptby Pokemom Master
Izuku is the brother of Izumi Yagi and son of Inko and Toshinori Yagi but when Izuku gets no quirk he is family less so when the chance to leave and join an army comes i...
Support Course Hero by YourGurlIris
Support Course Heroby Iris
Izuku got into UA just not the hero course Izuku kinda gave up on being a hero Izuku was adopted by Aizawa and Present Mic after his mom died when he was three Izuku is...