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Finding a Way | Adopted by Gerard Way by hesitantearthling
Finding a Way | Adopted by ani
Evelyn doesn't realize how alone she felt until she gets adopted. She's spent her life shielded from happiness, first up until the age of seven, and then in a drab foste...
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Adopted by Gerard Way by skylarwilkie
Adopted by Gerard Wayby skylarwilkie
Her parents, dead. Her foster mom, abusive. Her hero, Gerard Way. ©2016 SkylarWilkie
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Adopted By Gerard Way by bacdafaqup
Adopted By Gerard Wayby bacdafaqup
Savannah is a 14 year old child at Willows Orphanage. Her parents got arrested for child abuse and raping, so she was put into the orphanage. she's been in and out of fa...
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Adopted by Gerard Way (Completed) by Luella12345677
Adopted by Gerard Way (Completed)by xxjustanotherlabeeboteexx
Quinn. a girl from Louisiana, had a lovely life she lived in a huge house with two loving parents that she could always go to no matter what,but her life changed when he...
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A Way Back Home | Adopted by Gerard Way (Book Two) by hesitantearthling
A Way Back Home | Adopted by ani
Read book 1, Finding A Way | Adopted by Gerard Way. Evelyn found a way and now she's back and truly better than ever. She doesn't believe in luck, but that doesn't mean...
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adopted by gerard way by aestheticrenee
adopted by gerard wayby 𝖗𝖊𝖓𝖊𝖊
Victoria | 13 | has lived in the New Jersey Orphanage for 6 years| boys, friends, and family all come her way to finally call herself lucky Started: June 13th 2017 Ended...
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The Perfect Dad (Gerard Way) by gerardwayisl0ve
The Perfect Dad (Gerard Way)by gerardwayisl0ve
Summer has lived in a foster home for 5 years after the tragic death of her family. When she is adopted by her hero will her life go back to a shithole or will it become...
I'd Even Wait All Night by GravityGrenade
I'd Even Wait All Nightby Ella
Y/N Opal, a girl who at this point was thought to be pretty ordinary. When one day the worst happens, her father comes and things change. (Gerard Wy Daughter Story) Warn...
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Heart Of Gold (adopted by Gerard Wayxreader) by fanfic_queen_24
Heart Of Gold (adopted by Gerard Failure FanFic Queen
Y/n a girl who lost everything at 7 years old she was taken away from her in many ways abusive parents now she's 14 years old and lives in and orphanage with severe anxi...
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Adopted By Gerard Way?! by rayray15isawesome
Adopted By Gerard Way?!by Rhiannon king
A girl named Macy has been in the adoption care for years and has never been adopted. She's 15 now and is emo. She slowly loses hope but then one day her idol came and s...
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Savior | Adopted by Gerard Way  by McrntAband
Savior | Adopted by Gerard Way by frxnkierx
Greetings and salutations ! I'm Ryan Bines. I'm the 14 year old emo you don't really think about talking to. When I was 3 my dad killed my Mom. I had been abused ever si...
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New life with MCR by names0r0stupid
New life with MCRby Ally iero
Beatris(Bay) is a girl who loved making and listening to music. what happens when she meets the lead singer of her favorite band, Gerard Way on a plane ride home and he...
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look man, im in some deep shit. || adopted by frerard by grrdwythsucidlvmpr
look man, im in some deep shit. || �
my friends forced me to write this im sorry. Name: Lex Age: 13 Body type: skinny, underweight. Facial features: defined jaw. greenish brown eyes. short jet black hair...
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Adopted by Gerard Way- Book One of Ganja Baby by peccatospheks
Adopted by Gerard Way- Book One jake
Ambrosia Stevens is just a normal orphan... until one day everything changed. -SET IN 2008- tw: kidnapping, f/f and m/m relations
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Adopted By Bvb And Mcr by FallenKilljoyAngels
Adopted By Bvb And Mcrby FallenKilljoyAngels
I'm Mia and me and my friend, Nic are gonna' try this out because why not.
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[[DISCONTINUED]] The Beginning of the End (Adopted By GWay) by sunshinextruce
[[DISCONTINUED]] The Beginning arin
As Alexis begins to descend into a downward spiral, everything is brought up by a reunion tour of her favorite band, My Chemical Romance. After that concert, her life wa...
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Adopted By Gerard Way by adoptedbyfrerard
Adopted By Gerard Wayby justanotherkilljoy
Written by: @jen06707 and @rydenkilljoy Lainey was just an orphan, her parents died on Valentine's Day and she is an outcast. Her idol, Gerard Way, surprise adopts her a...
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You're a miracle- adopted by Gerard Way by jessiestrashbin
You're a miracle- adopted by jessiestrashbin
Miracle is a 13 year old girl. Her parents died in a plane crash when she was 4 years old. She now stays in an orphanage, called Saint Annie's Home For Girls. Her life i...
Finding My Way Home Through You (Adopted By Gerard Way) by Autumn_arsenic1039
Finding My Way Home Through You ( Isabella
Ashlyn was put into foster care in New Jersey when she was 10 after a family trauma. She relied on music to save her from her thoughts and followed as closely as she cou...
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