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jaylor one shots  by jaylorloveletters
jaylor one shots by thea!
a collection of jaylor one shots <3
The lucky one  by Dralrs
The lucky one by Dralrs
A heart full of kindness in a girl whose past scream pain. A woman lonely in a mansion with just a giant dog. And the hug that change their lifes forever. This is a s...
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Forevermore- A Jaylor Fanfic by taylorsfavbitch
Forevermore- A Jaylor Fanficby Folkloverwhore
Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have been dating for 5 years. As a universally known pop star, Taylor doesn't get out much. But on a hike in the woods to blow off steam from...
Jaylor / Taylor Swift One shots by Getaway_License
Jaylor / Taylor Swift One shotsby TaylorSwiftStories
Jaylor One shots, Taylor Swift Imagines. Dramatic,smutty, sad, romantic. Leave any requests in the comments or by message. I'll do any requests. I update every week! Pl...
LOVER, Jaylor  by TH13RTEENN
LOVER, Jaylor by ❦
Taylor and Joe met on a cold December morning in 1995. It wasn't just a normal December morning, it was Taylor's 6th birthday. Joe had just moved to Nashville from Londo...
the stars in your eyes | t.s. one shots by villageisaglow
the stars in your eyes | t.s. ab <3
a series of taylor swift one shots <3
Adopted by Taylor Swift by Simp4DrReid
Adopted by Taylor Swiftby Simp4DrReid
Jessica Carlson is a fourteen year old girl living with her five year old sister, Avery, in an orphanage. After years of abuse from her father she is finally put into an...
Arranged love - jaylor AU by jaylor_cornelia
Arranged love - jaylor AUby cornellia street
** it doesn't have to be read as a jaylor story. you could read it like its just an arranged marriage story if you're not a fan ** Two families and companies merging wi...
a sound she hadn't heard before by villageisaglow
a sound she hadn't heard beforeby ab <3
When he walked out, Taylor gave up most of her life as she knew it. She knew that she had to give the baby that she was going to be raising by herself the best life that...
Lonely Hearts Meeting by YouCanBeMyJaylor
Lonely Hearts Meetingby Izzie
Jaylor alternate universe fan fiction. Taylor is an elementary school music teacher struggling in her personal life. No one around her knows quite how dark she's gotten...
Album [Jaylor One-Shots] by daenerys_swift
Album [Jaylor One-Shots]by Khaleesi
Jaylor one-shots that are either based on Tweets or real life or simply my imagination where they live together. Because they might be?? (newest added "thingy"...
Her sweet girl by Sirsell
Her sweet girlby Sirsell
On one of those incredibly cold December days, where you just want to get home, curl up under a blanket with a hot chocolate and a good book. Taylor is on her way back f...
ALL TOO WELL - F. HARGREEVES² by Leo_In_Saint_Tropez
Once the sky has fallen, all too well, will there be the first fall of snow. All too well, will there be golden eyes and sorrowful light. All too well does light touch t...
Lover by SweetCorn_22
Loverby SweetCorn_22
"You promised you would always be here! promised you would never leave..." "No." He replied with the coldest expression that I have ever s...
daylight: taylor swift + joe alwyn by graynovembers
daylight: taylor swift + joe alwynby kay
i've been sitting here for like ten minutes trying to think of a good non-cheesy yet also alluring description and i've now given up so basically this story is about whe...
Stolen Lullaby by Champagne-Dreams
Stolen Lullabyby Champagne-Dreams
Taylor and Joe are happily married with a new baby girl. Life could not be more peaceful or happy, until one event changes everything. How can they possibly begin to put...
Haylor Timeline by haylorsswyles
Haylor Timelineby naii
Harry Styles and Taylor swift relationship timeline (Active and still adding stuff) (Half creds to haylortml on twitter) Enjoy♡︎ Highest rank: #1 on tarry
READY FOR IT, Jaylor Stories by TH13RTEENN
READY FOR IT, Jaylor Storiesby ❦
Some of these are written by me others are found on tumblr!
Jaylor Oneshots by 19xyz89
Jaylor Oneshotsby xyz
Just a collection of Jaylor oneshots by me because they're just too cute 💓💓💓💓💓 Good news for all of y'all angst-lovers like me: most of the oneshots are probably go...
cowboy like me - jaylor lavender marriage one shots by cascadeoceanwave
cowboy like me - jaylor lavender cascadeoceanwave
"forever is the sweetest con" joe alwyn is the harry cameron to taylor swift's evelyn hugo and it's time we all appreciated that.