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50 Word Story by anakin_hates_sand
50 Word Storyby lara 🌈
This is from an assignment my old English teacher gave us. You can use it as well, just don't enter it into competitions...unless you're not from the UK. Give credit if...
yearning by AidenHaust
yearningby Aiden Haust
She's smart, she's beautiful, she's perfect, but will she ever be yours? Will you ever ask her? Part 1 of the Reminiscence Duology, a Mini-Saga Duology - Entry for @Wat...
50 Word Stories by _BipsBops_
50 Word Storiesby _Bips&Bops_
Just some horror 50 word stories! Some are from the Internet and some are written by FandomLifeRules
His Eyes - Microfiction by _adeadpoet_
His Eyes - Microfictionby Adalaide Harrison
(50 words) *Book 1 of the duology* "I was dead in his eyes, after all..." *mini-saga duology winner*
The Immortal Announcement: A Mini-Saga Duology Part Two by ClaraYami
The Immortal Announcement: A Mini...by Clara Yami
After millennia of quiet, the Hearth of Olympus has been lit. The Immortals gather for an announcement that will shake the worlds they've known. And Hermes' decision is...
His Words - Microfiction by _adeadpoet_
His Words - Microfictionby Adalaide Harrison
(50 words) *Book 2 of the duology* "It was his own words that killed us both..." *mini-saga duology winner*
Peace by thebittercows
Peaceby The Bitter Cows
A fifty word poem for #WattpadIndia poetry contest.
Inktober 2019 by NimRielFiction
Inktober 2019by Nim Riel
50 word short stories for my first attempt at Inktober. They might be related, they might not. Let's find out. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.
50 Words by minieac
50 Wordsby Zfckr
ML Dark Stories 👌
50 words. by gred_forge4ev4
50 words.by Alice Fawley
For homework I had to write a 50 word (or less) story. So I decided to write a book of 50-word stories. I own all of them :)
Building Blocks by Writingpurposes
Building Blocksby Writingpurposes
Flash fiction for inspiration. The prompts are mine, anything that comes from them is yours. Let me know if I spur on any creativity!
A Cold Autumn Morning by Monsterk19
A Cold Autumn Morningby MonsterKnight
This is a 50-word story that involves the reader thinking and is supposed to be thought-provoking.
wistful acceptance by AidenHaust
wistful acceptanceby Aiden Haust
She's cool, she's charming, she's perfect, but she's not yours. Will you confess your love or will she slip away? Part 2 of the Reminiscence Duology, a Mini-Saga Duolog...
Lucky escape by PaulinaUrbaska3
Lucky escapeby Paulina Urbańska
A funny short (50 words) story
50 Words. by kluski
50 Words.by kluski
A whole series of short story's... in only 50 words!
Spring Fever  | ✔️ by ratpoison1600
Spring Fever | ✔️by Vani
A short writing based on the season of Spring. Spring series #6
Fingerprints  by emzykatewilson
Fingerprints by emzykatewilson
Young writer winning entry for the Young Scot 50 words flash fiction competition. This month's topic ...a pair of glasses.