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Entity 303 X Male! Reader by DarkSpector
Entity 303 X Male! Readerby Dark
Herobrine has kidnapped you from the real world, and has left you all alone in Minecraft. Not knowing what to do, you stay with a nice man with a weird skin who has offe...
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Entity_303 X Reader: Broken Heart. by IcaneC
Entity_303 X Reader: Broken Heart.by IcaneC
After the loss of someone close to him, Entity_303 hasn't let anyone into his heart. He's locked his heart into an iron cage and thrown the key away. However, when a you...
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A Filha Do Herobrine 2 by VittoriaCraft
A Filha Do Herobrine 2by нyρєr sτrαท∂
A Continuação 'A Filha Do Herobrine', Inimigos retornarão e matarão todos da família Herobrine e DreadLord, Entity_303, Lick, Carify entre outros... Mas seus amigos Hero...
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Herobrine x Entity 303  (Evil Lovers) by BlackShadows3000
Herobrine x Entity 303 (Evil Love...by Black Shadows
In this story a famous Minecraft Entity known as Herobrine comes across someone who seems to act a lot like him. What will become of him and this new discovered Entity...
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Capture (Comic Book AU of "The Minecraft Dragons") by TheMinecraftDragons
Capture (Comic Book AU of "The Min...by Purpur Dragon
{Pages so far: 7} The Herobrine everyone knows is long gone. These days, he's just an old legend. He was only real a hundred years ago. But what if someone brought him b...
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Book 6: The Final Battle by Diamond_Thief
Book 6: The Final Battleby Diamond_Thief
Null and Nell won. The new Order and the BlazeRods have been turned into Shadows. The worlds are now nothing but darkness. But Romeo, the Admin, claims to know of anothe...
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loving a myth by Funtimefoxy5586
loving a mythby Funtime Foxy
*I own no pic!* My name is Alyssa, I am a fangirl of Herobrine since I was 8, now, I am now 19 but I still like the legendary Herobrine. I was always bullied at school b...
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♥My Artbookヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ) by Sunrise_Lin
♥My Artbookヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)by Nancy_Lin
Oh wow. This is my first Artbook
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Herobrine's Removal  by Haroldnator
Herobrine's Removal by Haroldnator
I... am Herobrine. Notch's dead brother, the ghost of minecraft, the spirit of minecraft, the mystery player, the ultimate evil him. The fired mojang employee created en...
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The Hacker(Entity 303 X Fem!Reader) by Diamond_Thief
The Hacker(Entity 303 X Fem!Reader)by Diamond_Thief
It didn't take long for you to notice the strange man in the village. The man who hid in his house all day snuck out of town at night. But why did you follow him that on...
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LyonWGF. FailCraft: A caccia di Herobrine by __-L-__
LyonWGF. FailCraft: A caccia di He...by __-L-__
Nel 2036 sarà possibile immergersi completamente in un gioco in realtà virtuale: Minecraft. un canale youtube per promuovere l'evento decide di sorteggiare un giocator...
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hero entity||entity 303 X herobrine|| by depressedBiBoi
hero entity||entity 303 X herobrin...by depressedBiBoi
Herobrine and entity become a couple. But what couple are they? You can never be to sure hoe ittle work out
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Minecraft Rebels - A Team Brine vs. Team 303 story by rainthenetherking
Minecraft Rebels - A Team Brine vs...by It's Regan-ing Rain!
Six powerful beings. Five allied armies. Four years of conflict. Three human children. Two unstable personalities. One battle for Minecraftia. Will it ever end? Largest...
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Herobrine's life~ by hero-and-notch
Herobrine's life~by HB: slenderbrine N: guy hero...
This is my life hope you all enjoy hearing about it Yeet 👌🏼
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The Story Of Entity 303 by Diamond_Thief
The Story Of Entity 303by Diamond_Thief
The Story of Entity 303. art and charaters not mine.
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[Minecraft: Story mode] Revenge: The Diamond Hunter by RockStar_Foxy563
[Minecraft: Story mode] Revenge: T...by PST, I'M A NINJA!
"No one can stop me... I'm too strong for you, my dear Friend" I heard his voice.... "JESSE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? STOP IT! YOU WILL KILL YOURSELF, JESSEEEE...
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The Love Of An Entity {Hero!Reader x 303} REMAKE by Shoutos_Queen
The Love Of An Entity {Hero!Reader...by Shouto's_Queen
Remake of The Entity's Girl. ----------------------------- Heroes, battles, hackers, mobs. Nothing was normal in the world of Minecraft, not even love. It was told that...
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Minecraft RolePlay Book by Shoutos_Queen
Minecraft RolePlay Bookby Shouto's_Queen
All in the Title
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Herobrine's Defeat by rainthenetherking
Herobrine's Defeatby It's Regan-ing Rain!
This is about how Entity comes in the middle of the night to Herobrine's village to just be evil and kidnap someone... but WHO? Inspiration: Starless Night by AntVenom
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