Chapter 2- Where the hell am I?

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Blearily the sun blazed through my closed eyelids and I groaned. That is what I got for staying up late and watching anime.
The surprise that awaited me when I opened my tired eyes shocked me.
At first, I blinked rapidly. Thinking I was still dreaming. I had to be! There was no way that I had gone to sleep in my room and waking up now outside a house that looked strangely familiar.
Where the hell am I? Did someone abduct me in my sleep?
The ground was harder than I believed and I swore I heard my joints crack threateningly as I moved to stand. The dust choked and blocked my throat and I coughed uncontrollably. That was when I noticed what I was wearing.
A long brown skirt and a brown top with a waistcoats cinched over my breasts. I touched my hair- it was its same colour- reddish gold. Fox like Jenna used to say...Jenna! I remembered everything about the night before. But before I could truly think something blundered into me.
"Sorry sorry." A young boy with bright green eyes smiled apologetically as he ran. A girl with dark hair and eyes of the same age followed closely followed by a young boy with bright blue eyes and yellow hair.
I jolted.
There is no freaking way!
I pinched myself. Yep. I was definitely awake. I rubbed the sore part now and looked around me deeply.
I was in the market in Shinganshina District. Behind Wall Maria. In Attack on Titan.

I was flabbergasted. This was something out of every weebs shifting dreams!
But why? What was the reason? Why was I really here? It couldn't just have been on a whim surely?

I stood there reflecting as I walked away from the market. I had to admit I was confused and somewhat dazed. Moving towards the river I went and sat, collecting my thoughts. had to be like one of those realm jumping things that always happened in stories? That was the only thing that made any lick of sense.

As I sat there I noticed the stillness, nothing moved and then that's when it happened.
A roar sounded from the other side of the wall, and startled I looked up. A huge head stared back over at me. My mouth flew open. The armoured titan?! Then a second- the colossal Titan?!

The walls debris went flying. Narrowly missing those nearby. I couldn't move. I was going to die wasn't I? Had I been brought here to die?
I just stood watching Titans enter the now illuminating hole in the wall. If I didn't move now I was going to get eaten. I forced my frozen to the ground feet to move and began sprinting.
Not even half way I had to stop, panting eager to get oxygen flowing in my lungs, the boy with yellow hair flew past me himself- intent on finding his family, hoping they were still alive.
Now I could hear. Screams and cries of terror and pain filled the air. Titans were eating people.
I had to keep going!
I took a huge breath and sprinted, this time not stopping until I had reached the boats. I wanted to jump straight on but a part of me was wondering whether the little trio would make it.
I wanted to watch for them right to the last second.
When the boy with yellow hair appeared- tears lining his cheeks, fear and anguish in his sky blue eyes. I knew he had found his family but they had perished.
We watched, him unknowingly that I joined him in looking for his friends.
Then he looked happy- a man with slightly darker yellow hair than him was carrying the boy and dragging the girl along behind him.
He forced them both on the boat, the boy not putting up too much resisting and the girl seemed too much frozen in shock and horror to put up a fight. I followed the trio on to the boat, in record time, they were leaving people to die so we could get away.
It was barbaric-throwing away lives like that.
I had to clench my teeth hard to stop from shouting. For fear that I would be thrown from the boat and fed to those monsters.

"Hey. You alright there miss?" Came a soft voice. I turned. It was the yellow haired boy.
I smiled painfully. "As well as I can be considering." I replied.
He smiled weakly. "I know right." He paused. "Did your family-" he stopped himself. I just nodded, hating the lie but seeming it necessary.
"I'm sorry." He said quietly.
"You know, a wise person told me once." I added gently nudging him. "That the ones we love never truly leave us. That they are with us wherever we go." I knew that JK would forgive me for stealing that part. But Sirius Black had been right. His eyebrows furrowed.
"There right here." I pointed to his heart. "So really they never really go anywhere."
His eyes lit up a little before smiling a little more strongly than before at me.
"That makes sense." He said, "I'm Armin." He held out a hand for me to shake. I laughed.
"Layla." I replied. "Nice to meet you Armin."
He pulled me over, very childlike to his friends. "This is Eren and Mikasa." I waved hello. The boy was still in shock that much I could see, but the girl was now looking my way on a calculating way.
"Your hair colour is strange." She said.
I laughed. "Haven't heard that one before." I joked. "Yes, it is isn't it. Some weird kink from my ancestry I would imagine."
"How old are you Layla?" Armin asked.
"Almost eighteen." I replied.
His mouth flew open. "No way!"
I chuckled. I wanted to ruffle his hair so bad but restrained myself. He really was very adorable.
"What about you Armin?"
"Ten. We all are." He added sadly. I knew he meant the three of them.

"I'm going to kill them all." I heard Eren whisper. "I'm going to wipe out all the Titans. I'm going to kill them all."

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