Chapter 1

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"Prudence we have just enrolled you at Hogwarts so be ready to leave by tomorrow."

These were the words I'd been dreading my entire life and now here they were hanging in the air like a thick smog. My chest felt tight and I could hardly take in any oxygen.

Are my palms sweating too?

I'd been told for years that the time would come where I'd have to go to that school but I didn't think it'd be here so soon. I'm only 15 but I felt like I'd aged beyond my years due to stress, especially after being passed from one home to another.

"Child are you deaf or do you think you can disrespect me?" Hissed Lucius as he pushed me down with his cane.

"Forgive me, uncle." I whimpered. "I didn't know this would be happening so soon."

He sneered and turned his back on me. As he walked out the door he muttered something under his breath about Draco helping me when he comes home but I couldn't quite hear. When the door closed behind him I could feel the coolness of my tears run across my hot cheeks.

I hate living here with these people that I barely know although I don't really know anyone.

I'd been staying with the Malfoy's for the summer and before them, I was with Peter Pettigrew for 2 unbearable months. My living situation with him didn't really work out, I hated staying with Peter. He was a very strange man and was always acting like a rat. I felt so uncomfortable around him I had to ask Lucius if I could move in with them early.

I'd gotten used to being passed from the home of one death eater to another since I had no idea who my parents were. Most of the time when I was younger I would wonder why the death eaters would even take an infant into their group. I used to think my parents were casualties of their war against muggles and mudbloods and maybe their last shred of humanity was to take me in.

From the time I can remember I was told that witches and wizards that were not pure-bloods were mongrels that needed to be exterminated. When I would object or ask why I'd be given black and blue gifts as a reminder to never contradict them. Now, I just do what I'm told and try not to feel anything. However, at times the sadness just creeps up on me making me feel all the things I've tried to bury deep inside. The only thing I felt was loneliness and I knew that I couldn't escape the plans that had been drawn for me.

I sat in my room blankly staring at the grey walls for what felt like hours. I was staying outside the main home in the servant's quarters so my room wasn't exactly the nicest but at least I had a proper bed and a small window to look out of. I pulled my knees up to my chest and counted the times it would rise and fall just trying to make sure I didn't lose my head. The door handle to my room began to shake and soon enough the door opened. A boy no older than me walked in and he was beautiful with his slicked-back white-blonde hair. He reminded me of uncle Lucius but he had a sadness that radiated from him and pierced me immediately.

"Prue I'm Draco, Lucius' son." He sighed.

For the entire summer that I'd spent here, I had never met the youngest member of the prestigious Malfoy family. He and Mrs. Narcissa went to meet with the Dark Lord to plan something awful, at least that was what I was told. When they returned to the manor about a week ago he spent most of his time in his room alone.

"Oh...hello. But name is Prudence." I said shakily.

"Okay I know but that's a mouthful. I rather just call you Prue, like a nickname."

I giggled.

"Are you laughing at me?" I could see his face turning red.

"Oh no! I just, I've never had a nickname before. Usually, all of the people I know call me Prudence or girl. I think Prue is a lovely nickname, thank you cousin Draco."

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