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There this girl Julie she's my fb friend she has crazy followers on her Facebook page , I think 1326

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There this girl Julie she's my fb friend she has crazy followers on her Facebook page , I think 1326 .

Since I add up reactors and started having like two hundred react i feel famous 🙂

#Lesson 1

On fb if you want react block likers and add up reactors you will thank me later.

I picked up my hair band tied my hair cause am not giving up , I have to find out how to get followed by .... On my fb profile.

Paye madison has Seven hundred and three **followed by 703**

It would be really cool if Jacob could help me but seen Paye madison became Werewolve's Cheerleader ( The school basketball ball team)

She spends more time with Jacob and Jacob changed *sign

*Gossip mode*

Kate : Jacob am ready let go


Pretending to be in a serious conversation with Paye


Jacob : I will join you

He said 😒
I go home alone now

**Gossip mode off**

I texted Julie from my fb account : Ur Love

Kate 🔵: Hi

Julie ⚪: Ok

Kate 🔵: Am Kate Rice can you help me pls

Julie ⚪: I know you , this is another account

Kate🔵 : Yeah

Julie ⚪: How many accounts do you have ?

Kate 🔵: Like 6

Julie ⚪: Wow why so many accounts ?

Kate 🔵: Can you tell me what you did to get that followed by on your profile ?

Julie ⚪: what ?

Kate 🔵: *screenshot* *circle*
That 👆

Julie ⚪ : I did nothing

Kate 🔵: Oh

#Lesson 2

Not like am aiming at anyone in this book but some people are liars so when ever your confused about something Search Google.

Guide on how to see followed by on my fb page .

Easy steps

- Go to settings
- Privacy
- click on public post
- turn everything public scroll to down you see on &off turn it on ok.

XoXo Kate Rice


Let me text Jacob

Kate 🔵: Neighbour am watching Annie.


Jacob : Play backwards am coming in 2min

💙 Jacob 💙

*Scrolling his fb page*

Paye Madison ⚪: Did you see Kate's face when you were talking to me she likes you


Blood ain't thicker than peace 💁
if your friend is toxic ignore them or just block them 🙂 you will thank me later .

Kate⚪: Neighbour am watching Annie

She's watching Annie without me she knows this our thing

Jacob 🔵: Play backwards I'm coming in 2mins

*Plugged his phone to charge and leaves*

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